X-Men: Rise of a Generation

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    The start of the new school year at Jean Grey Academy was only two weeks away. Luke Winters, a mutant from Alaska, had lived at the Academy for two years now, and even helped build it. He saw many new faces arriving ever since the official opening four months ago. He heard from Piotr that the X-Men team was hard at work finding mutants that needed help with their powers.

    This morning he had woken up around six in the morning. The school was mostly quiet, though a few early risers exchanged hushed niceties with him. He got some cereal from the dispenser in the cafeteria, and had breakfast. He sat down with the only other student present. A young kid with grey skin and yellow eyes. He was nocturnal, one of many apparent side effects of his ability. They laughed in unison, comparing how one was eating breakfast and the other dinner. Jackson, being a nocturnal mutant, soon went to bed leaving Luke to himself in the large cafeteria. With his meal done, Luke left the cafeteria to walk around the garden.
  2. Standing in front of the memorial garden, a young female of 18 years old glanced silently at all those who had passed away, blue eyes sparkling at each name she read and saw how long they had lived for. She began to hum a soft melodic tune by one of her favorite Christian Rock bands as she pushed away her light brown hair towards the right side of her neck. Plucking a rose from a small landscape scenery nearby, she laid it down on a person's memorial grave. "It's not much, but it's something," she spoke quietly to herself, eyebrows furrowing as she abruptly felt the heavy need to cry because someone she didn't know had died. Standing up, she closed her eyes, blinking away any signs of tears, and beginning to walk away, only to be surprised by the fact that someone had been near her- in fact, he was heading her way. She secretly hoped he hadn't heard her- the small talk or humming. She'd feel embarassed if she knew that someone had been there to listen to her without her even knowing.
  3. porter sat on the bus seat, People around doing their everyday routine, Porter was mad that he had to hide his power, But was glad that no one can see his powers, He had his head phones on listening to his favorite song,outside by Hollywood Undead, Than the bus stopped, He knew the school was a few blocks from here, He sat up and walked to the door, He was on the bus for several hours and became friends with the bus driver, "Well see ya Dan" He walked out the door and the man says goodbye, He walked down the street and saw the gate of the mansion, He smiled and walked to the school, When he arrived at the gate, He saw a girl looking at a tombstone, He sighed and walked up to her.
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  4. Ira walked barefoot on the side of a road as a nightingale flew in front in her. Her feet were dirty, long and slender. Wore a black sweatshirt, in front had a "NY" white logo that covered the whole front, long sleeves and the sweatshirt passed her hips. Her dark blue shorts were almost invisible and made Ira look like she wore no pants. The little bird stopped and suddenly flew away. "Thank you." She spoke in a low tone and waved toward the nightingale.
    Everytime someone honk Ira started to growl at the respective car, shaked her head and tried to calm herself down. Everything and now everyone started to make her feel weird, a feeling which she haven't felt until now. Her dark amber hair was free, down her back ending in some big curls. Drew a breath of air between her small and cracked lips. Ira stopped and stared at the people before her eyes, she knew that coming to the institute the professor will provide her with everything she wants, was part of the deal, but as soon Ira spotted well dressed persons holding a piece of cloth on their back (a bag) a shiver went down her spine. Bitted her lower lip and entered, her heart began to beat with power, as she tried to relax a little, a boy came near her. "I think you got the wrong adress." He said as he chuckled, but in her head veryone started to laugh and she let escape a growl between her lips, like an wolfs growl, powerful and defiant as the grass started to grow on his legs to chain him there. "What the ... help!!" He yelled at his friend and she snaped out the trance. Her animal instinct told her to torn the poor guy right there, but she left ignoring his words and her instinct. Walked away from the scene and sat on a bench. "I am not sad." She spoke and turned her head, behind her was a bush, a bush full of red roses. "Is weird and not my place, they might be like me, but no. Humans are evil.....people are". Stopped and looked around, a smile came across her face and turned toward the bush of roses with her whole body. "Not eveyone is evil,but ... I know, I am sorry. Tell me more about them." Ira started to listen to the roses stories about the school, the teachers and some students, some roses were young and others old, but each of them had a story, a story to which Ira was going to listen.​
  5. Luke enjoyed the garden, it was pleasant on the eyes, and being a place of remembrance was quite peaceful. there was one other person in the garden. As he walked behind her on the path, he noticed it was Trinity. She been with the Academy for a while now, so he had seen her around, but never really talked to her much. He made a simple greeting as he passed, "Good morning," and continued on his walk. The flowers all around were vibrant, moisture stilling clinging to the leaves from the morning mist. Luke continued his walk around the grounds, enjoying the cool morning air.

    As he walked through the courtyard, there was a commotion at the front gate. Luke drew closer, trying to see what happen. It was over before he had gotten close, and no one had gotten hurt, just one guy pulling grass off his legs. 'Whatever.'He went and found himself a spot near the hedge maze to sit. Luke pulled an iron rod from his pocket roughly the size of a pencil, and pierced it into the dirt. He would use it to practice control of his powers, by charging energy in both of his hands placed on either side of the rod. His goal was to charge as much as he could without the energy being drawn away from him, and into the rod. Luke lost touch with the world around him, as he continued to charge and keep the building energy at bay.
  6. Ah, he had spoken to her. Who was he again? Luke, right? Trinity wasn't sure what to do as he passed her. Say hello? Well, that was okay, she assumed, but he had already walked off, making her miss the only chance she had to interact briefly with someone who also resided in the Jean Gray Academy. Her eyes locked onto him off in the distance, feeling a sense of curiosity come over her.
    What was he planning on doing? She couldn't help but walk silently to where she had seen him go, following the path she watched his feet and body go.

    Finally catching up to him, but staying a little farther away than close distance, her blue eyes sparkled with amusement as she saw what he was doing- taking out an iron pencil-shaped rod, sticking it in the ground, and beginning to build electricity around that small rod, keeping the energy stable. She moved a loose strand of hair behind her ear, afraid to approach him- not wanting to distract him because of simply the fear he may snap or lose control of his powers. So Trinity decided to wait until he may or may not have noticed her. Trinity thought it was probable that noticing her may take a while, considering how focused he seemed on charging his energy.
  7. Porter opened the gate of the mansion, he walked through as the gate closed behind him. He walked passed the statue of a women, and eventually to the door, He hoped that that they would reject him, Or just be a trick from the government or something,either way he was anxious.
    He inhaled and closed his eyes, He raised his arm and knocked on the door three times, He waited for someone to answer the door. He thought about his mom and dad, how did they feel, Were they scared? Or where they happy he was gone, any of those answers made him worried.
  8. "Honestly," Paul spoke aloud, still laying in bed. The one thing he regretted about school almost starting was certainly the ruckus that grew with each added male to the dorms. He enjoyed his morning snooze, those extra ten minutes he received after each press of the alarm button, but with the various students getting ready for the day, others already ready and dawdling outside the windows, he couldn't seem to get to sleep again. So with a heaved sigh he tossed his blankets aside and tugged a pair of jeans on over his boxers, a white v-neck over his head and running shoes onto his feet. Teeth brushed and hair finger combed he made his way to the cafeteria.

    He was aware that the Academy wasn't as busy as the previous one. During the construction he was certainly doubting that it ever would be again, considering everything that happened. He ducked quickly as a football zoomed over his head, a sorry from somewhere down the hall audible. The cafeteria had a few people in it, some recognizable whilst others were fresh faces. He remembered when he was new. A frightened boy experiencing a whole new world. Cup of coffee in hand, piping hot and with copious amounts of sugar he took a few slices of toast in hand and went outside, munching all the way.
  9. Impressed by the story that the roses told her, Ira jumped on her feet and spoke. "Thank you for your stories." She said with an immense smile. Astonished by the surroundings -- well the roses made her be a little more happy and open-hearted, began to walk around, passed by the memorial garden and went on a pathway, to feel the ground under her bare feet made Ira to jump from one foot to another. Her long and slender finger were touching the trees, the trees with large trunks and deep anchoring roots. She felt everything under her feet, the animals, the people and even the plants, Ira was feeling like a God. With a deep breath ripped herself from the modern world, from others reality to go into her reality, everything that unfolded before her eyes was just a matter of perspective; for others were only trees and plants, but for her was a world, a world which she could control. The rotten branches of the trees that were almost to fall on the ground, with a touch were like new. Cracked Trees trunk as time and weather put their own mark, started to embraced by climbing flowers.
    Ira sat under the shadow of a tree. "So beautiful." She spoke with a wide smile, as with her finger she played with the dirt,sand and small rocks that were found on the path created a small tornado as she twirled her right hand in delight for a couple of minutes, with which juggled from a hand to another. Ira tried to maintain it under control, ifno't, it won't be the first time when she destroy something out of accident.​
  10. Robert stood in alerted silence, his eyes fixed on the statue in the centre of the garden, a tear trailing down his cheek. As he stood he remembered the lives lost in the pheonix disaster, many of whom he came to know, to like, to love like the family he never truly had. Yes he grew up with all the things a boy could possibly want. But no amount of stuff, no amount of money could possibly replace the love he sought from his family, the love he never once felt, the love he never would due to his mutation, the rejection from all those he knew. But the people here, they were like him, the accepted him, and though it took time, he grew to call the school home, his fellow mutants family. Surrounded by students both new and old he still felt that e mptiness, that ache, knowing some of those he remembers fondly, would never walk through that gate, regardless of how much he wished it so. But Xavier told him something the day after all was done "Mourn not the loss of many, but celebrate the lives and loves of those that remain in your heart and mind." He smiled softly, slowly moving school starting soon.
  11. Sitting on her bed in the girl's dormitory was a certain red head. A sigh came from her lips, looking down at the palm of her hands as she settled them in her lap. Flames danced on her palms, licking at her skin as she focused to keep them under control. Fire was such a destructive element, and she spent years controlling her power. Even Professor Xavier was impressed on how far she has gotten, especially watching her when she stuck herself in the training room for countless hours of the day. Her flames danced around her now rather than shooting out at different things, setting them ablaze. Also, her temper wasn't as bad as it used to be either. At least she was getting along with the other mutants now.

    Her flames sank into her skin, and she finally stood up from the bed. Now she changed out of her pajamas that consisted of a black sports bra and matching shorts. She was now in a black shirt, as well as black pants. Placing on her combat boots, she laced them up and finally headed out to start on her day. Heading out of the dormitory, she found herself walking to the direction of the cafeteria to get herself a cup of hot coffee before leaving there to head outside.

    The day was actually nice, so spending it outdoors was ideal. Normally she kept to herself, since she generally didn't like surrounding herself with a lot of people. Though people always seemed to find her because of her bright red hair. It was okay, she never seemed to mind. She was just never the one to sit herself around the others. So, now she went off to the lake. Maybe she would get some meditation in before any ruckus happened.
  12. Luke's continued to build up the energy inside of his hands, sparks trying to jump away, but they were all pulled back in. Luke felt confident, building the charge in his hands to higher level. Sparks crawled across his skin, and underneath a blue glow flowed through the vein all the way to his elbow. His eye took on a green hue. He pushed further, approaching a third of his available energy. He pushed further and further. With a bright flash, and a thunderous boom, the rod absorbed the charge of his left hand causing Luke to flinch. His loss of focus afforded his right hand's electricity to discharge as well. Luke grunted annoyed, and quickly looked around to make sure no one had been hurt, lightning bolts having a habit of spreading to multiple grounding points.

    No was injured, but Luke noticed a brunette girl watching him. It was slightly odd, unless she had just run over after hearing the explosion. Luke stood and returned the stake to his pocket. He made his way over to the curious girl. "That was something wasn't it. Kinda got away from me" It was Trinity from the garden. He remembered passing her earlier. What was she doing here now? Had she followed him? Whatever, it didn't matter. "Did you need something?"
  13. She was right. It did take a while to notice her presence. He was so eager, so confident that his powers had gone out of control for a mere moment, causing a loud boom which at the time, had made Trinity flinch. Before that, however, she always had to occasionally glance away to keep herself from focusing on him to hard to the point of negating his powers. It was interesting; his powers. She pursed her lips in thought, glancing down at the grass underneath his shoes.

    Well, when he put it that way, no she didn't need anything- it was just simple curiosity- but even so, she felt that maybe it wasn't best for her to follow. Maybe leaving him to his own isolation would've been best. She fiddled with her shirt a little. "Sorry," Trinity spoke. "I was just curious." What would she give to have something like that? Her powers were worthless to society- all she ever did was hurt and make people hate her. She rubbed her arm, as if a cold blizzard had suddenly snuck its way into the academy grounds, no matter how sunny or cool it was outside.

    Trinity seemed to be deep in thought, thinking about something recurrent within her past. That incident with her friend, people screaming and freaking out because they thought she had killed her best friend. Trinity placed her hands on her face, feeling embarrassed, useless, and above all, guilty. Why now? The voices- they were getting stronger. "Why...?" Her voice was breathy, if not scared.


    'You killed her!'


    "I- I'll..." Trinity tried to speak, but her voice was barely audible and shaking. "I'm sorry!" she abruptly apologized, tears streaming down her face, then turned on her heel in an attempt to quickly leave Luke.
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  14. Paul sipped at the warm, sweetened brew in his cup. He was certainly more of a coffee person than a tea one. In fact he'd venture as far as saying he wouldn't be able to start his day without a some. He exited the Academy via the front door, which strangely stood closed. It was likely only closed due to some gust of wind that blew it shut. He placed the corner of the remaining slice of toast in his mouth, to pull the right side of the door open. His other hand obviously occupied with holding his coffee. He passed another new face as he exited. A man a bit shorter than he, with brown skin. He lifted his cup in greeting and continued onward.

    He moved right, passing the statue of Phoenix. Another turn right off the pathway that lead to the stables, set Paul on the path to the Memorial Garden. It had become a bit of a morning ritual to pass through here since the Academy was rebuilt. He usually did it a bit later in the morning though, but it was likely going to become even earlier once the classes came full-swing at the students. Paul brushed at his mouth, ridding it of the excess crumbs now that his snack was done and spotted two people a bit forward. They appeared to be speaking he thought as he saw the blonde boy standing.
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    Porter waits for someone to open, a few seconds later a man in a wheel chair and bald answers the door."Hello, you must be porter Samuels" He wondered how the man knew that. "How did you know my name?" The man smiled. "Your not the only mutant you know" Porter was surprised, no more than that; Blown away, Porter smiled "I thought i was the only one" The man pats his back and Charles does a hand gesture to tell him come in. "My name is professor Xavier, I have the gift of telekinesis" Porter puts his hands on his hips. "Gift?" He didn't call it a gift, He thought it was more like a curse. "Come with me, we have a lot to talk about"