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  1. Release schedule:

    IT RELEASES IN 1 HOUR, 52 MINUTES. I will probably obsess over this game for the next week or two.

    So, you know.

    If any of you are going to play it, feel free to get all excited for it here.

    If you can't buy it but would like to continue the venerated tradition* of XCommies through the years, just let me know, and I'll feel free to add your name to the roster of people who are going to get horribly murdered with plasma save the Earth.

    *That venerated tradition being that you rename your red shirts to friends, family, and coworkers, people you care about, people you know... And then through your mistakes, get them all brutally killed.

    I swear to God Firaxis, if you fuck me with this preorder, I'm going to use Steam's sell-back feature and fuck you right back in the teeth.
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  3. Oh holy shit, oh holy fuck, it's finally time, I wish you luck.

    Nnngh, I'm strapped for cash as it is, and I had the prescience to buy a mac I can't get distracted by really good games on.

    I would gladly sign either "Osi Osi", "Shas Ui", or "Kali Sangre" to your responsible, reliable, and efficient care to die for your cause. My only request is that whoever you give me be a grenadier, and that the grenadier in question doesn't afraid of anything.
  4. Make me a redshirt!
  5. Your death will be glorious for the human race.

    1 hour, 12 minutes.
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  6. You underestimate my ability to bullshit my way to victory.

    I hereby solemnly swear, that if my self-insert were to die first [within reasonable efforts to keep him/her alive], to provide you with 1 (one) favor of whatever you wish.
  7. [​IMG]

    Me waiting for it to show up with a discount.
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  8. After some momentary issues involving permissions, XCOM 2 now works like a dream.


    These guys are awesome. I'll need to play around with it more, but as per the usual, there were launch errors. (Gettin' real sick of fixing your file permissions for you, 2K.)
  9. I'm gonna play the fuck out of this game.
  10. I watched a friend play last night and stayed up until four in the morning giving her tactical advice, holy fucking shitball basket-case Ethereal Jesus hallelujah, this game is amazing. I loved the
    Show Spoiler
    thing that happened that one time
    and the
    Show Spoiler
    dude that's in the suit that does the thing,
    and I had a bit of a stoner-freakout when
    Show Spoiler
    that weird chick did the spoopy ghost thing.

    And holy shit, the customization!

    And holy shit, the base mechanic!

    And holy shit, 27 fucking days in medbay after taking a single hit!
  11. Heard that all of the missions are timed?

    Can anyone confirm, deny, or clarify?

    I hate timed missions and one in every mission seems terrible for people that play slowly at first like me.
  12. LOTS of them are timed. Its rough. And if you fail a timed mission, its a TPK :(
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  13. Well that's shit..

    I'm all for timed missions every so often to give a sense of urgency but if they're often it just becomes a tedious "race for the end".


    Mods will fix it.
  14. Maybe! Who knows? =P Its tough for sure but that is the fun of it really.
  15. Alan (open)

    @Alan is one of the few (Him and Ky) to not die in my game. As of late he's been doing the most damage and taking the most names. Good work Pal.

    Yume II (open)


    Due to her first death, I could not let @Lovelessesbutterfly perish. She wears the "skull" face paint to show she's a zombie of her old self. However, that Zombie has risen the ranks and kept EVERYONE alive all this time. Good work Yums!

    Mahariel (open)


    @Mahariel is my other OG member. She stays in the back or on a rooftop and slays from a far. However, the last few missions she's been getting picked on, which hurt her ability to climb the ranks. She's the oldest member of my team, and certainly one of the most useful and potent. Great work~

    Turtle II (open)

    So, the story of @Time Turtle appearance is that the hair and glasses came on the Rookie, and they did so awesome, I assumed it was because they were Super Sayin. So, I turned Turtle into Goku, hoping that she would be the savior to my party. Also, it made since because Goku died and came back, as has Turtle. So, Turtle, your next name should be "Goku Turtle".

    Seiji II (open)


    So, @Seiji has a helmet because.. Well... He was getting wrecked, and now, his helmet has been good luck ever since. Seiji Snow, master of AOE.

    Dawn (open)


    @Dawn might stand out in color, but she's been doing so by slaying enemies! The aliens are attracted to her yellow color it seems, and its perfect since she has all that Defense!

    Insanity (open)

    @Touch of Insanity was recently picked up from a mission. So far she's gone the more tactical route rather than full medic route, and its been great!! She will transition to a Psi Op once I get access to it.

    RedVelvet (open)


    @Red Velvet has been an amazing sniper as well. She hasn't quite climbed the ranks yet, but she's proven her worth on many missions.

    Willows (open)


    @WhisperingWillows is my newest team member. I am sure she's going to wreck face and blow aliens up!

    Characters soon to come (open)
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  16. I HAVE XCOM 2 NOW.

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  17. Ah day 1 of playing this game and I've already lost so many people.

    The death count rises...
  18. Me too! Thanks, @Seiji

  19. Should I get this?

    Tax returns.

    Also 800 dollars on new PC parts.
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