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  1. This should be pretty simple, something I saw on a forum a few years back.

    Basically, you choose an answer to a question provided by the user above you. There can only be two choices, otherwise this loses it's simplicity. For example, the title of the thread is called X or Y. For the sake of an example, i'll pick Y.

    Now, i'll ask a random question. When answering, it's not necessary to explain why you chose X or Y, but it's encouraged.

    Question (open)
    Which do you prefer, Dogs or Cats?
  2. Dagnabbit, Fairy (do I call you fairy now xD) both are adorable!

    I'd have to go with dogs though, playing fetch and taking them on walks is pretty fun. Plus, they help guard the house and stuff ^^

    Am I supposed to ask a question too? Or do we all answer the same question?

    Which do you prefer cake or ice cream?
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  3. Yes! Call me Fairy, muahaha!

    Correct, you ask a question as well. And the one below another, and the one below another, and the cycle continues.

    There are no wrong or right answers, but in my opinion Dog was totally the right answer. Definitely more pros than cons compared to owning a cat :3 Which depends on how you look at it, of course.

    And it seems i'm below you at the moment, so I shall answer your question and ask one of my own!


    Specifically, mint chocolate chip. Nom nom nom.

    Question (open)
    Would you rather use a pen or a pencil to write?
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  4. Would you rather use a pen or a pencil to write?

    Well, that's a hard question... I use both all the time... hmm... I'd rather use a pencil, since I like to sketch.

    Question (open)
    Would you rather watch ONLY Horror or Action movies?
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  5. Action movies are the way to go! How else can I watch my superheroes be awesome?

    Question (open)

    So would it be the forest or a mountain you'd travel to?
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  6. So would it be the forest or a mountain you'd travel to?

    I'd have to say the Forest

    Question (open)
    Would you rather read from a physical book or an e-book?
  7. Definitely a physical book. Ebooks just seem... fake. C'mon, sitting by a crackling fire on a frigid winter evening, tuning the musty old pages of an tattered novel, feeling like its an old friend... using a Kindle makes that so much less personal.

    Would you rather give up music or give up movies for life?
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  8. Movies, I can make mental movies just fine when I have a soundtrack for it!~

    Which is better, Burger King or McDonald's?
  9. Which is better, Burger King or McDonald's?

    Ethically i'd have to go with McDonalds. 5 bucks for twenty chicken nuggets? That's an absolute steal, not to mention I love their sauce.


    I love their sauce.

    Question (open)
    Which do you prefer, group roleplays or one x one?
  10. one x one. I'm more used to it and I find it easier.

    Mages or Warriors?
  11. Mages or Warriors?

    For me it would have to be Mages, but I would prefer the combination of the two, which the name always escapes me but I know it exists.

    Question (open)
    Cheesecake or Chocolate Cake?
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  12. Have to go with cheese cake! love that huge cake of calories!

    Show Spoiler
    Marvel or DC
  13. Marvel or DC

    I refuse to choose because I enjoy both equally.

    Question (open)
    Brownie fudge sundae or Banana Split?
  14. Now, I've had neither, but I am a chocolate fan, so I'll pick the sundae.

    Would you rather classic cars or modern?
  15. Classics anyday.

    Cereal or toast?
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  16. Cereal or toast?

    It depends on the cereal but I prefer cereal to toast.

    Question (open)
    Lions or Tigers?
  17. Why not both? If I had to pick though, tigers.

    Question (open)
    Iced tea or hot tea?
  18. Iced tea or Hot tea?

    Hot tea, if you know how to make it right. I used to like iced tea until a friend of mine visited me from china. My gosh I love hot tea.

    QUESTION (open)
    Which is better to you, Summer or Winter?
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  19. Summer or Winter?

    Summer. Haha, we don't have Winter here, so I'm pretty biased xD

    Question (open)
    Cyberpunk or Steampunk?
  20. [rainbow]cyberpunk or steampunk?[/rainbow]

    Foxxxxy! You got me. I ... I... pick you steampunk always.

    melon milk or strawberry milk?
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