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  1. A tall leggy blonde wearing black skin tight leather pants and a black leather bomber jacket stepped away from the black ninja shaking her braid out of her black helmet. Tucking the helmet under her arm she walked up to the steps of the place that was likely to be her next dead end. The email that she had gotten was vague enough "Answers lie here. C. Xavier" below that was this address to here. She and New York hadn't seen each other for about a decade. Her black steel toed boots crunched across the gravel as she approached the last few feet to the steps up to a solid wood door. As she reached out to lift the knocker the door was opened and a male of 5 foot 8 inches sandy blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He smiled and opened the door fully.

    "Oh hi. Sorry about that. I was just on my way out." He looked her up and down. "Nice...bike by the way. You'll be wanting the Professor who is in his study. You'll find your way...or be told where it is. Name's Bobby." He held out his hand and she took it.

    "Magdalena. Nice to meet you."

    "Ditto. See ya 'round." Bobby headed off with a salute leaving her in the doorway.

    Magdalena headed in closing the door and looked around at the front foyer. The room was decorated warmly with a geometric black and white floor runner on wood flooring. The bay window on the right let the mid-morning sunlight play across the stylish wood furniture and couches. The room had a high vaulted white ceiling and open archways that beckoned to the left and right. A staircase could bee seen through the archway on the left. The archway in front lead to a hall way that seemed to split left and right; or it seemed so from where she was standing.

    A woman with long white and skin the color of café au late turned the left corner and walked up to her. She was about the height of Magdalena slender and elegant looking. Her blue eyes striking with her complexion."Hello. I'm Ororo Munroe and this is Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. You must be Magdalena. Professor Xavier has been expecting you. If you would follow me I'd be happy to show you around."

    "That sounds excellent." Magdalena followed Ororo down the call and to the left.

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  2. Music blared in her ears through her headphones as Bluebell walked along the halls of the Institute. She has been here for quite some time that aimless wandering didn't worry her as much as it did before. She made a left towards the entrance way and stopped when she saw someone there. By the movement of her lips, she was talking to someone there as well. 'Probably someone new or something.' She thought as she stopped walking and watched her leave with Orono Munroe, also known as Storm. Bluebell liked the woman, she was very wise and always willing to help her students and fellow mutants. Though it was always wise not to piss of the woman who can literally bring a tornado into your room or shoot you with high voltage lightning.

    Continuing in her walk, Bluebell walked past other mutants of the Institute. Some of these people have known her since she came here and others are still getting acquainted with her. Spotting one of her favorite mutants, the sand user quickly sped her walking speed and stopped in front of the woman. "
    Hey there Rogue. How are things with you today?" She asked, pulling her ear buds put and pausing the CD player. She turned her covered eyes back to the woman and waited for her response.

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  3. Rogue smiled at Bluebell. "Jus fine, how you doin' shugar and whatcha in a hurry for?" Rogue had like Blue since she arrived a few months back. The girl was smart, resourceful and played well with others and she'd come to think of her as a friend. Hence the reason she wanted to keep her out of trouble.
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  4. Blue smiled at Rogue and placed her hand on her hip, placing more weight on one leg than the other. "I'm alright. Just wanted to see how things were with you." She replied, using her other hand to adjust her glasses. She really like Rogue, she was tough, fair and her accent was nice to the ears. "Saw Storm with someone not too long ago heading up to see Prof. Xavier." Blue also states.
  5. Rogue smirked and looked down the hall that Blue had been looking down. "Another new kid. I'm fine planning a way to take every frustration out on a certain Cajun we both know. That man don't know the meaning of the word no sometimes."
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  6. All Blue did was smirk and roll her eyes at the mention of Gambit. He was as swauve as he was dangerous. But he was also cocky and thought he could get away with most things. She always thought his accent was funny whenever she heard him talk. "He still giving you problems? Want me to put sand in his underwear and bed?" She offered, smiling wide at the other mutant.
  7. "Nah shug. I'll take care of it on my own." Rogue smiles and waves at a few other students as she and Blue move their conversation along.
  8. As Rogue and Blue talked, Ororo lead Magdalena towards Professor Xavier's office and knocked. Getting the okay to enter, she opened the door and stepped inside. "Professor, she has arrived" Ororo states, entering with Magdalena right behind her. Professor Xavier smiled at the two women who entered. "Greetings, Magdalena. We have been expecting your arrival for some time." The bald man greets in a welcoming tone. "Please have a seat. We have some things to discuss."
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  9. Magdalena moved around Ororo. "Thank you Miss Monroe." She smiled and sat in the seat directed by the Professor. "Hello Professor Xavier. Nice to meet you. Your school is lovely. What is it that you wish to discuss?" Magdalena looked around the room. She noted the deep green of the walls was not so dark as to be black, which made the light oak bookshelves stand out as well as the sand colored trim and crown molding. There were several biographies and autobiographies among the authors Einstein and Hawking as well as Roosevelt, one of her personal favorites.