INTEREST CHECK Wystria - A fight for existence

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  1. You can feel it. Everyone can feel, and even see it. Your world is dying. The magic that everyone had taken for granted is now corrupting this world. Maelstroms of energy are ripping through peaceful habitats, and vacuums formed by the condensed form of these storms pulls people and objects out of existence. The skies have a constant purple hue as even fiercer storms rage in the skies.

    Life wasn't always like this. The land of Wystria was one of peace and purity. One where magic was the lifeblood of this plane, and the bloodthirst that causes wars was lacking here. This allowed for focus in the arts, in appreciating nature, in perfecting one's self. One could make the point that it was perfect, that there was no evil here. But as is the case with all things, not all is how it seems.

    At some point, a group of mages at the Wystrian Academy were performing analysis on their plane, hoping to learn more about the magic that flows through it, to gain a better understanding. Something happened however, something that turned this plane's brightest and most powerful of mages into evil. For soon after their experiment, they took a different course of action. Using their knowledge of this plane, they began to set it into a sort of self destruct mode. But they did not stop here, capitalizing on the fear that followed to strong arm their way into control.

    The peaceful inhabitants, stunned by this, were forced to kneel to those that they once had looked up towards, and were under the control of this small group of mages, now known as the Wystrian Elite. They demanded ludicrous and unreasonable things from their people, but they had no choice but to obey, their own existence being held hostage. It seemed that the Elite would rule forever, no resistances lasting more than a day and bringing more cruelty with each one.

    However, stirring in the underground, an answer was found. The few mages that managed to escape the Academy continued to teach the youth of their nation. However, they discovered something startling. In a few of the individuals that they trained, they noticed that magic from the plane was pooling into them, giving them far higher potential than they ever would've possessed. At first this baffled them, but soon came to the only possible explanation: That the plane of Wystria was trying to save itself.

    Armed with the knowledge that the Elite was sure not to know, the members of this resistance began to organize into greater numbers, given hope by the whispers of a true elite force, ones that could even rival the power of their new overlords. Things are going to climax soon, and the freedom of Wystria hangs in the balance. Do you have what it takes to save your plane?


    So, whatcha think?
  2. I like it, count me interested.
  3. This sounds superb! I do hope you still intend to continue with this RP idea or if you have that I haven't missed it, because I would be thrilled to join! I do have one question though – what kind of magic exists in Wystria? (That is, elemental, like in the Avatar series, or like the Force, or like magic spells like in Harry Potter that do various things? O.O)
  4. This sounds really cool, I'm so totally in. :3