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  1. Plot

    It all began in WWI in a battle at France. The battkle was a bloody one and the germans were on the ropes. in a desperate bid to save themselves they launch a massive gas attack. most were affected as expected. However one solider didn't. He unleashed an explosion that became known as an M-Gensis. With it People all over the world gained powers. At first they were used as the First WMDs on the battle field. Then after the war geting prolongued and far more bloody than in normal history were systematically repressed if not outright killed. In pretty much every country there was some laws against them,temporarily repealed by Axis powers, who's leaders including Hitler, were captured alive. And Altered many other historic events, such as saving MLK and JFK, and created new ones (you guys help in deciding.). All this caused by A sequence of genes that when exposed to certain energies trigger the growth of organs that is orb shaped with tendrils hooked into body parts or nodes lining the brain all connected. both version totally amps up the output of that body part to the point of superpowers. Transplants don't go well, to the point of violent mutations and they are totally mental. And right now They are close to gaining equal rights yet also tensions run high in the world and inside X-Revolution the pre-dominant Mutants right group about their Self-Defense policy...all it will take is a small push. And A 4th one after The battle, Hiroshima, Chernobyl. Predictions say this will be the biggest one.

    • Desdrin City: Where it began center of Advanced Tech industry. Ground Zero of the new M-Genesis.​
    • Ipachu City: A City in Mexico holding a high population of mutants in old ruins of an ancient mayan city within.​
    • Reiken City: A City in England that is a center of Mutant Research.​
    • Ko-Fui: A city in China that has many prison camps that the place has become known for among Mutants. plenty of disgruntled wanting blood here.​
    • Hanas Burg: A South African City and Rare refuge from a cruel world for Mutants.​
    Revolution Guardians: Post split of X-Revolution. The more peaceful ones who want to bring understanding and unity between mutants and humans. often relcutant to fight though and humans and more violent mutants don't like them much.
    X-Liberators: The other more violent ones. will try to force equality if not domination. eager to fight and not well liked by more peaceful mutants and definetly humans.
    MRA: A UN organization made by few mutants and mostly Humans. have specialized equipment to deal with mutants. naturally mutants don't like them nor some select humans.
    True Blood: as X-Revolution is the big equal rights the biggest hate is this shady organization. also has specialized equipment. mutants loathe them while some humans love them.​

    Mutant or Human:
    Age:(keep in mind i'll be time-skipping alittle in the RP)
    Class:(1-4 One being strongest and 4 barely registering in regards to raw power.)
    Alt ID/Code Name:
    Appearnce:(normal and in alt ID)
    Bio:(what their life was like up to this point)​
    1. Standard Iwaku stuff​
    2. Be creative​
    3. No Oping or makeing a Gary Stu/Mary Sue​
    4. Limiting Class 1's and those with equipment designed to deal with them to about 5 each.​
    5. Have Fun!​
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  2. I could go for this. Is this a faction battle royal type thing?
  3. pretty much. each strive for their own goals. though i call dibs on The Revolution Guardians leader spot.
  4. Name: Bianca Avery
    Mutant or Human:Mutant
    Powers:Energy projection and manipulation
    Class:1 mutant
    Faction: Revolution Guardians
    Alt ID/Code Name: Blast Core
    Appearnce: Normally she has messy long black hair and t-shirts or hoodies on with athletic pants. pretty pale with a cute face and toned body. wears a power suit to focus her powers and hide her ID as Blast Core.
    Personality: Sweet and kind hearted with leadership ability in her. kinda geeky and can get caught up in hopless causes and sometimes emotionally shutsdown when it's too much.
    Bio:had a normal family and a happy one with plenty of good childhood memories though a few instances of bullying. came to believe all should have a fair shot in life. then the M-Genisis happened.
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  5. Can I lead the Mutant Liberators?
  6. sure. in fact the plan is That the Liberators leader and Guardians leader were once close. however a riot that killed many including a mutual friend trying to protect them leads to the split.
  7. Could they have been...maybe lovers? I've got an idea.
  8. great minds think alike. let's hear it.
  9. My idea goes like this: Guardians came first, initially being lead by the leader of the liberators. Within the guardians there was an extremist subfaction. When the riot happens, the leader snaps into a rage, and ends up bringing down a building as collateral damage after the friend's death. After this, he ceases to see the value in regular, non-mutant lives. Deeming them inferior, he attempts to turn the guardians into a group not unlike the liberators are now. This caused a violent split between the two sides, resulting in the groups as they are now.
  10. hmm.. replace guardians with X-revolution which was the original mutants rights faction and you got the deal.
  11. Consider it done.
  12. alright make your char. will read it in the morning. bed time for me here.
  13. Just about the same here. I'll make it sometime soon.
  14. Name: Leonardo Robert Ferris
    Mutant or Human: Mutant.
    Powers/equipment: Leo possesses a superhuman mind. Not only does he have a superhuman intellect, but he also has incredible telepathic power. Able to not only communicate with his mind, but influence the minds of others, create illusions, edit memories and so forth.
    Age: 17.
    Gender: Male.
    Class: Class 1
    Alt-ID: Scholar.
    Faction: Current Leader of X-Revoulution.
    Appearances: As Scholar, he wears comfortable clothing and just uses his psychic power to make people see him in a wizard getup. Out of costume, he's a tall, lean young man with broad shoulders and a pair of bright blue eyes that gleam whenever he uses his telepathic powers.
    Personality: Leo's a lot like Avery. But deep down he worries that humanity will never accept his kind. Regardless, he's lighthearted and nerdy, and he jokes and sings and laughs. He's always been practical, and he's always had a certain coldness that comes with super-smarts. But for the most part he's just a goofball. As Scholar, he likes to put on a more stage-worthy persona; one of an epic war-wizard, a guardian of both humans and mutants alike.
    Bio: Leo came from a wealthy family, but never reliant on his privilege. He was disowned when his parents discovered his powers at age 10, but used his powers to survive. When he was 15, he joined X-Revolution, a group made to protect the rights of mutants. It was here that he met Avery, who soon became his lover. Lately he's been rather busy, as there's been a recent increase in True Blood forces.
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  15. well the riot and M-Genesishasn't happened yet but could be a decendant affectee. also X-Revolution has been around nearly as long as mutants. however He and Avery could end up the Leaders after The riot and thus the split forms. oh plus th X-Revolution allows self-defense. as in they hit your allowed to hit back.
  16. -grumbles- Ugh, okay. I'll fix it later. Editing sucks on an IPhone.
  17. Did it.
  18. accepted. think you can bring some more people over?
  19. i'm interested, but kind of confused about the story
  20. @justice hunt alright i'll try to break it down: Mutants have first appeared in WWI. Became first WMDs then attempts to dispose of didn't go well. X-Revolution started up to stand up for the mutants. more events happened to add more mutants. another M-Genisis, rather explosive event that triggers a gene sequence that makes the organ that makes the powers is on the horizon. and this will be the biggest one to come. A split forms and creates two new factions. conflict ensues.
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