X-Men 1x1 Wolverine x OC roleplay

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  1. I'm looking for sombody to be Logan in my X-Men roleplay, first come first serve and if sombody already got the part don't comment.

    Name: Mona Dakota Jones

    Age: 25
    April 29,1989

    Birthplace: Los Angela

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Species: Sorceress


    Occupation: N/A

    Education: She was homeschooled

    Religiously view: "I don't believe there is an old man sat on a cloud watching us."

    Political view: "They can take their 'help to the economy' and shove it!"

    Family: George Jones -Deceased - father

    Emily Jones - Deceased - mother

    Zak Jones - Deceased - older brother

    Mia Jones - Deceased - younger sister

    Favourite color: Sky blue

    Favourite food: Cherry pie

    Favourite Movie: Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Favourite Book: Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets

    Favourite Quote: N/A

    Favourite Song: "Miss Jackson - Panic! At The Disco"

    Theme song: "Monster - Skillet"

    Height: 5,3"

    Weight: 100lbs

    Hair color: Chestnut Brown

    Eye color: Pale Blue

    Scars: her arms are littered in them from self harming. She also has a heart on her thigh.

    Tattoos: A Yin-Yang symbol on her lower back.

    Abilities: Mina was born a sorceress and grew up learning how to use strong magic, being taut by her mother who came from a long line of strong sorceresses. She's very skilled with magic and both hand-to-hand and weapon combat, she's also incredibly strong and flexible having trained after the death if her family to be at her best.

    Physical Description:
    Mona is skinny, but not a healthy skinny as she starved herself while in her teenage years and is still under weight. She has wavy chestnut brown hair that reached her lower back and pail skin, her pale blue eyes can give a stare that would have a lion cowering in fear and despite her weight problem she keeps herself fit. Her self harm scars start at her wrist and end at her shoulder on both arms.

    Personality: Mona is cold hearted and doesn't show her emotions easily, she's honest and if she doesn't like you, then you know about it, if she really doesn't like you, avoid her at all costs. She's loyal to her friend Taylor and is protective of those she cares for. If you get to know her well then you'll find out she's funny and sarcastic as well as witty and calm in bad situations.

    Strengths: Mona's skill with magic is beyond compare, she's incredibly powerful and isn't afraid to unleash her power on anybody who hurts those she cares for. She also has a determination to match Logan's and gets the job done.

    Weaknesses: Her loyalty can be her biggest weakness because if somebody she cares for is put in danger she rushes to help without thinking, sometimes leading to her ass getting handed to her on a silver plate.

    Likes: being alone and blasting music through her ears, give her some music, her spell book, a good supply of Pepsi and a quite room and she's good.

    Dislikes: Mona dislikes a lot of things, she hates people with egos bigger then the moon and enjoys taking them down with a snark comment, she also hates drinking, tried it once and didn't like it.

    Aspirations: After dying three times and coming back she lost any need for a goal, she doesn't see a point in trying to achieve something when she could die the next day anyway.

    Fears: Mona is afraid of losing those she loves again, she doesn't want to relive the pain she felt when her family where killed. She also has a strong fear of the dark, she died once and remembers the darkness that surrounded her as the cold hand of death wrapping around her before she found herself bursting out of her grave in the middle of nowhere. Since then she's been terrified of the dark.



    Mona's heart pounded in her chest as she pushed people to the side, ignoring the angry shouts she got in return, she had to keep running. Her blood rushed in her ears as she turned a sharp corner and glanced over her shoulder and the two men chasing her.

    One was tall and lanky and was catching up to her, he had brown hair and grey eyes and was wearing a black top and jeans, his nose was large and his ears were too and the second Mona glanced at him a large grin stretched across his face.

    The other was built, with blonde hair and neon green eyes, he was musclier and was wearing the same as his partner. That wasn't what worried her, what worried her was that they were both sorcerers, and not very happy ones at that.

    She dodged a ball of fire that was hurled at her as people around her started screaming about Mutants.

    'Typical' Mona thought as she neared some metal gating, the stairs down into town centre weren't to far but it would be quicker to jump over the fencing, so that's what she did.

    Mona chucked her body over the gating and started falling down towards town centre.
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