Wyvern High Academy for the Gifted Sign-ups and OOC

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  1. Wyvern High Academy for the Gifted

    What is this you ask? A school for the witches and wizards out there who want to improve their skills. Shush…don’t say anything to the humans, it might be modern times now but they still might come and hunt us down.


    ~An RP about student witches and wizards
    ~DarkJae is my co-creator. You shall listen to her too! (Hehe) We made it together. :D
    ~The official RP will start with an entrance exam, not you’re normal exam.
    ~Don’t be afraid to ask Jae or me any questions and feel free to add things to the plot while Rping.

    Character Skeleton:
    Name: (First and last)
    Age: (16-20)
    Reason for attending:
    Ability: (what magic/skill are you best at)
    Dorm room number: (we want to try and have everyone paired in a room with someone else, remember that when picking a number.)
    Extra info:


    My Character:
    Name: Blake Anders
    Age: 18
    Personality: Blake is very quiet and secret. It’s hard for her not to be distant from people; she doesn’t want them to know anything about her. This gives some people a bad first impression but once you get to know her a different side comes to view. Inside she is hiding her true feelings and personality.
    Reason for attending: She was made by her parents to join the academy.
    Ability: Electricity
    Gender: Female (see extra info)
    Dorm room number: 236
    Extra info: Long story but everyone thinks Blake is a guy. Why? Because she pretends to be, she has even enrolled as a guy, wears a guy’s uniform and will live in the boy’s dorm. No one knows she is really a girl. She does not do this because she just wants too though but that truth will be left for later.

    *Dorm 236 is taken by Jae and me.

    Alex Paré

    Risa L'nair

    Alia Tres

    Remi Sage

    Nicholas Leighton

    Bliss Lune

    Kira Ellis

    Cordelia "Corrie" Bennett

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  2. Name: Ryan Tinstar
    Age: 17
    Personality: Cold, Sadistic, Distant, The "Evil" Twin.
    Reason for attending: She and her brother have magical abilities that can be tapped alone, but they are weaker, when they are together, they have much stronger powers. But she wants to strengthen her individual powers.
    Ability: (Her own powers:) Creator of Fire (Opposite her twin) Can summon and communicate with the dead. (Together) They can tamper with weather, and alter their looks to match that of something they have seen. They can become non corporeal, but they don't do it often as it is a twenty four hour spell. Their powers work better when they are together, but when alone she tends to lean more towards potion making.
    Gender: Female.
    Dorm room number: 831
    Extra info: The reason for her cold demeanor is due to an abusive father and a secret she has harbored for years. The only one that she has been kind to in many years is her brother.
    Name: Riley Tinstar
    Age: 17
    Personality: Very social, outgoing, can get along with almost anyone. Tries to avoid hurting people.
    Reason for attending: Much like his sister, he and his sister share powers, and they both want to individualize their abilities.
    Ability:(His own)Controller of Water (Opposite his twin.) Also is an empath. (Together) See above listed abilities.
    Dorm room number: 333
    Extra info: Cannot read his sister with his empath abilities, yet he can see something very dark from within her. Something almost evil.
  3. Cool, accepted. :)
  4. Thanks. :)
  5. When does it start?
  6. Well Jae has to put up her character tomorrow. Then it depends on how long it takes to get a few more people.
  7. Name: Alex Paré (He's glad it's a girl and guy name)

    Age: 17

    Personality: Sweet, yet shy. Soft, caring, loving, and very protective of the things he holds close.

    Reason for attending: He wants to learn how to control his powers of ice.

    Ability: Ice and manipulation (to a degree)

    Gender: Male

    Extra info: He dresses as a girl, because he doesn't like how thin and weak he is as a guy. Also, this allows him to act like his sweet, shy self

    Looks: [​IMG]

    Room #: 236

    Attached Files:

  8. Name: Laurentia Ellesmere
    Age: 16
    Personality: Gentle and warm, Lauren is quiet but is open to a selective number of people that she will observe before introducing herself. There's always a small, melancholic smile planted in her soft lips, and her eyes are always understanding. It's almost as if nothing in the world can make her angry or sad. Lauren is the kind of person you can approach to if you have a problem, and she'll gladly listen and give you good advice as she sees fit. Most of the time, she's rational and calm, always making sure she thinks before she leaps. Sometimes though, she takes much too long to think, and someone has to nudge her to jump soon. Lauren is also a huge airhead. Insults are taken as corrections, and sarcasm is taken seriously, so she's pretty stupid at those.
    Reason for attending: Wishes to further develop her powers, as well as learn new ones that she can do. She looks forward to Herbology and Potion Making.
    Ability: Lauren has the ability to speed up plant growth, and has some knowledge in animal mimicry.
    Gender: Female
    Dorm room number: 831 (poor kid LOL)
    Extra info: Lauren has a history that she prefers to keep under the ground; Burned and buried deep where no one can find it.
    (Click to enlarge)
  9. Accepted. :)
  10. Can I get in on this?
    Name: Arthur (Arty) Farro
    Age: 17
    Personality: Secretive, sneaky - in short not really trustworthy. He has a habit of turning up in places he's not supposed to, occasionally taking small, unimportant things from others. Even so, he's very gentle, avoiding fights and being generally very nice, even if it may be because he's working an angle.
    Reason for attending: It's the only home he has.
    Ability: Shadow walking. He's able to become a shadow, change that shadow's form, and sneak around. He may have stronger powers, but at the moment this is all he can do
    Gender: Male
    Dorm room number: 333
    Extra info: A runaway, one who has a hard time connecting with most people.
    Looks: Black hair, black eyes, typically dresses in the same color. He basically looks like a typical emo boy.
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  11. Accepted. :) Right now it looks like you should be in room 333 so that we stay as everyone having a roommate.
  12. Would this be alright?

    : Risa L'nair
    Age: 17
    Personality: Independent and very much her own person, she may be a little rebellious. She's friendly to students, as long as they aren't little snitches.
    Reason for attending: Force. Her magic is too dangerous to go unmonitored.
    Ability: Blood Magic:
    She knows three tricks so far and she hates all of them
    Blood Pull: She can literally yank the blood from her target, if she feels like being comatose for a week. (she always passes out before the blood can touch her)
    Blood Boil: Boils Blood of the victim, again, makes her fairly comatose afterwards except the comatose state last longer than a week for this trick.
    Blood Rune: She writes runes in her own blood for different effects. Ex: she knows "down" this forces her target to pretty much faceplant into the ground as long as she can hold the spell. The longer the spell holds, the more of her blood has to be used.
    Gender: female
    Dorm room number: 421 (unless I missed someone not having a bunk buddy)
    Extra info: Risa skips any class that requires her to use magic. She's afraid of her own magic (but she wouldn't admit it to a soul) She didn't dye her own hair pink...she learned very quick that she shouldn't get plastered around her band mates. The bands name is: Nyte Flyte (the entirety of the band has black tattoo wings) She's literally bound to the school, when she got there, a spell was placed on her that doesn't let her off campus without permission. She loves to read.
    Looks: A long time ago, Risa had naturally brown hair. It hasn't been brown since she turned ten. Very rarely will you find the teen in a uniform (part of the rebellious thing). Scars criss-cross al over her arms. She has black wings tattooed on her back. She stands tall for a girl.

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  13. Thanks Scarlet. Edited accordingly.
  14. Silver you're accepted too! We don't have anyone roommate for you yet though. We'll see what happens.
  15. I can't wait for this~
  16. I know me either. I'm very excited for this. :)
  17. I'm glad you all are. Jae and I are as well. We do have a plan if no one else comes to be Sliver's character's roommate, so don't worry we will start soon. :)
  18. There's a plan? *resists the urge to gulp*
  19. It's not anything bad, no worries ^-^ *hugs Silver*
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