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  1. The X-gene, an unexplained alteration in the genetic makeup of human, has given rise to a new breed of humans, homo sapien superior. These people are born with extraordinary abilities, and have come to be called mutants by the public. The first mutant is believed to of been born around 1400 - 1500 A.D. The world has come to fear mutants because of their unusual powers, and many see them as a danger to society. Persecuted and mistreated, mutant must struggle to survive in a harsh world.

    1940: The Nazi scientist discover a young boy able to bend metal.
    1943: The young boy escapes captivity. No new mutants are found.
    1978: U.S. government finds proof of mutants.
    1985: CIA assembles Team X, a special unit of mutant operatives.
    1989: Team X deemed a threat and placed on Black List.
    1991: Charles Xavier and Eric Lehnsherr meet.
    1995: Charles Xavier, with the help of Eric Lehnsherr and Hank McCoy open Xavier's School for the Gifted in New York
    1997: Serial killings performed by a psychotic mutant raises awareness of and fear of mutants. The 'Witch Hunt of 97'. The school is attacked, and Eric Lehnsherr disappears.
    1999: Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters is opened in the Rocky Mountains. The first X-Men are assembled.
    2000: Presidential election attacked by Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants. Antimutant sentiment skyrockets.
    2001: The X-Men begin their campaign of fighting evil, and defending humanity.
    2007: The X-Men are split into two teams.
    2011: The Pheonix Crisis sees many X-Men dead, Charles Xavier permanently crippled, and the school destroyed again.

    The year is now 2014 and Jean Grey Academy has officially been completed. The school, now built near San Fransisco, is dedicated to the memory of those that died in the Pheonix Crisis. September is coming quick, and the school will soon be commencing with classes once again. The world is still an unsafe place for mutants, but Jean Grey Academy stands as a beacon of hope and protection for all who need it. There are many mutants living at the Academy, and more arriving as the school year begins. The faculty will do everything they can to make sure you are cared for, protected, and educated. Jean Grey Academy is dedicated to help you learn to control your powers, so you may live a peaceful and happy life. Hopefully one day mutants and humans will learn to coexist equally.


    Meet your teachers!

    Charles Xavier - Principal, teaches Genetics, Philosophy, & Psychiatry
    Powers: Telepathy & Telekinesis
    Int 5 Str 2 Spd 2 Dur 2 EP 5 FS 4

    Hank McCoy - Vice Principal, teaches Biophysics, Anatomy, & Medicine
    Powers: Beastial Appearance & Enhanced Phsiology
    Int 5 Str 4 Spd 3 Dur 4 EP 1 FS 4

    Scott Summers - Headmaster, teaches Trigonometry, Geometry & Piloting
    Powers: Optic Blast & Energy Resistance
    Int 3 Str 2 Spd 2 Dur 2 EP 5 FS 4

    Emma Frost - Headmistress, teaches Business Administration, and Sexology
    Powers: Telepathy, Telekinesis, & Organic Diamond Form
    Int 4 Str 2/4 Spd 2 Dur 2/5 EP 5/1 FS 3

    James Howlett - Chief Disciplinary, teaches History, Mechanics, & Mixed Martial Arts
    Powers: Healing Factor, Claws
    Int 3 Str 4 Spd 2 Dur 4 EP 1 FS 7

    Ororo Monroe - Student Counselor, teaches Agriculture, Meteorology, and Pickpocketing
    Powers: Atmokinesis
    Int 2 Str 2 Spd 3 Dur 2 EP 5 FS 4

    Bobby Drake - Teacher, teaches Accounting.
    Powers: Cyrokinesis
    Int 2 Str 3 Spd 3 Dur 4 EP 5 FS 4

    Katherine Pryde - Teacher, teaches Computer Science, Dancing, & Ninjutsu
    Powers: Phasing/Intangibility
    Int 4 Str 2 Spd 2 Dur 3 EP 1 FS 5

    Piotr Rasputin - Teacher, teaches Art & Wrestling
    Powers: Organic Steel Tranformation
    Int 2 Str 6 Spd 2 Dur 6 EP 1 FS 4

    Basic courses in Math, English, Science, and Civics are also available. Also feel free to sign up with one of our language tutors. Many of our staff speak foreign languages and would be happy to teach the eager.

    Class Schedule 8:00-9:00, 9:30-10:30, 11:00-12:00, 1:00-2:00, 2:30-3:30, 4:00-5:00
    Monday Genetics, Anatomy, History, Agriculture, Mixed Martial Arts, Ninjutsu
    Tuesday Philosophy, Medicine, Mechanics, Meteorology, Dance, Art
    Wednesday Psychiatry,Trigonometry, Business Administration, Accounting, Piloting, Wrestling
    Thursday Biophysics, Geometry, Sexology, Computer Science, Pickpocketing
    Friday Power control and development training 8:00-12:00

    Please fill out this form so we may enter into our records...

    [Your photo would go here.]

    Age: 15-20
    Unusual Features:

    Biography: Place of birth, tragic past, or events leading you to JGA, whatever you would like to share.

    Intelligence 0
    Strength 0
    Speed 0
    Durability 0
    Energy 0
    Fighting 0

    Powers: Your abilities.

    Weaknesses: Something harmful to your body or powers, or a personal flaw that limits you.

    Paraphenilia: Any equipment or essentials.

    Classes being taken: You may take 0-8 classes.

    This page will explain how the rating system works, and the teachers stats are provided to give you an example.

    1. No god-modding, or character killing.
    2. Romance is allowed, but keep IC posts Pg-13. All adult post should be handled v.i.a. Pm or 1x1.
    3. Limit yourself to 2-3 post in close succession, until a majority of the other RP's have had a chance to post for their character. (example, when two characters are talking back & forth.)
    4. I may PM you, asking your assistance introducing a plot point or character, or even ask your character to be the center of a subplot.
    5. Have fun, get along, and happy typing everyone!

    Eight Spots Available
    1. Roche_777 (Luke Winters a.k.a. Arc)
    2. InspiredShadow (Trinity Lismore a.k.a. Willow)
    3. Cahill (Paul Higgens a.k.a. Substance)
    4. Clockwork (Robert Matthersson III a.k.a. Silver)
    5. Pepper (Ira Makawee a.k.a. Gaia)
    6. princessyuna (Aria Cusano a.k.a. Pyra)
    7. Angel_Cake (Zakarye Mercedes a.k.a. Mecca)
    8. justice hunt (Porter Samuels a.k.a. Porter)



    Name: Luke Winters
    Alias: Arc
    Citizenship: American
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 220
    Eyes: Ice Blue (Bright Green when charging.)
    Hair: Sandy Blonde
    Unusual Features: If you look closely you can see sparks run under his skin, and in his eyes.

    Luke was born August 27, 1995, and grew up on a farm near Anchorage, Alaska. His father raised elk, and his mother was a nurse at the Anchorage Hospital. Luke was always an active boy, helping his father around the farm, and making treks into the nearby woods. In the winter when time spent outside was scarce, Luke would often read books to pass the time. After reading Robin Hood he fell in love with archery, and received his first bow on his thirteenth birthday.

    During the winter of Luke's fifteenth year his powers began developing. The lack of sunlight prevented him from generating electricity, but he did notice that his GBA's batteries never lasted more than ten minutes. Suspecting the toy was simply broken, he thought little of it for a couple months. It wasn't until Luke found himself caught in a thunderstorm walking back to the farm from town, that he found out what he was. As the clouds darkened and booms of thunder could be heard, Luke knew he needed to get home quick. He was minutes away from the family farm, when the hail began pelting him through his heavy jacket. Not yet big enough to be dangerous, Luke tried to pick up the pace when he was struck by a bolt of lightning, knocking him to the ground. He was still confused over what had just transpired, when another bolt struck him, and then another right after.

    Realization came to him, yet oddly he felt no pain, in fact he felt more energized then he had ever been. Another bolt struck Luke as he stood up, but this one met no resistance absorbing into his body. He was struck fifteen times that day, his clothes burn to crisp. He parents were panicked when they saw the state he was in, but settled learning he had no injuries.

    When summer rolled around, Luke found sunlight to be able to grant him the same energized feeling the lightning had that one fateful night. One morning as he was filling himself with the sun's energy, Luke's father approached him to ask question, but startled Luke when he tapped his shoulder. This led to an accidental discharge of electricity, something Luke was not aware he was capable of, knocking out Luke's father a burning his hand. His mother rushed Luke's dad to the hospital, were he lay in a a coma for three days.

    His family may have lived in Alaska, but they were still well aware of mutant existence. Luke's uncle had been an open mutant, but was killed during the 'Witch Hunt of 97'. Luke's parents feared for his life, and their own. The next year was hell for Luke, his parents were scared to make physical contact with him, and complained about how they would all be killed if anyone found out. Sick of the look in his parents eyes, he left home.

    It was in Oregon where Luke befriended the mutant Toad, another vagrant mutant just trying to make it. Luke and Toad were best friends for a moment, and joined the Brotherhood of Mutants together. Toad embraced their violent means of protest, but Luke always wondered if there was another way. Luke assisted in bombing the complex of a scientist who had been performing experiments on captured mutants. During the aftermath, looking upon the corpses of so many dead humans and mutants, Luke decided the life of the Brotherhood was not for him.

    At seventeen, Xavier found him living on the streets of L.A. He has lived at the Academy for two years now, learning to control his powers and studying various interests. He was dating another student, Noriko Ashida, a girl with similar abilities to his, but when she moved back to Japan they grew distant. He helped with the building of Jean Grey Academy, having carpentry skills he learned on the farm. Out of all the teachers Piotr Rasputin is his favorite, in part due to their similar upbringings.

    Intelligence 2
    Strength 3
    Speed 2 / 5*
    Durability 2 / 4*
    Energy 5
    Fighting 3

    *Speed and Durability score dependent on charge level, and consciousness.

    Organic Electrosynthesis - Luke's body is capable of generating electrical current and storing it naturally. His skin functions as a high efficiency solar energy capturing layer, and his bones are constructed of high density carbon nanotubes, which function as high capacity batteries.

    Superhuman Speed - Luke can utilize the electrical current in his body to accelerate his body to extreme levels. With enough energy and effort, Luke could potentially move at the speed of lightning 224,000 MpH(Not the speed of light 186,000 MpS.) He can use his super speed to cheat a healing factor by accelerating the cells around the wound, but this requires large amounts of energy and for him to still be conscious enough to focus his powers.

    Ehanced Strength - Due to his dense carbon bone structure, and the electricity augmenting his natural muscular flex response, Luke is able to life 500lb under optimal conditions.

    Electrokinesis - Luke can manipulate electrical current with great accuracy, even defying the law of 'the path of least resistance'. He can discharge the electricity charged inside of him, or charge himself from an outside source.

    Electromagnetic Sight: By concentrating, Luke can perceive the world around him as patterns of magnetic and electrical energy. He can see the natural electromagnetic auras given off by living beings.

    Magick and certain types of energy blast can cause disruption of his electrical anatomy, and make it difficult for him to concentrate his energy, and can prevent him from healing. Also anytime Luke release energy whether to attack, or accelerate he loses charge. It is uncertain, but there is the possibility that if his charge ever hit absolute zero he could die instantly. There could also be a cataclysmic explosion if he were to ever overload.

    Luke tries to avoid physical contact with people, afraid he might hurt them like he did his father. Noriko Ashida, his former girlfriend, was the one person he did not have to fear shocking, their relationship a result of his ability to relax around her.

    None yet.

    Classes being taken: Medicine, Agriculture, Computer Science, Mixed Martial Arts, and Art.
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  2. Can I join or is there no more spots available?
  3. I'm wondering the same...are there no spots available?
  4. [​IMG]

    Name: Trinity Grace Lismore
    Alias: Willow
    Citizenship: American/Italian
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Light Brown
    Unusual Features: None

    Biography: Trinity was born to Charlie and Heidi Lismore on August 15th, 1996. Her education was bright, starting the path of academics in a visual and performing arts school when she was five years old. Trinity was an intelligent child who had a love for playing piano, singing along with the choir at her church, and doing ballet camp as an extracurricular activity. She was in plays and concerts by age six, having many times been the lead or taking up a solo part within the school's choir. 7th grade was when she began to notice an immense change develop in herself. She began to have visions and understand intuitively past recollections from others. She also began to continually hear voices from everyone around her and grew overwhelmed.

    Trinity kept her superpowers a secret and did not know the extent of them until she acidentally rendered her friend unconcious. Her classmates began to call her a freak and stay away from her. Doctors could not even begin to explain what was "wrong" with her and because of her parent's inability to listen to her, Trinity began to develop major depression. After being diagnosed with it two years later, she was given medication and assigned a therapist to deal with her depressive disorder. Freshman year of high school did not start out well, as the rumors of her "killing" her friend in middle school spread like the bubonic plague.

    One Saturday evening, Xavier came by Trinity's house, claiming to her parents he could help her. Trinity's parents graciously accepted by his persuasion and thoroughness. The relationship between the Professor and Trinity did not go well on their first meeting, because of Trinity's futile and stubborn demeanor. However, after weekly visits, she did begin to attend Jean Grey Academy later on with the intentions of leaving behind her misunderstood family and every single classmate that ever hurt her emotionally.

    Intelligence 6
    Strength 2
    Speed 2
    Durability 3
    Energy 3/6*
    Fighting 4

    *Dependent upon on emotions and current state of mind.


    Mental Manipulation
    -Lie Inducing
    -Mind Imprisonment
    -Mental Breakdown
    -Confusion Inducement

    Power Negation
    -Capability Supression

    -Illusive Appearance
    -Mind Reading
    -Psychic Communication
    -Empathic Inundation
    -Mind Exchange

    -Past Recollection

    Probability Manipulation
    -Accelerated Probability

    Enhanced Intelligence
    -Intuitive Aptitude

    Weaknesses: Guns, Knives, Swords- potentially anything that can kill. She also has depressive disorder that has yet to be cured, weakening most social interaction with other students. Her powers, especially mind reading, has taken a big toll in her life. She is constanty afraid of them and hears voices all the time.

    Paraphenilia: None

    Classes being taken: Computer Science, Art, Genetics, Ninjutsu

    (The link won't let the image show up on here. Sorry about that.)
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  5. Im sorry Roxshi and Nico, but at the moment i have reserved the eight slots for the people who had responded to the interest check. If any spots open up I will PM you to see if your interested. To be fair I will go in the order that you inquired. Hope you understand.

    That fine shadow, I've had the same problems in the past.
  6. She's finished- I hope this is approvable by you.
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  7. 592d65e01025464d5a5b273a4f9fa03a.jpg
    Paul Higgens
    Alias: Substance
    Citizenship: American/Irish
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 176 lbs
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Red
    Unusual Features: None

    Biography: Paul couldn't remember much of the hunt in '97 since he was only two at the time, his powers yet to manifest, though the years following were rife with anti-mutant campaigns. As a child, getting tugged over the road by his mother, he knew some people were different. Those that walked alone or were shunned. Those that drew eyes when entering a room like flies were drawn to dung. Children don't let their minds wander on such things though. So on he went with his life, visiting his father on weekends in the city and living with his mother in a town an hour or two away.

    An average life mostly. He attended school, attained high grades with not much effort. Played tennis as sport, but wasn't much good at it. Came 15 things started to change gradually. Strange things happened. Small at first. Items bending and deforming without good cause. Later he'd wake up in puddles of unknown substance, his bedding gone. He'd swim in a pool and find the water to feel like jelly.

    Not long after this, a bald man arrived at his mother's door. He spoke to Paul's mother, a calm and collected discussion after which he came to address Paul. He spoke of mutants. A place for them. He somehow knew of the occurrences around Paul. He spoke of being able to control these occurrences. Harness the power, safely. Use it for the good of humanity. To show others that mutants had a place in this world. Equal to others.

    He left that day with the professor. Went to the Academy that was the source of much controversy. It had only been a year that he studied there, seeing others like him, learning to keep his abilities at bay when disaster struck. Friends died and the school was destroyed, scattering most of those he knew. One cannot destroy an ideal though. With the help of all that stayed, including Paul, a new building was erected. The students gathered and hope rekindled for mutants.

    Intelligence: 3
    Strength: 3
    Speed: 2
    Durability: 2/5*
    Energy: 2
    Fighting: 3

    Powers: Paul is able to change the "viscosity", for lack of a better word, of various materials. In essence this means he is able to change liquids to solids and solids to liquids. This can include the changing of gasses. He is also able to make this manifest in his body without causing any adverse effects in himself.

    Weaknesses: Vulnerable to most things, just like any human, his durability is only a factor when using his powers. A particular weakness is electricity though, due to its conductive properties.

    Paraphernalia: None to begin with.

    Classes being taken: Philosophy, Psychiatry, Anatomy, Mixed Martial Arts, Biophysics and Pickpocketing.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Name: Robert Mathersson III
    Alias: Silver Tongue or just Silver for short
    Citizenship: British
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 180lbs in flesh form but varies dependant on form he takes.
    Eyes: Greyish blue
    Hair: Brown

    Bio: Robert was born into wealth, his father owning one of the largest construction companies on the planet. He grew up isolated from the world other than the private school kids he met at the exclusive "Green Hill Academy for the gifted." And of course by gifted they meant rich, it was not academics you needed to be part of this society, it was an 11 digit networth. Needless to say he was not happy here, from an early age he did not fit in with those around him, evenat the tender age of 5 he knew he was some how different, and it made him a regular target of opportunist bullies. Regular verbal abuse was a daily event for him, he had grown used to it. Beisdes, despite the words he heard, the words he spoke earned him a nickname among the girls and faculty of Green Hill. He had an uncanny ability to sweet talk himself out of detention, and as a young teen to charm his way into the favour of many a young student.
    However this only accentuated the bullying, which soon became physical. One day, an older student took exception to his flirting, rage filling his eyes as he began to beat and beat again the body of a 14 year old Robert. Then as his heartbeat quickened, he could feel a tingling then a sharp pain as his body seemlessly changed, his body growing, changing, his skin hardening, then in seconds his body became solid metal. The pain of the bully rung out, his hand more than likely broken, the students around him ran, the faculty surrounded him, and then blackness.
    It was not until he had awoken in a medical facility, that he had heard he was out for a week and that he truly learned of that day. The day was September 1st 2010, he had awoken to an old bald man, who introduced himself as Charles Xavier, a psychic mutant, as well as Younger man with weird sunglasses who introduced himself as Scott Summers, another mutant, although he did not understand his powers. Xavier had explained to him that he was a mutant, and that his great stress had activated his power. Robert was confused, but Xavier would then explain he was safe, in a school for the gifted, and by gifted he meant other mutants, outcasts from the rest of the world. Robert's power was soon expalined to him by a blue creature, though at first intimidated, he was soon calmed by the confident well spoken man, Hank McCoy who had explained his mutant powers to him. Robert could change his skin and or body composition into almost any known solid substance, particularly metals he had come into contact with, such as steel. His transition into this school was not easy, and the Phoenix disaster of 2011 did nought but slow this process but as forms of the academy stayed in tact and he grew and learned, he was soon ready to come back and be part of The JG academy.

    Powers: Silver's/Robert's primary mutation is altering his flesh, creating an armour formed of any metal his skin has come in contact with. He has over time with Professor X's tutoring learned to control what he transitions into. Dependant on material this can improve his strength, his fighting ability and his ability to absorb damage. He has also learned that he can also use this ability on others, for a short while providing them with armour too, or in the case of certain enemies, slowing them down. His secondary ability is an umrivalled skill and knowledge of metallurgy, as if absorbing it's properties also brandishes him with the entire knowledge of it. He hopes to continue the expansion of his knowledge.

    Weaknesses: Dependant on which form he takes he is vulnerable to electricity, it hinders his ability to transform, it is why he has begun to adapt and use forms less conductive, to the point it may slow him somewhat but not disable him. Also he is vulnerable to intense heat, dependant on form it can slow him, even kill him. Though as he grows and learns new forms, this likelihood decreases.

    Paraphernalia: He keeps a lab set in his dorm.

    Intelligence: 3
    Strength: 3/7
    Durability: 3/7
    Energy: 2
    FS: 4

    Classes: MMA, Wrestling, Biophysics, Energy resistance, business admin (though the teacher is his motivation)
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  9. I am so sorry Clockwork! I hadn't realized you were on the list too! Welcome! XD
  10. Everyone's CS look good so far and all three of you have already been accepted. I figure we will allow 72 hours from the start of the thread for everyone to post a CS or at least confirm that they are still interested before I open up slots for other potentials.
  11. [​IMG]
    Name: Ira Makawee
    Alias: Gaia
    Citizenship: American
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 127 lbs
    Eyes: Cobalt blue
    Hair: Dark chestnut color
    Unusual Features: N/A

    The woods and the animals, the animals and the woods. More or less she grew up in the woods, yes, in the woods. She is a feral child, as she grew up between the animals the contact with the outside was non-existent. In the time when she was still a child, Ira has gained a strong bond with the animals and the Earth. I don't known exactly when her powers began to develop, to grow and to have this uncommon bond with the outside world first. But was closer to it since birth, this is the way she feels, that she was born in the ground, the Earth itself is her mother and the sky her father. Time passes fast, at least when you do not mind the time itself that passed beside you in seasons. A good part of her childhood was spent with the animals, the plants and the Earth itself. At times Ira claims that she talk with plants, animals and even the Earth itself. The link that Ira has with everything that surrounds her and us, can prove that at time some things really are above a person's ability to understanding. Since the young age Ira met her feet with the ground, she felt that this way she was closer to it and most of the times she is barefoot.
    People have called her Ira Makawee, Ira meaning Earth and Makawee means Mothering.

    Her first meeting with the professor was something that put both world to a test, his world and hers. The communication with the humans it is seems almost impossible since she barely understand 'humans language'. Her 'wild' side wasn't pleased to met him, with no one to teach her the manner Ira did what she knew, to defend her territory. After a few hard hours Ira agreed to discuss with Charles Xavier, but she didn't came to the Institute from the first time, it passed one year. One year in wich Ira tried to learn humans language for the only thing that made her head beat with power, the unknown. After the year passed the professor visited once again, this time Ira knew that she was ready, ready to figure out the unknown.

    Intelligence 2
    Strength 6
    Speed 2/4*
    Durability 4
    Energy 5
    Fighting 3

    Ira is a "terrakinetic" or "geo-morph", having the ability to psychokinetically manipulate, control, levitate and reshape the classic element of earth—sand,stone, rock, lava, and dirt—and could even transform the consistency of earth and rock, such as turning a lump of coal into a diamond. She can also cause earthquakes and create shapes out of solid rock to manipulate the way she wants. Her power is more based on emotions, are times when Ira isn't scared to create a geological hazard for the sake of satisfying a whim, but are other times when she is a cheery, peppy, a nonsensical adolescent and completely innocent. Ira is able to shift nearby tectonic plates with ease or cause volcanoes to erupt at her will (don't make her mad for the name of God). Her powers are related to the planet Earth, can manipulate the Earth's gravitational field to make an object heavier ("plus-gravity") or lighter ("null-gravity"), she can use her gravity manipulation powers to enhance her own or others super-strength. By using null-gravity power on herself, coupled with lava blasts for propulsion, Ira can fly at great speeds for short periods of time*. The source of Ira's powers is the Earth itself, the Earth nurtures her, it can heal her wounds. Her powers and health will deteriorate if she is taken off the Earth for a long period, but the Earth itself makes her powerful and strengthen her powers with every day that passes. As everything is sweetly bond with her, Ira doesn't have the full control over her powers, as a simple view over what she can do to what she does is a long distance. Along the time mastered various skills from her 'family' as for her powers to grow up.
    Has the ability to control and manipulate the growth and movement of plants at will and with incredible ease, demonstrated often that the Earth is no't the only thing she has a bond with it. She likes to describe this ability as "talking to" the plants, she appears to be able to manipulate any kind of plant material, but has an affinity for roses since they "speak back" to her. The plants she manipulates also seem to react to Ira's emotions, for example a group of hunteers were in the woods, scared and angered by their rude behavior toward the animals, violent vines burst out of the ground and attacked them. Ira has a strong bond with animals, communicate with them, with the birds and others. Somehow everything seems to be in a perfect balance.

    Weaknesses: Ira has a lot of headaches if she uses her powers too much, she didn't grew up in a environment where she had the chance for her powers to grow normally and beautiful, everything she learned was by herself, together with the Earth, with the plants and with the animals. She tends to trust her animal instinct more often than her intellect (duh -- she grew between animals) Suddenly she met the modern world, a world where everything is weird, strange and scary. She doesn't understand the term 'modern world' so she might look a little from Stone Age.
    She hates fire, a large fire will make Ira to lose control over her powers as she makes a cocoon, it is inside it and outside is a real hazard. Normally she is brave, brave as a lion, but thrown into the modern world shakes a little her fantasy dreams, so Ira is pretty much scared of everything that is new and weird.
    At times when she manipulate two things at the same time, she starts to be directly hurt, for Ex. if you burn or cut a plan on her skin will appear small cuts or burns.

    Paraphenilia: N/A

    Classes being taken: Mixed Martial Arts, Ninjutsu, Psychiatry, Biophysics, Medicine

    Something to change !? Tell me !
    Note: She won't be BIG BANG of DOOOOOOOOM -dramatic sounds- well, she will grow slowly >.<"

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  12. So sorry guys!

    Completely forgot to watch this thread!!!!
    I'll be starting a form soon, just making a cup of tea. ​
  13. Hey i have no internet right now my entrance will be there by 7 in canada
  14. Angel_Cake and justice hunt its good to see you both, and don't fret over it. Take your time working on your CS.

    Be aware I will be editing the intro post to include the rules, so check back periodically to see if they've been posted.
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  15. porter samuels 2.jpg
    Name:Porter Samuels

    Bio:Porter was born and raised in Toronto Ontario. His father and mother was really rich and he lived in a mansion with his grandfather on his fathers side, His grandfather taught him how to read and ride his bike. He noticed that he had powers at 12 years old, The moment happened when he was angry after he found out that his Grandfather had died from lung disease, He was in his room, He was incredibly angry and his fist turned black, He didn't notice that his fist had turned black, He got so angry that he punched the wall, He goes flying back behind his bed, He gets back up and see's a portal in front of him, He was shocked and scared, His parents were against mutants because they thought that they were a danger to our species " I-i'm a mut-ant" H[BCOLOR=#000000]e was angry that his parents and everyone close to him would be scared of him, He looked at the portal again and walked toward it,he puts his arm inside and takes it out quickly, He then puts his head back in and walks through it, It was Detroit city a couple hours from there, He then runs back in the portal and the portal leaves.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]five years later (17), he learned to not use his powers,when he was in science class,a kid was doing his project and it caught on fire,he had no choice to use his powers because the fire was about to get the kid,he throws a portal and grabs the desk (the desk was the only thing on fire) he pushes it out and the portal falls into the Detroit river,everyone was shocked,then they got angry,"Mutant!" a girl says and the class runs after him,he runs out of the school and runs to his house,he saw FBI vans and started running,[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000](1 year later) He stands in front of Jean Grey academy,he takes a deep breath and walks through the gate[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Weakness:He can't fly or can't get to certain heights without his portals,he is not strong,kinda weak but can run fast,he can only go from city to city with his powers and it makes him weak when he uses the powers,His emotion gets better than him some times and keeps his emotions bond up most of the time,he gives up allot and doesn't [/BCOLOR]
    have allot of self esteem

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Strength: 1 1/2[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Speed: 3[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Powers:porter can project and inject portals from his palms,the portals can go from one city from another but can't go that far [/BCOLOR]he hasn't discovered that his powers are even more huge,like bringing portals from across earth or even planets and even making black holes
    Classes: Mixed martial arts,Medicine,power control,Psychiatry,Physics, mechanics,and history
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  16. Noticed a couple people listed teachers powers, as classes and it made me realize I had not mentioned any powers training.
    That, coupled with the need for everyone to know how the classes fit into the world I have created a table just above the red lettering in the intro.

    It give's the times, day, and order of all the classes, hopefully this will aid everyone in including them in their roleplay. Friday is scheduled power training day, and one of the first things the staff does for every student is develop a way for them to practice their personal abilities. New students could include this in their roleplay, or completely forget I ever said anything.

    The Character Sheets are great so far everyone, and we are only waiting for 2 more to be posted. Thank you everyone for your patience with me, and the flexibility of everyone I have messaged, you guys are a great group.

    Keep up the energy, and happy typing.
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  17. So we just delete those powers that we put down as classes?
  18. Pretty much.
  19. Great! Just did so (:
  20. is anyone there?
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