X-Men or No X-Men?

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Pick your Mutant Allegiance

  1. X-Men to raise Mutants

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  2. Everyone should be free to do their own thing

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  3. Mutants should be under strict guidelines

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  4. Only Mutants who take up crime fighting should be under strict guidelines

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  5. Other

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  1. So with the Iron Man VS Captain America debate currently going on I thought I should ask the same question, but under a different light/universe.

    Let's imagine a lot of mutants are not professional super heroes, but rather your everyday person. They have the same level of powers at the MCU heroes, would the same need for regulation be needed? If so, is it outright regulation needed like discussed in Civil War? Or would something like an X-Men Academy do?
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  2. If I was a mutant, I'd just want to be left to do my own thing really. I'd be like... the Mrs. Weasley of mutants anyway. Use my powers to make chores easier :P
  3. Well, really... They're born mutants, unlike a lot of the superheroes of the other universe. So regulating every mutant is unrealistic, especially since some are so minor. I imagine it would come down to a power-class issue. Those who rank X-value or higher would need to register and be required to train their powers to limit their destructiveness. Ie) look at Rogue who accidentally was killing people.

    Its like people who buy weapons or receive training in various transportation or fighting. If you have the power to easily kill people or damage property, it should be a thing to be registered and held accountable. No, I wouldn't say they have to be crimefighting whats-its, though the idea of a draft during times of need, training, etc for the higher power-class levels would make sense.
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  4. Oh- now this is an interesting question. Haha.

    It would be ridiculous to regulate mutants though considering they hide and keep their powers secret. To even proceed with this idea you would have to know who are and aren't mutants first.
    (And correct me if I'm wrong, but even in the Civil War comics, they focused on superheroes and left the mutants alone.)

    Even if they had "the same levels of power" as the MCU heroes (and by this I assume you mean their average power level, which really isn't that big) I think it wouldn't make a difference. I honestly can't differentiate MCU heroes from other mutants, in terms of power level.

    I think they're doing fine as it is in the comics though: have mutants be trained and helped by fellow mutants, like the Xavier's Institute.

    Mutants are in the best hands when they're in the hands of mutants themselves, in my opinion.
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  5. Unless a mutant is known and/ or has been a practicing super hero, it's impossible to know who's a mutant most of the time, except with the aid of Cerebro.

    Also keep in mind the whole concept of the X-Men was created as an allegory for gay rights with the whole idea of people being feared, hated, and discriminated against for being different from what's considered normal, but so many people are but hide it to avoid being hurt or discriminated against.
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  6. We don't have to worry about the LBGTHAWD community shooting lasers out of there eyes or wiping out civilization cause they had a rough break up. Never thought of it that way though, makes sense.

    My take on it is you wouldn't let someone with Hot Zone style ebola roam free without supervision. Nor would you let someone who can cause massive damage in a completely spontaneous fashion with zero warning be free to do so.

    Honestly for the sake of the society they live in, they should be monitored and categorized. Least dangerous to themselves and the public to most.

    Is that too cold?
  7. Something like Xavier's School For Higher Learning would be perfect for mutants... it is a place for them, but not mandatory :)
  8. In this case we're assuming it's easy to determine via DNA test.
    And/or when such powers exist, DNA tests on birth and such may be mandatory just so there's a record to know about ahead of time.
  9. Fight the disease, meet the cure!

    I think the MCU and the fox universe is a bit different, because their are so many people with abilities, anyone can take that for advantage, unlike the avengers and co. who proved that they aren't dangerous.
  10. Many mutants manifest powers in their teens. Y'know. That time of your life you experience your emotions the strongest. Give teenagers knives and guns. Tape them to their bodies. See how that works out.

    There need be proper guidance, probably Charles Xavier's is the most humane, but it's hardly foolproof. Giving someone power of any kind also gives them the temptation to use it. Human nature does that. You don't want to derive someone of their basic freedoms, but even in the USA where it's legal to own a gun, I'm pretty sure you need some paperwork. The tricky part is... Well mutants have those metaphorical guns stuck to them with metaphorical ducttape.

    It's actually a really complicated. There's no real good answer to freedom vs. Safety. Especially on a large scale. Sacrifice must be made.
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