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It seemed just like any other day. People were going to work, shopping, going to school, and just about everything else.

There was no warning.

The skies rained meteors. They killed millions, destroyed countless cities, annihilated humanity's very way of life. There was not one government that survived, once everyone began rioting. The air was filled with a thick blue mist, which killed even more people. Then the monsters appeared. Coming from seemingly nowhere, they began slaughtering those who could not fight back. And then, someone threw a fireball. The Mist had awakened powers within those it did not kill, and humanity began to fight back. The demons were being eradicated!

And then the dragons arrived. They referred to themselves as the Wyvern, and soon claimed territories. No matter what the humans hit them with, nothing seemed to faze them. And so, humanity was forced to live under the shadow of these dragons, living only because it was their whim.

This was five years ago.

Because of the Mist, humans now are capable of fighting with magic, rendering most technological weapons useless. Everyone's magic is unique, and, as such, you will rarely see two people with the exact same type of magic. Some can hurl fireballs, others can read minds, while others still can harness the Mist itself and use it as a weapon. Because of this, any type of magic is acceptable.

The story takes place in our era, so technology such as cars and similar things exist, but a lot of electrical devices don't work because of the Mist.

Any Weapons:
Name: Reik
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Magic: DragonSlayer Magic (Dark based)
Appearance: Messy black hair. He has gray colored eyes, and dresses in regular clothes. However, he wears a light overcoat which reaches down to his ankles. He always has one or two wounds, since he is quick to fight. He's fairly tall, just over average height.

Background: Reik was just like anyone else, trying to find a safe place to live. He traveled with his parents and little sister. While trying to escape, a dragon attacked the city, and killed dozens. Reik and his family tried to flee, but the dragon had gotten his parents and sister, killing the three of them instantly. In shock, he was rescued by his girlfriend, Allere, who happened to be going the same way. Once he snapped out of it, he became enraged, and finally unlocked his magic. Surrounded in a dark aura, the aura looked like the silhouette of a Wyvern, and he attacked the dragon. When he hit it, he realized that his magic was actually hurting it, and once he managed to kill it, his magic was self-proclaimed as "DragonSlayer" magic. He then decided that he'd kill every last dragon and be the new ruler of the world.

Personality: Reik is usually very rough and open, saying what he wants to say. When the meteors first appeared, he was known as a delinquent, because he beat other students up, but in reality, he only beat bullies up. However, he made whoever he saved bow to him, while giving them a scary grin. As such, he has now formed a small rebellion, under a banner, known as the DragonSlayers. He makes anyone and everyone who joins him call him "Captain", but no one ever knows if he means it, but do so nonetheless.
Any Weapons: None. His fists are his weapons.

Name: Allere
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Magic: DragonSlayer Magic (Lightning)
Appearance: Emerald green eyes and long golden hair. She keeps it somehow clean, despite the fact that the rest of her is usually covered in the dust that now covers the world. She also dresses normally, but wears knee-high black boots and fingerless gloves that reach to her elbows. She usually dresses in a black t-shirt and black jeans, and also wears a similar light coat that Reik wears over it all.

Background: Like Reik, she was running from the demons and monsters, when she finally found and saved Reik. After he killed the Wyvern, she became ill because of the Mist, and Reik thought she might die. When she finally recovered, she was able to use Lightning Magic, which was also able to harm Wyvern. She decided to label it as DragonSlayer magic as well. Her father had died years prior to the meteor event, and her mother was taken ill by the Mist and died.

Personality: Allere is quite dispassionate, rarely showing emotion. She cares for Reik, and only calls him by name in private, calling him Captain in public to set an example. She usually keeps Reik grounded, always reminding him of the difficulties of his goals and dreams, but supporting him the whole way. She's not mean to people, necessarily, but she has a sort of detached niceness about her.
Any Weapons: A Katana she practiced with. She is able to cover it with Lightning magic and attack with it.

Name: Kana (real name unknown, even to her. Reik named her)
Age: Unknown, but looks to be about 20
Gender: Female
Magic: Unknown. Reik has seen her use it once, but since then, he has forbidden her from fighting.
Appearance: Pale white hair and skin, her eyes are also a pure white, aside from the pupil and a black outline separating the iris from the rest of the eye. She dresses in purples and blacks, usually wearing whatever clothes she can wear. She dresses in normal clothes, though Reik found her in an elaborate dress.
Background: Unknown. Reik simply found her while traveling with Allere, and took care of her like a sister.
Personality: She is very shy, and usually keeps to herself. She trusts Reik and Allere with her whole being, but she feels as if something in the back of her head is telling her not to.
Any Weapons: None.
Name: Nhara Lissa
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Magic: Mist manipulation

Background: Nhara was quietly talking with her mother while her father slept when the meteors came down. Nhara was pushed from the trajectory by her mother. That was the last time that Nhara saw her family, they were buried beneath the wreckage of the small home. Nhara has since been living in old, abandoned cars and taking meals where she can find them.
Personality: Bitter and cynical, Nhara is bent on destroying the wyverns because she sees them as the murderers of her parents. She has the capacity for being kind and understanding, but that's only if something convinces her not to dismiss whatever it is quickly.
Any Weapons: Nhara carries around a long wooden staff, but it's less often used as a weapon and more often as a walking stick for her limp.
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Background:Garron was already homeless and living on the streets when the world was changed by catastrophe. He might not have survived if it hadn't been for the powers he gained from the mist, which allow him to generate freezing temperatures from his hands as well as form and manipulate ice. Strangely, his hair turned shock white at the same time he gained his powers, and he has been living on the run ever since, hiding when he can since his powers are not particularly effective against the fire-breathing Wyvern.

Personality: Having always been a loner,even before the world went to hell, Garron is not quick to trust anyone. He generally thinks of himself first and others second, if at all. Living under constant fear has made him fiercely independent and determined to survive. While he is not stupid or reckless, he hates backing down from a challenge, and he can't stand people who prey on weakness.

Any Weapons:He forms weapons from ice when necessary, usually in the form of claws or gloves around his hands.
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Name: Celia DuPont
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Magic: Healing (Voice/Instrument Based)

5-years ago just before the meteor shower and ultimate collapse of government around the world:


Background: Once the crown princess of the kingdom of a small country, she was beginning to have doubts about her ability to rule when she turned 18. She thought that her life was too closed-in and spoiled, being pampered and tutored privately in the liberal arts. However, this all changed when the great cataclysm that was the meteor shower brought an end to her privileged life. Her mother and father who were very wealthy, soon lost their power and a good bit of their fortune as well. Away at a boarding school in America, her parents in Europe died due to the wyvern attacks. As the former nations around the world collapsed, the young Celia eventually came to accept that she would have to do what she could to mend this shattered world of hers.

And that was when she found an injured person who was suffering from a series of cuts and wounds on his body. Wanting to comfort the man in his final hour, she began to sing him a lullaby to put him away gently, only to find that the man began to glow as well as herself, miraculously healing the man and saving him from death. Ever since then, she has been travelling this grand planet, trying to fulfill her goal. As time passed, people began to gain word of her miraculous healing abilities. Along with that time, she came to be able to heal with her beloved violin.
Personality: She tends to be introverted and shy unless she feels it is necessary to speak or act. She is very kind and mostly cares about other people. However, this is merely the side of herself that wants to atone for her fear of growing up and becoming a queen when she was a child.
Any Weapons:
-Her violin: when not able to use her voice, she can play her violin to heal people. A master-made violin, its sound is especially beautiful in such a bleak world.
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Name: Marcus
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Magic: Weather manipulation, air/water/lightning control.

Background: Marcus was a fighter pilot for the air force. After the meteors struck he was called into the air, to ensure air superiority. While in the air he flew into the mist. a lightning bolt struck his plane, which exploded. He fell over twenty thousand feet and hit the ground, and survived unscathed. now he travels, wandering from place to place. He does not know where he is going.
Personality: Marcus tries to be alone. He likes the quiet. marcus believes in justice, he protects the weak when he sees them. the events that took place before the mist traumatized him. he does not want to be close to others., because all of those he was friends with, and all of his family were killed in the meteor shower.
Any Weapons: Marcus uses no formal weapons. he uses his magic to fight, which usually involves throwing lightning bolts around.
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