X-COM RP anyone?

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  1. As the title says seeing if anyone here is interested in an X-COM:Enemy Unknown/Enemy Within Roleplay. Here we can formulate a plot. also seeing bif any are interested in it.
  2. If you were to do an X-com role-play, how would it be organized?
  3. hmm... well i would have it split into non-combatant side of X-COM and roughly 2-4 squads for combatants. would include aliens and some for EXALT if your up for it. @Domotoro
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  4. May want to tone back some of the expectations for the people you'll have, as this doesn't seem to have a massive amount of interest. However, I'm definitely up for doing something in this.
  5. yeah...well at any rate sweet.
  6. Same here. I'd like to hop in if permitted. I also have an RP in the making that is inspired by XCOM. I'd love to make new friends.
  7. Yeah I'm in, but i would see it as a really good dice role-play just to throw my two bits in.
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