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  1. The X-Men are mutants, a subspecies of humans who are born with superhuman abilities. The X-Men fight for peace and equality between normal humans and mutants in a world where antimutant bigotry is fierce and widespread. They are led by Charles Xavier, also known as Professor X, a powerful mutant telepath who can control and read minds. Their archenemy is Magneto, a powerful mutant with the ability to generate and control magnetic fields. Professor X and Magneto have opposing views and philosophies regarding the relationship between mutants and humans. While Professor X works towards peace and understanding between mutants and humans, Magneto views humans as a threat and believes in taking an aggressive approach against them, though he has found himself working alongside the X-Men from time to time.
    Professor X is the founder of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters at a location commonly called the X-Mansion, which recruits mutants from around the world. Located in Westchester County, New York, the X-Mansion is the home and training site of the X-Men. The founding five members of the X-Men are Angel (Archangel), Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, and Marvel Girl (Jean Grey); Professor X and Magneto also make their first appearances in The X-Men #1. Since then, dozens of mutants from various countries and diverse backgrounds have held membership as X-Men.

    1. Fill out a character sheet and send it to me in a convo. From there I'll approve it and post it in the cast list.
    2. Don't play unassigned characters without approval.
    3. Don't play other players characters.
    Character Sheet

    Code Name:

    • Please note if you are applying for a character that is open make sure you detail the history.
    • If there is a particular character you want to play and they are not listed in the cast list let me know and write up a bio.


    Professor X
    Marvel Girl/Jean Grey/Phoenix - @Almalthia
    Rogue - @Angel Evans
    Emma Frost
    Shadow Cat

    Brotherhood Of Mutants

    Quicksilver - @Cybermoon
    Scarlet Witch
    Boom Boom
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  2. Code Name:
    Bluebell Stiles
    19 1/2
    Bluebell, or Blue as she is sometimes called, is a tall woman of 5'7" with long, golden blonde hair tied back in a single braid, while some shorter hair is styled to frame her face. She has a slight tan on her body. Her eyes are what most find strange as the whites of her eyes are a deep, almost blood red and her iris' are pure white. Her street outfit varies, but her most common outfit seems to be grey skinny jeans to show off her toned legs and perky rump, a black tank top and an army green jacket that stops just above her stomach. Her footwear consists of black ankle socks with either white ankle convers or black and green roller blades. Her eyes are hidden behind black aviators that use the two-way mirror system where it is so dark that people can't see her eyes but she can see everyone clear as day.

    Her X-Men uniform consists of a black spandex belly-shirt with no sleeves and black spandex pants. The X on her is army green and goes across both shoulders and ends at the bottom of her shirt. Her pants are basic black with army green colored boots and a ringed belt with the X symbol on the buckle. With her outfit, she still wears her aviators. (She has a habit of forgetting to take them off.)
    She has the ability to control sand and manipulate it to her needs. There is a slight drawback though, as if she is not in an area where sand is prominent, her attacks do less damage and her defense is weakened, as where if you put her on a beach or in the desert, she is at her strongest. She usually has a bag the size of a cantaloupe filled with sand that she uses for her attacks.
    Bluebell Stiles was born to two loving parents in Florida. Her parents first noted her strangeness when they finally say her eyes, but passed it off as some strange birth defect. Things did not get weird until Blue was about 8-years-old and they went to the beach for some family time. As the young girl was building a sand castle, a couple of older kids came up and kicked her project, decimating it. As she started to cry, the sand of the beach move around the older kids and encased them before it chucked them into the water. Having seen what their child unintentionally did, Bluebell's parents took her from the beach, packed up their home and moved away from Florida. For years they have been on the move, trying to hide their daughter anyway possible. Bluebell grew to hate moving from place to place and started to hate her parents for never allowing her any freedom. It wasn't until she was 16-years-old, did Xavier came to recruit her to his school did she finally feel a freedom she has craved for so long. Now, she is apart of the X-Men, ready to fight all evil humans and mutants for their to finally be equality for those like her.
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  3. Accepted >.< sorry this took so long!!!!!
  4. Are you still accepting sugar?
  5. Yes sweetie I am.
  6. Holy crap,I wasn't getting any alerts! But I'm gonna have to drop out,I have too many tests coming up
  7. I understand. I'm willing to save you a spot though. Does that sound okay? For now I could take over for Rogue.
  8. Yeah that sounds great.
  9. Sorry. Will work on a post.
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  10. If you're still interested there are plenty of spots open.
  11. @Cybermoon Will you play Storm and Professor X for Tonic's intro I don't want to have a conversation with myself for this. If you want to throw Blue and Rogue in or anyone else go for it. :)
  12. I can try. Don't expect a fabulous performance, Almalthia.
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  13. LOL. Take your time hun.
  14. Too late :3
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  15. Um.... why did he call her to the school?
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