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  1. This is my idea for a X-men RP, based in an alternate timeline of events. Many Canon characters will be present but have altered histories of events. I would like it to begin as a slice-of-life allowing the characters to develop relationships and discover the secrets of the mansion, before they are introduced into the violent world of the X-Men.

    A timeline of early events would look like this.

    Last two weeks of summer, potential new students arrival.
    School begins, and character socialize/discover the mansion and surroundings. (I will provide needed info.)
    Funeral for a dead X-men.
    Discovery of underground facility.
    Mansion attacked while X-men away, students defend school.
    Decision to test students for inclusion into the X-Men.

    I would like to see OC's as everybody's primary, but wouldn't mind if somebody wanted to play a Canon character as a secondary. If you would be interested leave a comment below, and if you have any questions or concerns I would love to hear them.
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  2. (i like it,can i make my own creation?
  3. Yes, Original Characters are recommended. I want everyone to be their own mutant in their own way.
  4. okay sweet,i don't know if i start off with my own costume or not
  5. No, only the X-men have costumes, so the character's wont receive their suits, until they are selected.
  6. okay i shall make my description
  7. Omfg I am INNNN ! An Oc wil be so sweet. I have so many freacking ideas -evil laugh-
  8. yay three!
  9. I have never roleplayed X-men before, but this is interesting. I'd love to join- where do we sign up?
  10. I like the sound of this too!
    It'd take me a while to get an original idea but I'll get to work on it right away!

  11. Slowly the people come ! Yay ! :)
  12. ikr, now theres 5!
  13. Where do we sign-up?
  14. X - Men are amazing.

    Of course people would come!​
  15. I'm not sure yet and i love x-men!
  16. Same!

    I'm not like the kind of person who knows everything about them but I can still appreciate the movies.​
  17. We will have to wait for the Gm to make his/her pressence felt first to figure out were to put our Cs.
    But first, wouldn't be more easy for us to make, on word, a simple Cs ? I mean with name, power, personallity and history ? And if are other things to add we will add later, right ?
  18. Yeah!​

    That sounds like a good enough idea. I'm sure they wouldn't mind. ​
  19. Hey guys, I am new to this site, though I am a keen writer and a huge x-men super geek (no exaggeration) I would love to join, oh how the ideas flow through my mind right now. Let me know if there are limits to our character abilities as to not knock the balance.
  20. I hope they know people are interested. I guess I'll just begin thinking up ideas and use the mini character template by Diana.
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