INTEREST CHECK X-men/ Avengers/ Mutant rp?

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  1. Well, I guess the title says it all. xD I was wondering, if someone(S) would like to do a x-men rp, if not how about an avengers or maybe just a plain old mutant rp?
    With the Avengers/ X-men rp, you can use cannon characters, but me how ever am going to use my own characters.
    If anyone replies to this I will dish out my ideas xD
  2. I'd do an Avengers and or X-men roleplay though I'm more familiar with The Avengers and you could always have all the characters from both the Avengers and X-men all in one place.
  3. Hmm...that may possibly work, but I do wan't to combine canon characters with my/ your own characters as well
  4. Well I actually would't mind that. Just whatever you want is fine. Or if more people are interested than discuss it with them​
  5. Well I don't care either way, you think we should wait for others?
  6. ok, sounds good to me :D
  7. Awesome. Let the waiting game commence. Lol.
  8. lol yep. But sometimes that can take for ever xD
  9. I know I'm doing like 2 other RPs with you Anti, but is it ok if I join? I have a superhero that I've created, with help from a friend, a while ago. She's already got a bio and everything!
  10. Sure you can join. And I don't have a problem with that, the more the merrier! xD
  11. Awesomeness! Another player! Lol When do we get to do character sheets? Also what role play are we doing? When doing Avengers I usually include the characters from Thor.
  12. I was hoping maybe one more person, if that doesn't happen then it's us three. xD and of course! We can't forget the likes of Loki or Thor! It wouldn't be the same with out them xD Loki is on of my favorite baddies from the marvel universe.
  13. I'm such a Loki fangirl! If you need someone to play Loki I volunteer!
  14. Lol I usually play as Jane Foster or Steve Rogers
  15. We could also do an Avengers RP with Wolverine. In the comics he was on the Avengers team for a while.
  16. Ok Steve rogers would be good xD I'm a Loki and Wolverine fangirl! I know a lot about wolvie, so I would want to play him naturally xD
  17. So can I play Loki? I'm good at the brooding characters.
  18. MischiefMonster, do you wanna play Loki, cuz you have Loki's picture ;-)
  19. if mischiefmonster doesn't want to play Loki, then you can go right a head xD
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