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  1. [​IMG]

    There's a place in the world called Xavier's Academy for Gifted Youngsters. It's in New York. But, it's not a Prep School like many think it to be. Xavier's Academy is home to hundreds of young mutants from all over North America and other continents as well. The place was once the childhood home to renowned Professor, Charles Xavier. He later turned it into a home and a haven for mutants, particularly the young ones. He's the Headmaster. But he's not the only adult there. Ororo Munroe was his intended successor. Then you have Doctor Jean Summers and her husband, Scott Summers. Then there was Logan. There were several others as well, some who were Professors, some were just tenants and X-Men, and some worked as Aides to the Professors or around the Academy. Among them were Katherine Pryde, Bobby Drake, Peter Rasputin, Warren Worthington III, Henry McCoy, Remy LeBeau, Lorna Dane, Anna Marie, Kurt Wagner, Laura Kinney, and a young Jubilation Lee.

    Now, you may be asking yourself "You mentioned some of them being X-Men...What the holy hell is that?"

    Well. The X-Men is a special ops team of mutants directed by Professor Xavier whose mission is to maintain the peace between mutants and humans while keeping them safe. No, they aren't the type of Superhero team to step in and stop a bank robbery. Unless maybe the criminal is mutant. They try their best to help humans see mutants in a different, better light.

    Then...you have their counterpart: The Brotherhood of Mutants.

    The group was originally nothing short of terrorists. They were mutants who wanted to do nothing more than spend their time subjugating humans to the will of mutants, attempting to forcibly awaken human X-Genes, or simply killing humans. They were formed by Erik Lensherr and soon grew over time in numbers. Among them now are Wanda Maximoff and her twin brother Pietro Maximoff - Also known as The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. They are both the children of Erik Lensherr, the half-siblings of Lorna Dane. Then there's John Allerdyce - They call him Pyro. He's a former student of the Xavier Academy and also Bobby's former best friend. You can't forget Callisto, James Madrox, Roger Quark, Cain Marko, Mystique, Frederick Dukes, Mortimer Toynbee, Jason Wyngarde, Angelo Unuscione, Lani Ubana, Telford Porter, and Peter Quinn. As time went on, the Brotherhood seemed to focus a lot more on political movements, attempting to take down and sometimes even succeeding in 'taking care of' anti-mutant figureheads. Their members are all mutants who are either victims of anti-mutant abuse suffered at the hands of humans or mutants who just don't like humans because they view mutants as better in every way. Peace is not an option to them. Humans must go by one way or another.

    The year is now 2012. And so much has changed.

    { ~~~Flashback~~~ }

    Professor Charles Xavier and his wife, Moira Xavier passed away in the year 2005. His funeral was one of the largest that the world had seen. Mutants and humans from all over came out of the woodwork to pay their respects to the man and his wife. It was no secret that he had touched so many lives. Even his brother Cain showed up - He didn't even have a temper that day. Erik Lensherr had shown up, of course. Only to pay respect to Charles - He never liked Moira and always thought that if it hadn't been for her, he and Charles would be on the same side of 'The War'. A statue was erected at the front in his honor and Ororo took over as Headmistress. Some of the X-Men and Professors left. Others remained. Jean had died back in 2000, the Phoenix dying along with her. Many had children. Most of them were attending college. A lot of them had just above average intelligence; They did have the benefit of being raised in a place of learning, after all. Ororo had a daughter that was now grown, having married her long time love, T'Challa - Among the others with children were Remy LeBeau who had a child as the result of one of his many one night stands gone... Well, right. Scott raised a child as well, trying his best to make up for Jean's absence in the child's life. Logan had two children. Lorna Dane married her long time crush, Alexander Summers and they had a child. Anna Marie and Bobby Drake got married and had a child - But they moved away from the Xavier Academy and left the country in an attempt to lead a normal life. Jubilation Lee and Peter Rasputin ended up having a child together a few years before getting married and they stuck around to raise their offspring. Kurt wanted a child...But he feared that the child would come out looking like his family - Demonic. He feared the worst for the child and remained single for some time. He had a son with Wanda Maximoff but never got to see him until the child ran away to live with him. Katherine Pryde and Warren Worthington ended up having a child. Even Doctor McCoy decided to leave behind a legacy before his death, having married his long time love, Mystique, helping her to raise her other child as well.

    The Brotherhood? Well - A lot of things happened there that lead to the events of now. Just like the X-Men, their members had children. As in accordance with their disposition, they only had children with mutant partners. So it was very rare for a human child to turn up. John Allerdyce's first child was a human - He remembered that Doctor Grey had once said that the X-Gene was most often awakened during times of intense emotion, stress, or trauma. He was a twisted young man who secretly tortured and abused his child in an attempt to awaken their X-Gene. Needless to say, he did. The child had the ability to inflict pain without touching anyone. But from the abuse, her mind was twisted. She killed her father and in her insanity, she committed suicide. Wanda also had a child. He ran away at a young age to live at the Xavier Academy with his cousin - who was the child of Pietro and Callisto - raised by his father. Erik was upset that not a single one of his grandchildren shared his vision, hoping that the group he founded would one day be under their control. Mystique had even left his side to be with Hank, taking their son with her after she told him that she was tired of living life fighting all the time. She saw that the mutant and human relations were steady and said she wouldn't live in the dark anymore. She truly did love Hank and she wanted to be with him. The blue beast had convinced her to be on the 'right' side if the war began anew. With the loss of his grandchildren, child, and love, Erik remained solitary for years. He spoke to no-one. Not his kids and not his dearest of friends. There was arguing that rose up within the Brotherhood and the group split in two. The two separate groups often clashed - One group lead by Angelo was determined to exterminate the humans. The other was lead by Wanda and Pietro. They were more or less for subjugating humans and enslaving them if they couldn't turn them into mutants. Over the years, stress and tension rose...Until it was almost too much. And then...

    It was three years ago when all of the children returned to Xavier's Academy - At least the ones who hadn't already been there. Some had finished college. Some had dropped out. Some didn't even go to college and just had their own agenda. But their parents were getting old and it was time for them to retire. It was time for the kids to take over. Everything was steady as far as the relations between humans and mutants. Until IT happened. A group calling themselves The Pure Ones had found where Erik was hiding out the rest of his days, having locked onto his location after spotting him at Charles' funeral only a few years prior. They had invested a good amount of time to deciding how he should be killed. Finally, they decided that he was old. In his eighties, nearly. He had given up on life and was as depressed as they came. He wouldn't put up a fight. Taking that risk...they approached. He did wrestle within himself, debating whether he'd fight back or not. By the time he decided he wasn't going to go out like a bitch, a specially made wooden bullet was already driven through his skull and several more followed, piercing his body numerous times.

    But that wasn't the end.

    In the dead of the night on August 26th, 2012, they mounted Erik and two other mutants onto giant wooden crosses and set them up outside the gates of Xavier's Academy with REPENT written in blood across their foreheads and bible verses across their torsos. Wanda saw it on the news and rushed with her brother to the scene of the crime with the intention of killing each and every human in sight, but was stopped and captured by the X-Men who took her beyond the gates and insisted that they act rationally. Wanda had all but lost her mind at that point and lost it even further to see her child smiling and hanging out with the students as though nothing was wrong. Her grip on reality was all but lost at that point. Wanda was an exceptionally powerful mutant who could even manipulate reality - And that's what she did. She created her own perfect world: Mutants ruled over humans and her family was whole. The X-Men were even close friends of her. Members of the Brotherhood now, even. But there was Logan and his daughter and son. They knew better. Thanks to Tarot's mutation, they were able to realize what was going on. They went to Wanda and begged of her to make the world right. After hours of an intense conversation, they got Wanda to see just what she was doing. To see the light. See what she was doing wasn't natural. She cursed her father for giving her such a state of mind and decided that the world would just be better off without mutants. But such a big warp right after another wasn't bound to go well. Everything seemed to go back to normal...Nobody remembered what had happened. Hell. They didn't even know it had happened.

    But there was something wrong.


    Mutants all across the globe had lost their mutations.

    They were humans now. Again, for some. Wanda died during the warp. Among those with lost mutations was Quicksilver, Polaris, Beast, Rogue, Iceman, Northstar, Dazzler, Storm, Toad. Many more. The world once held hundreds upon thousands of mutants. But now? There are only 501 mutants left. Recorded, anyways.

    It's now September 13th, 2012.

    So much has happened after mutants across the globe were depowered. Many humans rejoiced -Some (ex)mutants began searching for a way to regain their mutations while others took it as a blessing in disguise and have been integrating themselves into a normal human life. The remaining mutants? They were hunted. All across the globe, the hunt to find the rest of the mutants began. Religious extremists took 'The Great Purge' as a sign from God and sought to finish his work, joining The Pure Ones. Another group formed as well, calling themselves The Sapien League. They weren't religious fanatics, but simply humans who didn't want mutants around. As a result, mutants from all across the globe reacted in a few ways. Some immediately fled to Xavier's for shelter. Others went into hiding. Others...They did what Magneto would love of them to do; they fought back and took as many human lives as they could.

    Senator Robert Kelly of Massachusetts approached the U.S. Senate began to push for a bill: Mutant Affairs Control Act that would require mutants to disclose their identities and powers to the government, and work for the government while being labeled as Weapons of Mass Destruction among other things that clearly violated every bit of privacy that they had. It wasn't the first time he had tried for it - The first couple of times it had been rejected as unconstitutional. But now, with mutant attacks growing more vicious, he has high hopes that it will go through. Even if the bill was rejected again, he was secretly working on Project: Wideawake - A covert operation where mutant-hunting Sentinel robots were being created.

    Our story will begin barely two weeks after M-Day. All of the remaining mutants who aren't out terrorizing humans and doling out vigilante justice or hiding have arrived at Xavier's Academy and are beginning to settle in and somewhat relax...finally. But that moment of peace will not last for long.
    { ~~~x~~~ }

    This RP is intended for those who are able to make and bring a good story to an end, as such we expect each player to have a certain level of professionalism, present original and interesting characters, contribute to the story and not drop-out without even notifying.

    ✧The decisions taken throughout the story will influence and affect the world around our characters. Every major choice has a consequence and will count towards the different endings. This means that you cannot go about willy nilly, having your character harass, kill, maim, and generally being a dick to NPCs (or PCs) while expecting little to no IC consequence.

    ✧This RP is intended to be somewhere around 17+. As such romance, gore and tasteful adult situations are accepted. Blood, gore and violence is allowed at just about any levels as long as you don't exaggerate. Strong language is also allowed.

    ✧Stay civil on the OoC thread - All personal spats should be taken to PMs. I don't want a flame war starting. If someone is being a dick, report them to an Admin if things cannot be sorted out civilly.

    ✧No metagaming, mixing, auto-hitting, or godmoding. It's unattractive. If you want to autohit someone's character, ask permission first. Also, don't carry out battles (between Player Characters) through the IC like normal posts. Do a collaboration.

    ✧Keep IC posts detailed - At least try to maintain 2 paragraphs of detail with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Or as best as you can. Just don't get sloppy. No one liners! Also, make sure to read everyone's posts and reply in accordance to whatever may pertain to your character. DON'T SKIM!!

    ✧Again, be considerate of others when posting! Read everything carefully and pay attention to detail. Give everyone time to reply so we're all on the same page. It's not a race. Also, no unauthorized time skips!

    ✧Be active both In Character and Out of Character. I understand that you've got a life behind your screen to attend to and shit happens. But I seek active players. Don't apply to this RolePlay if you won't be able to keep committed to it. If you think that you might get 1/3 into the story and then lose interest, don't apply. If you're going to be gone for 4+ days, let someone know beforehand - I suggest that in the case of your extended absence, you should designate another player that you think would do well to play your character until your return. Or simply have your character take an IC leave of absence for... Something. If you suddenly lose interest, don't just dip out and leave your character here. Kill them off or send them away via IC. Or I will. >:L

    ✧I don't care if your character is an Omega-level mutant and the guy/girl that everyone wants to be around with enough talent to spare a third-world country. They better have something wrong with them inside that could tear them apart if they don't reign it in to even it out. That means that Lil Miss Mary-Sue and her husband, Gary-Stu, better have some internal issues. Besides - That makes for more drama.

    ✧When you reserve your character, please put the name of your favorite Marvel character and your favorite song in with it to prove you read the rules. No exceptions.

    ✧I am Goddess of this Roleplay as this Roleplay is my child. I am not a wrathful Goddess, but I do not take kindly to those who try to usurp my throne. Please, let’s keep everything civilized and just have fun.

    ✧You have 3 days to submit at least a Work In Progress CS and 1 week to submit full Character Sheets. I've given most of the basic information about the characters, so it really should not be that hard.

    ✧I intend this RolePlay to be as close to Marvel as possible. So, feel free to give your character a wide range of applications with their powers. I warn you now - If your character begins to get out of hand because of your inability to adapt them to the proper setting for the RolePlay to flourish, I hold the right to kill them off. As I stated before - I am Goddess of this RolePlay. I am kind and fair. But I will not allow the story to be wrecked by immaturity.

    ✧Have. Fun.

    { ~~~x~~~ }

    If I get enough interest, I will give a character list with the OOC thread!
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  2. I just want to let you know that bumping is considered spam and isn't allowed. A 'still open' would work! ^.^
  3. I will most definitely keep that in mind, kind sir!

  4. Hello, I am interested in this. I can't however get invested into two characters at once, I'm afraid...I can only play one at a time and do a decent job.

    Oh and, Storm is my favourite mutant. My favourite song..? Uhm...I don't really have one favourite song, I enjoy a lot of music.
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  5. I'm striking down the two-character rule because I do realize that a lot of people on iwaku are invested in a lot of other roleplays and might not be able to take on two in a single one.

    Glad that I finally got at least one person interested, haha.
  6. I have a character in mind, hopefully he will work out ^^. It is uncommon for me to play flashy characters but I am thinking about playing a character with an elemental ability.
  7. I aim to set myself apart from most GMs, particularly those overseeing Marvel-based roleplays, by placing an absurd amount of trust in my players when it comes to their power levels. I want everyone to go all out and make their characters as worthy of the Marvel Universe as they possibly can; Trauma, drama, and power are welcome. There are so very few Marvel characters that don't have some crazy and convoluted but extremely fascinating and amazing backstory to them. That's what makes it awesome. I just don't want any Supermans.
  8. I stray far away from the Superman spectrum xD. I usually make my characters focusing on one specific thing when it comes to power and has a distinct weakness in contrast.

    I like playing oriental characters and am thinking of playing a character that used to be part of an Egyptian "Coven" of mutants with similar ideas to the Brotherhood of Mutants. I am still working out the kinks but I'll see if it's plausible and workable.
  9. Hopefully we can garner at least five or six more writers, though I'll settle for four and make it a small group.
  10. I hope more people will come along now that the thread has some interest
  11. This interests me... I love the X-Men and am already slated to rp Emma Frost in another game.

    If I can... I might join in. But, I can't promise anything at this time.
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  12. I appreciate the interest shown. If we get the numbers, I surely hope to see you among them.
  13. I'll probably just go with the same mutation I usually use, I need to give it to a more fun character to play though...
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  14. Sorry, but the characters allowed are all exclusively mutant. The story itself revolves entirely around the relationship between homo sapiens and homo sapiens superior.

    In any case, I have never -- and never shall -- allowed non canon races of any kind in my Marvel roleplays. It's nothing personal, I just find it superfluous, given that Marvel has provided well over one hundred alien races, supernatural creatures, deities, and more outside of metahumans, mutants, and humans.
  15. Oh you replied to that quickly, I changed my mind and edited the post, thinking that you hadn't had time to read it XD

    Anyways! Dearly noted.
  16. Count me interested.
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  17. One or two more and I'll have an OOCOOC/Sign-Up thread up!
  18. Yay, interest!
  19. Screw it -- It'll be just us four. Hopefully our combined awesomeness will draw in more people x]

    I'll have a link to OOC soon!
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