X-men based rp?

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  1. I was wondering if anyone would want to do an x-men based rp?
    OCs and cannon characters are welcomed.
    OCs that are cannon character's children are welcomed too. (ex. Rouge and Iceman's child)
    If anyone joins I shall produce more details.
  2. Im down to do this if youll have me
  3. yay! I was waiting for some one to reply to this. Do you care if it is 1x1?
  4. Not at all but im js i dont type much
  5. Does that matter tho lol
  6. lol ok well I say is should be 1X1. I like them better.
  7. I agree lol if youll gimme your description of ur character ill get an idea for mine
  8. hmm...well give me a few to come up with a character for this. I have to dig through my character profiles on my comp.
  9. Kk ill gather some ideas of plot
  10. Ok. Sounds good to me.
  11. Well I decided to create a character from scratch. As of right now all I can tell you is that the character is male and they will have metal manipulation powers. I'll give you more details when I come up with them.
  12. Ok cool with me my character turns into any animal he can think of even mythical ones jw do u plan on having romance in this cuz im all for m/m
  13. lol I'm probably going to come up with a female character too.
  14. Lol kk would u like me to create more than one character?
  15. lol if you want to you can.
  16. Nah im lazy lol
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  17. lol Ok. Well I was thinking that the female is able to create and control fire. I shall come up with more details on her too.
  18. If this isn't a One V One I'm in :D
  19. It was but since you want to join, it will no longer be a 1X1 lol xD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.