X Factor Romance

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  1. Harry Styles was so shocked when he was asked to be a judge on the X Facotr and gladly accepted it, he knew the guys would help him with this and also he knew what each and every step was like during the X Factor as he had been through it with singing on his own to being in a really successful band that he now loved

    Harry got to the auditions and was taken in and signed some autographs and took photos with the people outside, before he went inside and had a drink and got on different clothes and then made his way with the other three judges to the pannel and he sat down in a chair and smiled as he looked up onto the stage

    So far it was going really bad and not many good people had come on and he will admit, he was getting bored on keep hearing people who thought they could sing when they clearly couldn't and just wanted someone amazing to come on the stage and sing their heart out
  2. Briar Rose was waiting outside nervously with the other thousands of auditionees. She was nervous and excited at the same time about auditioning, she was only 16 and this was a big moment for her also one of her favourite artists in on the judging panel Harry styles major excitement there.

    Her name was called and she walked out onto the stage and stood in the middle smiling and not wanting to show off her nerves. She was a shy person so she waited for them to speak first.
  3. Harry looked up when a girl came onto the stage and he thought she was a beautiful girl and he really hoped she was amazing and that she would make him not so bored anymore. Harry smiled and could see she was shy

    "Hey beautiful, what's your name?" he asked with a smile and flirting a bit, just like the flirter he was really and he had a smile on his face as he looked at her on the stage
  4. She smiled as he called her beautiful and she smiled and said,"Hello Harry, I'm Briar Rose and I'm from London."

    Her nerves were now building up widely and she just kept smiling and she relaised she formed a bit of blush on her cheeks.
  5. Harry smiled back at her and nodded "Well it's nice to meet you Briar Rose, what will you be singing for us?" he asked with a smile and saw her blush and he gave her a bigger smile and winked at her
  6. She smiled widely and replied," the story of us by Taylor swift,"she saw him wink at her and she smiled more.
  7. Harry smiled and nodded "Well the best of luck and i hope it goes well for you" he said smiling and sat back in his seat and was just hoping she would be good
  8. She smiled and started singing," I think one day will tell the story of us how we met and the sparks flew instantly and people would say their the lucky ones,"and she finished and smiled.
  9. Harry smiled and his mouth dropped when she started to sing, she was amazing and he looked at the other judges and saw he wasn't the only one who thought that and he smiled at her when she finished and he stood up and clapped
  10. She smiled when everyone clapped and she smiled even more when Harry stood up.
  11. Harry smiled at her as he clapped and finally sat down "Well you're amazing at singing, i want you in so, i'm going to say yes as well because in my eyes you are by far the winner"
  12. "Thank you,"she said quietly, as she said before she was quite shy and hoped the rest of the judges agree.
  13. Harry smiled at her and looked at the others as they agreed with him and said yes and Harry looked at her "Looks like someone is going bootcamp" he said smiling
  14. She smiled and said,"Thank you judges, Harry,"and smiled at him and then she walked out the side way she came in and down to her family and she gave them a big hug, espically her mum who seemed extra proud.
  15. Harry smiled a wide grin "No problem beautiful" he said smiling a wide grin and was glad to finally be on a break as he was hungry and needed a drink and got up and went to the back and got his food
  16. (Should we timeskip to boot camp)
  17. [yeahh can do]
  18. Harry was excited to be at boot camp and couldn't wait to see the girl again, which he really wanted to get to know more but knew that could be wrong seeing as that would be cheating a bit and only liking one person on he show
  19. Briar Rose was so excited. One because it was bootcamp and two because she was going to see Harry again, she walked out when her name was called and was a bit nervous and she stood in the middle of the stage.