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  1. The date was May 15th, 1972

    Reports from numerous doctors and hospitals around the world started to pour into health organizations about strange and new mutations occurring in young men and women. The symptoms were varied and all brought fear to those who knew but didn't understand. In an emergency meeting held deep within the secret coves of Washington DC. President Richard Nixon met with top members in the CIA, FBI, Health Organizations, and other top experts to discuss the matters. What followed was a long, intense discussion over what to do with what was now being referred to as 'the X-gene'. Finally top genetics scientist Dr. Charles Xavier, alongside Dr. Hank McCoy. Came up with a solution, the world might be prepared to except such people with powers, but the possibility of it was realistically slim to not at all possible. Thus using a new program known as Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division, shortened into the acronym S.H.I.E.L.D. A program could be established which would essentially work behind the scenes and away from the public. Helping control those with these powers while keeping them out of the public's attention or knowledge.

    While just about all in attendance liked the idea, one man very much opposed the plan. Erik Lehnsherr, a man who at a very young age survived the holocaust and at this point a close associate of Xavier's. Felt that mutants shouldn't have to hide themselves from the public just because of something that wasn't their fault. If anything, mutants should be embraced, revered. His strong opinions and an already tense atmosphere lead to issues and after an incident that is closely classified. Erik Lehnsherr has gone missing and not seen since.

    When the program began, known simply as “Project X-Men”. The first five people brought in were Scott Summers, Jeanne Gray, Bobby Drake, Warren Worthington III, and Dr. Hank McCoy as an advisor and head of the science and research department. Slowly as time passed the organization grew and blossomed. What once was a single group of a few trained agents has become a world wide network of organizations around the world each holding the same task of helping fellow mutants while ensuring secrecy from the public. The original four agents have all since retired from active work and now either handle administrative work in the organization's HQ, head up training divisions, or have retired peacefully.

    As 2015 begins, Project: X-Men starts a new chapter as young agents finish their training in hand-to-hand combat, power control, firearm usage, automotive driving, and other courses. They will begin handling assignments in areas around North and South America. However, Project: X-Men's one naysayer from so long ago is planning to return, and he's bringing madness and anarchy with him.


    1. NO OCS ACCEPTED, only canon Marvel/X-Men characters (see rule 3) are accepted

    2. Obey myself and Auntie Phaz's rulings and decisions.

    3. While the character has to be canon, you are free to modify them however you please. Rule 63 is allowed, most importantly though keep powers and codename the same. Otherwise feel free to get creative. Keep in mind though, they are going to be secret agents, if they can't in any way blend into a crowd... they're probably not going to work.

    4. While this RP is X-Men focused, you are allowed to bring in characters from the Marvel universe that can fit with the others. Want to bring in a member of the Fantastic Four? Go for it! Think one of the young avengers or grown up Avengers could give it a go? Sure! Think Spider Man would like to be a secret agent? Hell yeah! The only real rule is their power must be mutational based, so a hero like Iron Man would not work at all as is. If you have any questions about that don't be afraid to ask me or Auntie Phaz.

    5. If you want to play an X-Men who is already established in the storyline such as Cyclops or Iceman. You can but either just make them a different person who has the same powers for whatever reason, or the son/daughter of whatever character. If you do the later though do not combine powers or change them around, as I consider that just making an OC.

    6. The big thing about this RP is that the characters will have specialty suits with special functions, but generally speaking, they will wear normal clothes and special gear that will help them blend in with the normal world when out on missions. So if your character may require such a thing. We can certainly come up with a technological way they can, some artificial appearance modifier or something of the sort.

    7. Try to get at least two paragraphs in each post, and post at a reasonable rate. Nothing too crazy, but don't just vanish for whatever reason either please.

    8. When you make your profile, don't just copy and paste something from wikipedia or a place like it. It just tells me you don't really care that much about the character and I'm not cool with that. If you're going to use it as a reference for their powers that's one thing. But use your own words for descriptions.

    Agents roster:

    Banshee (Auntie Phaz)
    Quicksilver (Drewvonawesome)

    Character sheet:

    Full name:
    Special skills:
    Additional notes:
  2. Full name: Pietro Maximoff
    Codename: Quicksilver
    Age: 22
    From: London, England
    Mutations: Able to run at speeds close to the speed of sound (770 mph). Has frictional and wind resistance when doing so.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Special skills: Was trained specifically in jeet kune do for maximum efficiency with high speed attacks. Has more than natural ability in theft and training in breaking security systems.
    Background: A foster child since birth, Pietro has always had problems with authority figures. He was constantly caught stealing or causing some other level of mischief. Once his powers manifested however Pietro was on the verge of planning much bigger heists and other crimes to gain enough personal wealth to live well.
    This all changed however when he was met with an older man. He claimed he was Pietro's natural father and awaited this moment in the young man's life. The experience for Pietro was all at once confusing and infuriating, but he played along wanting to find out if the old man was speaking the truth. He was brought to an underground bunker in the Midwest US filled with other mutants. Where the old man spoke of their time coming and other cult like things. Pietro was unamused and convinced that if this man WAS his father, that he was better off without him. After making a quick escape he was found by members of the Project. Leaving behind his minor criminal ways was a bit difficult for Pietro, but it became easier as he started to exceed in training and even enjoy himself. All in all this was partially finding his cause in life, and partly rebelling against daddy.
    Additional notes: Owns a small one bedroom apartment and a 2014 Hyundai Veloster. Though he likes the car and will use it, he must prefers running. Much MUCH quicker and always more fun to him.
  3. Full name: Sean Cassidy
    Codename: Banshee
    Age: 43
    From: Ireland

    Mutations: "Sonic scream" capable of producing deafening noise levels as well as powerful vibrations. Also grants him the ability to fly.

    As a subskill he can use his voice like sonar allowing him to see objects over long distances in the dark or under water.


    Special skills: Knowledgeable in the use of firearms and a capable hand-to-hand combatant. Possesses excellent deductive and investigative skills.

    Background: Born the heir to the Irish castle known as Cassidy Keep, Sean Cassidy grew up alongside his cousin Tom. Both boys eventually discovered their mutant powers, but while Sean felt it was best to keep them a secret, Tom believed they should use them for personal gain. Their differences eventually drove them apart, with Tom falling into a life of crime. Sean, however, pursued a different path, going on to become a police officer and later joining Interpol. After losing his wife and daughter in an IRA bombing, he left for the United States where he became involved with the inaugural class of S.H.I.E.L.D agents. Sean later joined the fledgling organization himself and became a distinguished agent in his own right, even spearheading the effort to capture his own cousin and bring him into custody..

    In recent years Cassidy has largely withdrawn from field work, taking on a role as an instructor and mentor to the newest crop of mutant operatives. He frequently visits Tom's cell, but doesn't discuss what they talk about with anyone else in the organization.
  4. Debating on a second character myself, Colossus, Juggernaut, Blob, or rule 63'd Rogue...
  5. Are you guys still accepting? There hasn't been anything new in this thread for a while, so I'm wondering if it's died out before it even started.
  6. Yea, if you guys are still accepting I got ideas for warpath and/or richter
  7. I figured it had, but I suppose it can be brought back to life.
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