X-Men: Finding the Legend

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  1. 'My name is Robert Neville. I am a survivor living in New York City. I am broadcasting on all AM frequencies. I will be at the South Street Seaport everyday at mid-day, when the sun is highest in the sky. If you are out there... if anyone is out there... I can provide food, I can provide shelter, I can provide security. If there's anybody out there... anybody... please. You are not alone.'

    Those are the words Robert Neville, a brilliant scientist, has said for three years now. Still, he blames mutants for this horrid virus; all because we have never been affected. The school still stands today, exactly the same as it was many, many years ago. Professor Xavier still runs it; but he's bound inside. he dares not venture out, the dark seekers will find him. He's working hard on finding a vaccine for the Krippen Virus, but he's receiving little to no results. There are many kids there...many members still. Some have fallen victim to the dark seekers; you see, they ran out of things to eat so they turned on everyone else who weren't infected. Even us mutants can't say that we have made it out without severe causalities; my best friend Marco fell victim two years ago. He snuck off in the middle of the night to get something to eat...he was so desperate. But they found him first; the dark seekers. There was nothing I could do...I didn't know. Damn it Marco, why did you have to go off and die, leaving me all alone in this world now? I've been trying to make it to that school. Perhaps I could be of more help there; it won't be long until I get there at this rate. I am for the most part safe from the dark seekers once I am in the air...but I dare not fly even at night. Traveling is scary, but you've got to start somewhere. I can't fly forever. I have two twin swords; perhaps that should ward them off for a little while if I get into another scrap. But it surprises me of how little other mutants I have run into in New York; ground zero. This is where it started; that horrible virus. It is like an advanced form of rabies, but worse; it went airborne. I watched so many people turn into those...those things. Beasts; terrible blood thirsty beasts. Even a little girl. One thing is for sure; life after the cure is going to be hell.

    Daylight peeked into the house that Argon was hiding in. He had found a place safe enough from the dark seekers; they scared the hell out of him. But he never hated them; how could he? it wasn't as if it was their choice to become what they were. But one thing was for certain; if a cure was not found soon, then this world would turn black forever. Humans would be wiped out (either the KV virus would eventually kill them, or they would kill every survivor left on this planet). Animals were harder to come by, but here in New York, the zoos seemed to have escaped the virus. In fact, there was a few prides of lions roaming the cities now, along with other wild beasts. another thing to worry about. And what was worse is when something like a tiger got infected; those were awful to handle.

    Argon's first task was to find some food. he was starving; he hadn't eaten in quite sometime, and he planned on flying all the way to Westchester County today. It wouldn't be very long but he'd have liked to have some food before the journey. And there was no promise if they'd accept him or not, but he knew he had to try. He didn't know why, but he always felt as if he needed to protect someone or something. Once Marco died, he was alone. Nobody to protect but himself, which made him a very lonesome soul indeed. Stretching his wings out, he felt that he'd had a great night's sleep. He knew better than to go into dark buildings; they held dark seekers. A chill went up his spine as he remembered that infected dogs could come out at dusk. 'I'll have to be very careful,' he thought to himself. He had a very soothing voice to him, even when he wasn't singing. Unlike most mutants, Argon didn't carry an alias; he never saw the point in it. He liked his name the way it was. And there already was an 'angel', and an 'Archangel' (even if he was the same person really). Besides, he didn't want more attention given to him. He already had enough of people staring at him as he walked down the streets when civilization was still orderly and not infected with KV, and he got teased by other mutants that his name gave him the right to the name Angel more than Warren. His last name was St. Peter. Marco often wondered why Argon didn't change his name a long time ago; Argon always told him that he shouldn't have to. It was his father's name and his father had been a great man.
  2. Reesha dashed down one of the abandoned streets in New York City while she was in her snow leopard form and she took panting breathes, her otherwise white fur with black spots was now covered in blood and she had some tears running down her fur. She ran with a slight limp and on her right front paw she had a rather deep wound. After she had been running, she quickly turned and skid to a halt and she looked around, she made sure not to put too much weight on her right paw and her chest was heaving quickly up and down as her eyes scanned the streets. "Damn it! With this wound I can't fly in my eagle form..." She thought to herself and she leaned back her ears as a small hiss escaped her maws. When she noticed that she wasn't being followed anymore, she carefully walked into an alley and turned into her human form before she sat down on the ground and she held her hand over her right hand which had the deep wound. She looked around a bit where she was sitting before she lowered her gaze and she untied her bandana and then tied it around the wound on her hand to stop the bleeding. She lowered her gaze and a heavy sigh escaped her lips, she had returned home in hope to warn her family about the virus but by the time she got there, it had already been too late. Even if her family had shunned her for all her life and even disowned her, she still wanted them to survive. She had lived in the woods since she nine years old and had come back now in hope to save her family, even if it had been three years since the virus spread, she had hoped in her heart that they would've made it without getting infected, but she was wrong. Reesha rubbed her eyes with her left arm to wipe away the tears and she looked down at her body which was covered in blood and she then looked into the darker part of the alley, even in her normal form, her pupils had a feline shape to them and they now scanned around to see if there was any danger about and if she would have to run soon again. She leaned back against the wall of an almost fully collapsed building and she shut her eyes as she took panting breathes as a few tears ran down her cheeks.
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  3. Hard breathing and the sound of feet pounding against the ground " COME ON! " shouted a voice, that sounded like it was bouncing off the alleyway walls. " COME ON! GET UP! AND RU- AAAHAHG " His eye shot open and he was able to come into fruition to see his best friend, being taken in by a large horde. His mind blanking and the fear coursing through his blood made him feel like running but his legs felt like jello. His friend was crying he could see the tears, and he could see the pain which they were putting on him. Something, something from deep down inside him forced its way out in a scream. The creatures looked up and were blasted away, as his friend laid there bleeding and groaning. Alex slowly got up off the floor holding his sides, and kneeled to his friend who was gasping for life. Closing his eyes he pulled a knife from his pocket and flicked it open, He put the knife to his friends head and pushed through it. Ending his pain, Alex stood up slowly and turned around and took off in a full on sprint. He skidded out of the alleyway and began to run down the street, he could see the sun which mean he made it all he had to do was stay in the sunlight and he would be safe. Running faster and faster he watched the shadows and as he did one of them barged out trying to tackle him. But Alex shout readily at the ground causing the sound waves to lift him off the ground and send him rocketing up into the air, he had went so high that coming down he shouted again on top of a building to slow himself down. He hit the top of the building and groaned in pain " This world....i can't...take it anymore...ive lost everything meaningful now...i dont even know if my family made it out alive..." He heard some weird static noise and looked up to see a radio on a table, he stared at it for a few moments before walking over to it and fiddling with it trying to make it shut up.
  4. Masquerade watched the city from the rooftop he stood on. He didn't find it peaceful nor did he find it irritating he found it completely boring. He didn't care what the Virus had done he just watched. He felt like that was all he could do know Watch. Perhaps that was his design to watch over things and make sure that they happened. He didn't know nor did he care it was time to go wrestle something, anything he was starving. Of course he knew that the desire to eat was all his own and that without his own thoughts he wouldn't be hungry. He could live forever and never touch food or water. It was a strange thing his body did making its own H2o and things but it just did. Really the whole point in him eating anymore was for entertainment. He had to keep himself entertained or he'd go completely mad, well if he wasn't mad already.
    "So what are we doing today?" He asked himself in a rather normal smooth voice as he looked down on the city.
    "How about finally ending it all? I mean come on I really, really want this to end." It was still him but this time the voice more shrill and annoying as if he was trying to annoy himself. He sat there thinking and thinking about it. Then he stepped onto the ledge.
    "Well no problem in trying right?" He looked down nearly ten stories between him and the concrete, or what's left of the concrete, sidewalk. He took one step off and quickly began falling and gaining speed until, smack.
    "Ouch." The voice scratchy, and harsh as he felt all the bones, flesh, and muscle beginning to knit itself back together. He finally stood up once he was complete.
    "Well that failed." His more shrill voice said followed back a quick masochist style laugh followed which was abruptly ended by his other voice kicking in.
    "Well it was at least worth the try. Glad am I happy to have you around." His mask made a smile he could tell because he wanted it to.
    "Thanks buddy ol' pal." Two different laughs came from the same throat the first belonging to the original voice and the other was shrill. Masquerade had learned he could do that after this whole KV thing went airborne. He also learned to speak with both voices at the same time making his day more interesting if he decided to argue about what he would do.
  5. "Westchester County..." Serena sighed, reading the welcome sign before taking a step past it. "I wonder if I'll find you here Alex..." She pulled her backpack higher up on her right shoulder, frowning against the uncomfortable feeling of the cans pressing against her back in different places. She ran a hand through her somewhat greasy hair and walked into the county. Her fingers got stuck in tangles. Hairbrush and ponytails were lost a few weeks ago. She'd given up a lot of things just to travel lighter. To see if one day, she might find Alex. Though her skin is still flawless because her powers never leave scars, the ones that cause the most damage are mental. To go on roaming and wandering, fighting and hoping has taken its toll on her and she's afraid she might give up. The worst thing is the unknown. What if he shows up one day, dead pale and ferocious enough to attack her like the KV's do every night? Would it be better than the endless roaming? Her combat boots are getting pretty scuffed up and if she keeps simply walking forever, they won't be very useful anymore. If he showed up and she couldn't fight him off or heal him, that would be it. There would be no more purpose left to live for. Her mission would come to a dead end and then her wandering would become interminable and pointless.
    Serena sighed. She's letting herself get low again. She has to keep her hope alive if she's going to find him. So she started singing as she walked. The song had no lyrics, but the tune sounded vaguely like 'You are my sunshine'. When Serena reached an alleyway, she found a suitable trash can lid and carried it with her for protection against the KV's which would be coming out after the sun started to set. Of course that wasn't for a long while, but she still had to watch out for the wild cats and rabid dogs.
    Serena's stomach growled as she was humming and so, with nothing else to do, she sat down in the middle of the road and unzipped her bag to pull out the last can of chef boyardee. The rest of the cans were full of vegetables..
    Still singing, her voice could be carried quite well through the silent stillness. Sometimes she liked to pretend she was the queen of an isolated kingdom. The world is hers to rule...but she isn't exactly taking care of her subjects very well is she? Before opening her can of breakfast, she stared at the picture on the front, humming the same tune and letting her mind venture back through the past. It was so much easier back when Alex and Serena were kids. When the worst of their worries were who got to eat the last can of Chef Boyardee..
  6. A young man sat on the ledge of an antiquated apartment building rooftop at New York city. His dirty blond hair fluttered with the wind. As strands of hair fluttered, they shook off the teardrops that would fall upon them. "Mom, Martina, Serafin..." he whispered. If it wasn't his stepfather Serafin giving his mother hell, it was something else. This time, it was the KV virus. The virus had possessed Martin's mother's dead body, and when he returned to his family to check on them, the only images he could ever remember was the image of his stepfather holding a baseball bat and trying to bash away his undead wife and protecting little Martina.

    His efforts were futile, as his mother managed to bite him along the artery on the neck. Her stepfather threw himself in front of Martina, who was only 8. All Martin could see was his mother eating Serafin's throat and then looking up to his sister and pouncing on her. Martin only stood motionless at the doorway, transfixed on the scene.

    Guilt more so than fear wracked Martin's mind and burdened his distressed heart. All he knew was cowardice, and that cost him his mother's, his younger sister's and his stepfather's life. Though he hated his stepfather, he was still proud of him protecting his younger sister--something Martin never did when he had the chance.

    Martin stood on the rooftop ledge and pulled out his large, royal blue umbrella. It wasn't raining, though it was cloudy. But wind often pushed through the metropolis. Opening it fully, he took a quick hop, letting the wind carry him to the bay, almost like a dandelion seed in the breeze.