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  1. Bianca walked down the strett skipping alittle as school was let out. she was going on another date with Leo. She still remembered meeting him when she was doing a little volunteer work helping organize a protest. and they pretty much fell for each other soon after. Tori would tease her about in a friendly way but still majorly on cloud-9. They were going for the mall a local hangout for some food and geeky stuff. she was excited doing alittle happy dance consisting of crouching very slightly with rapid fist pumping and stomping. "This...will...be...great!" she exclaimed heading for the meet-up.
  2. Leo was running late. He hated being late. After a run in with an Anti-mutatant extremist, he'd been forced to make a surprise appearance as Scholar to save the madman's hostages. With his power, it had gone quickly. But not quick enough for him to catch the bus on time. Stupid bus. If he ruled the world, the bus would always come every ten minutes, not like this, he'd been waiting FOREVER. Ugh, at this rate, he might as well just "convince" someone to lend him their car.
  3. Bianca started getting concerned. Leo was running late which was really unlike him. then hearing a news story about the professor and hostages she calls him up on her cell. the thing had a selfie with him on it as a wallpaper "come on please pick up..." she said worried. she had an idea that he went against them but didn't exactly know he was the Professor.
  4. Leo's phone began to ring. Phone wasn't quite the right word for that. It was about a hundred years ahead of current technology, but it did phone things too. "Mister Sandman...Bring me a dream..." Went his ringtone for Bianca, so he answered it. "Hey, what's up? I'm going to be late, save me a spot in line at the Stan Lee signings, if you can..." He said, trying to pass over his appearance as Scholar.
  5. relief flooded through her voice "yeah...i-i will. was scared for a second. news came on with another one of those stories and you disappearing on me...was scared abit. glad your okay. of so what's up with you being late?" she asks now just her usual curiosity when stuff like this happened. though mostly just relieved he was okay. and he could probably tell which meant he just had give a half-decent excuse.
  6. "The bus mostly. My little run-in took longer than I thought it would, so I missed my transfer." He said, "I should be there soon." Leo added with a glance down the road. No bus. He reached out into the mind of a nearby driver, commanding the driver to pull over with a thought. Leo climbed into the back and ordered his new chauffeur to take him to his date.
  7. Honor walked through the streets of the city. His hood was tight on his face with a ski mask and sunglasses on top of the mask. He walked to a news paper stand and looked at the top headline the text saying these exact words. X-revolution almost equal with humans. He then started walking again. He made a gesture with his hand, making the wind carry a pop can from a mans hands. The can went straight into his hands and the man didn't notice. Honor starts crossing the street when a car comes close to hitting him. Honor rolls out of the way and kneels next to it seeing the man in the back. His hood comes close to coming off but he fix the hood and keeps walking
  8. "alright well i'll get in and get us a good spot in line. see you soon love." she says giving an air kiss and hanging up. heading for the line she passes by a mysterious man. he looked rather ragged looking and had a duffel with him. she had him pegged as thief soon to get the cops called on him. little did anyone know he would do far worse. @Eon
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  9. His driver almost hit someone as he turned into the parking lot. Leo ordered him to be more careful before he stepped out. "Thanks guy, here, I'll do you a favor in return." With that, Leo imbued the stranger with the tiniest fragment of his power. It would only last for a couple weeks, but it would unsure that he always got close to his way. Then he left, making his way quickly to the signing, trying to minimize his lateness.
  10. She was semi-far up and seeing him waves over her head to signal him over and was using her leg and foot to fiercely defend his spot and was happy they could get their autgraphs together. meanwhile the man made his way to the center a fountain. he was nearly at his target. soon a new age would begin.
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  11. Leo felt horrible about what he was about to do, but Bianca was in trouble. "I...I'm so sorry...forgive me," he whispered as a tear fell down his cheek. Then, he wormed his minds into the other fans, and wiped their memory of their reason for being in line. After he got in line, he restored them of course, he wasn't EVIL.
  12. smiles at him "hey love." she says kissing him on the cheeks as they move up line getting out her X-Men comic. "you psyched. we're going to get our comics signed by the Stan man himself!" she said excitedly snuggling up to him alittle. her inner romantic coming out. especially since she hadn't notice him using his powers, mostly caught up in daydreams. she did that when he or a friend of theirs wasn't around and she was stuck waiting. meanwhile the man started climbing the fountain and geting the switch out with security noticing and started pursueing. though the comic shp they were at and moving to Stan Lee's signing table rapidly was pretty far off. they had no idea what was about to happen. @Eon
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  13. Leo, normally ever-watchful with his telepathy, had made a fatal mistake. He ignored the faint pinging in his head of malicious intent. As the people behind them in line remembered their love of comics again, Leo kissed Bianca on the cheek. I know. He said to his lover via telepathy, this is huge. The support of the face of the comic book industry means a lot to us both.
  14. nods and they get their books signed as a couple of course after a bit she wraps herself around his arm. she was abit of a romantic in that sort of way. meanwhile the guy swiftly took out the trigger to a bomb in the duffel. specifically a genetic dirty bomb filled with all sorts of crap to trigger an M-Genesis "In the glory of him let the end begin!" he proclaimed madly and pressed down. Within a milisecond it went off causeing him with massive energy creating a doubly massive explosion that sent a small beam into the air with a massive shock wave that was felt the world over. Like Chernobyl,Hiroshima and That battlefield in France the world had been changed once again. another M_Genesis and the one with the most affected it would be tallied had taken place. in the wreck of glass metaland plastic Bianca had been thrown flat on her back. her chest was in some pain then subsided. then she got sparky and let a bolt of energy loose when reaching over to Leo and barely missing him. Quickly in an effort not to hurt him scrambeled away. @Eon
  15. Leo's eyes lit up like fireworks, and he let out a scream of pain. "I CAN SEE EVERYTHING!" He shouted as his powers grew exponentially. It was true, there wasn't a mind in the world he wasn't privy to now. He could see every piece of information possessed by a human mind anywhere on the globe. It all made sense now, everything from physics to literature.
  16. Bianca was pretty frightened. he looked like he was in pain but she couldn't do anything lest risking blasting him. Then a bloody miracle came in the form of Tori, a punk girl and childhood friend of Bianca and A Newer friend of Leo though a little icy to him at first with threats of death and dismemberment if he broke her heart, and a friend of Leo's charged over checking on them with some pysche constructs falling off. Bianca shakily explains the situation which Tori made a buffer and helped Bianca up and had a sort of buffer while his friend snapped him out of it. @Eon
  17. Leo shook his head to clear it, "Uugh...Wha...What happened? Why...Why can't I shut out people's thoughts anymore?" He pressed his hands to his head, trying to clear his head of other people's minds. "Is everyone alright? Bianca?"
  18. "h-here..." she says thinking 'he's alright,right? oh i hope i didn't hit him with that weird energy-bolt-thing. and guess i'm a mutant too. So is Tori it looks like. just hope my family is okay. and the MRA don't lock any of us up,' her thoughts unguarded go to Leo's mind as his bud (you can put the specifics on him) helped him up. @Eon
  19. Leo pushed Alex off of him. "I'm fine. What about mutation? That bolt was from you?" He asked, mistaking her thoughts for words. Alex had been Leo's friend since his parents disowned him for being a "mutant freak" like his uncle. The two of them were thick as thieves, and were known for their outspokenness and frequent joint speeches.
  20. "h-huh? did i think aloud again?" she says though Tori shakes her head "didn't hear anything from 'ya." she says both begin thinking 'Leo your using telepathy aren't you?'
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