Wyndamir: The Requiro Stone (OOC/Sign-ups)

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  1. Wyndamir: The Requiro Stone
    IC: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/wyndamir-the-requiro-stone.54819/
    Legend of the Requiro Stone Long ago there was a cloaked woman who had begun to appear around the towns. People began to talk of a stone, made into a necklace, she had on her that could grant a person’s wish. People would ask her to grant their wishes, yet she would always refuse. Suddenly this woman disappeared. However it is said that the stone was taken from the necklace and is lost somewhere. People still search for this stone, hoping to grant the wish they desire.

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    *I have no other ways to make maps, so I hope this one I made in paint will give everyone a idea.

    Ø Boxes- Towns, people live there
    Ø Half triangles- Large mountain ranges

    The north: Climate usually warmer
    • Orian
    • Avaton
    • Fioria
    • Sia
    • Eiaon
    • Frolencia
    • Leia
    • Windale Islands
    • Tolson
    • Silverca
    • Blackarrow
    The south: Climate usually cooler
    • Miston
    • Violetia
    • Bluion
    • Alion
    • Pricrest
    • Grihavan
    • Baliaon
    • Shadowmor
    Races: Any type of race is allowed, but in this case it means like elf, demon, fairy, etc. However, today the dominant race is humans.

    Transportation: Row Boats, carriages, horses. Anything that would have gas is powered by magic instead: (Cruise ships/other boats, trains, etc. [Cars are allowed, however usually rare and hard to get])

    World looks: Wooden buildings, stone buildings, dirt roads (stone, sand, grass) Somewhat a mixture of fantasy medieval and modern. Small towns, large towns/cities, farm land, woods, beaches, lakes, mountains.

    RP Basic Info:

    -The RP is about the journey of the characters when trying to find the stone and the adventures they get into while on their travels.
    -You can play as many characters as you like.
    - Feel free to be creative with your character(s) as well. I love when characters get detailed and interesting.
    - Feel free to make details of the world of your own during posts, I like when everyone joins in with the details.
    - Ask questions if you need to.

    Character Sheet:

    Look above for explanation.
    Ability/magic: [This doesn’t mean you have to have one.] I am not picky with amount, but please don’t overdo it. Also, repeats are allowed, meaning you can have it even if another has that ability.
    Weapon(s): [This doesn’t mean you have to have one.] The same as the abilities and magic.
    Feel free to getting creative with this, or leave secrets for the RP.
    Extra Info: Anything that doesn’t fit in the catergories.
    Looks: Picture or description is fine.

    My Character(s):

    Name: Vera Blossom
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Ability/magic: Control and creation of fire and water; usually just wrapped around her swords
    Weapon(s): Two swords
    Personality: Vera is cheerful, likes to joke around and have fun; however she knows when it is time to be serious. She can be very protective of the people she cares about. She also has a terrible temper that comes out a lot during fighting.
    Bio/History: A few years ago, Vera’s home was attacked by someone she can’t remember. During this attack, Vera ended up away from her home with amnesia of where her home was and who she really is; all she remembers is an attack. She eventually healed from wounds but with no idea of who she really was she had nowhere to go. Then she heard of the stone, thus began to set out for the stone hoping that she can wish for her memories to come back.Meanwhile on her journey she meant Azura and the girl demon began to travel with Vera, helping Vera look for the stone.
    Extra info: -Vera travels with Azura.
    -She secretly has Post-traumatic stress from the attack, seeing visions sometimes but can’t seem to remember what was really going on.
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    Name: Azura
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Race: Demon
    Ability/magic: Spell casting, curses, incantations
    Weapon(s): Spell book she always carries
    Personality: Azura is quiet and reserved most of the time, usually not showing much emotion. She used to be more dark and evil but Vera changed those feelings, though they can still pop up at times.
    Bio/History: Azura started out as a demon who just enjoyed doing anything that would hurt people in any kind of way. Basically, she was bad. However, a few years ago she ran into Vera. First, she tried to destroy Vera. However, Vera was able to beat Azura because Vera just wouldn’t give up. The experience changed Azura’s ideals about others and decided to change her ways. Since then, Azura set out to assist Vera with finding the stone.
    Extra Info: -Azura travels with Vera.
    -Azura demonic power makes her slightly insane.
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    Jiro Blackwing


    Reon /Leiagh Blazona

    Karum Bloodlight

    Heliona Richt/Geo

    Quentin Arentius
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  2. Name: Reamer Alkazar
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Ability/magic: Mind Manipulation and various elemental spells.
    Weapon(s): A broadsword, which extends it's length at his will.
    Personality: Reamer rarely ever talks and thinks to himself most of the time, though is easily angered or annoyed and holds a grudge against any who dare mock him.
    Bio/History: If one were to ever ask him of his past, he would simply shrug and make up some far-fetched story. It varies to each person and he never stays with one story, in one case he was born the son of a baker and a bars-maid, and in another he was the son of two lowly peasants. This has caused people to question his identity, since he never sticks with one story. Some say he isn't really 'Reamer Alkazar', and that it is a fake name that he came up with to hide his real one.
    Extra Info: He secretly carries around a collection of shiny rocks that he has found on his journeys, picking up any he sees.
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    I hope this is okay.
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  3. Yup, it's okay. You're accepted.
  4. Yay! I really like the idea of this roleplay, and I LOVE adventures.
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  5. Sounds interesting, let me look for inspiration on a fitting character. *starts to meditate*
  6. Name: Jiro Blackwing
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Ability/magic: Takeover magic- he absorbs the forms of his vanquished foes and can either turn into them, use their abilities, or turn one part of himself into them.
    Creation and control of Electricity- Including lightning

    Form one;
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    The Armor of Barioth

    Form two;
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    The Great Werewolf; Ashran

    Form three;
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    The White Drake; Silgrith

    Form four;

    Weapon(s): A pair of iron, spiked, gauntlets that strength his lighting attacks and tends to have high voltage electricity arching off of them even when he's not wearing them.

    Personality: No one in their right mind ever get close enough to see the extent of Jiro's personality but from afar people say he usually has a staid expression lined with malice and an aura that's meant to keep everyone away. That he overly enjoys fighting and if he gets immersed his staid expression will turn to one of a savage, almost feral, look of blood lust; which that part is true. But his true nature is waiting to be shown if someone ever as the strength and willpower to be near this man.

    Some believe that he killed his parents at a young age because he saw them as weak scum and wished to take the armor that serves as his first form, then after that he killed his entire village. More will be revealed about this mysterious man later on in his journey to find the Requiro stone.

    Extra Info: -While most of the world hates him and he has become a notorious criminal though all he does is good, the lower three islands think well of him and he in welcome there.
    -He usually has a cloak wrapped around him to hide his face while traveling so none will recognize him.
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  7. Name: Holt Haklash
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Ability/magic: Healing magic- Allowing him to heal most minor wounds, but if he tries to heal more major wounds it takes it's toll on him. Light magic- He harnesses the light of the sun and uses it as a weapon against foes.
    Weapon(s): A wooden stick that he uses as a blunt object to stun foes, yet it keeps him from actually doing any real damage and it's only supposed to stun or stagger his opponents.
    Personality: Talkative and enthusiastic about most things, he shares a kindness even to those who do not return it. He prefers to have constant fun and hates it when there's nothing to do.
    Bio/History: The son of a well-known noble, his father had died recently, and now he is on a quest for the stone so he can wish his father back to life.
    Extra Info: Despite being a young adult, he still acts like a child at times, showing a vivid imagination whenever he's bored.
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    Last character.
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  8. Name: Eira
    Age: 21
    Gender: female
    Race: Fox shifter
    Ability/magic: Shifting, animal senses, agile and quick, being able to talk to animals and humans
    Weapon(s): Claws and teeth in human form to.
    Personality: Curiousity was always a bad trait of her, not that she seemed to mind. She is a traveller and hunter wich makes it difficult for her to sit still. In the past she loved to make jokes but since an accident happened she has been more serious. Sometimes there are relapses of her old self and then she will act like a playfull fox, being only annoying to others. She hates fighting but loves to watch them, sometimes she even is the cause of the problem.
    Bio/History: Eira was born in the mountainvalley near the river of the northwestern lands. It was never exactly peacefull there for the animals since there was more than one shifter reigning. The crow and the raven were most often fighting eachother, causing heavoc whenever they met. She wouldn't choose sides and wouldn't reign over the foxes wich made her an outsider to everyone except them, her friends. As she could have expected one day the fights went out of hand and the crow was killed. Eira still regrets the decision to not protect either of them from eachother.
    Extra Info: Animal shifters reign over their animal counterparts, making them ruler over their territory and animals in it. They look like animals and live like animals, making them unable to go in discussion with. They rarely meet up, but when they do fighting ensues. Some shifters decide to rather live as a human but no shifter knows what happened to them. Their fur changes into their clothes, removing a piece in human form means bald patches in animal form.
    animal form is bigger than a normal fox (open)
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  9. Name: Nocturne
    Age: 1 Year in the physical realm, unknown beforehand.
    Gender: Male
    Race: Demon/Specter
    Ability/magic:Can invade the dreams and minds of others. His mere sight and presence inspires an uneasy feeling and can progress to sheer terror when he chooses. However, his abilities are limited to those whom he has had "Physical" contact with. [Meaning his blades, or smoke-like arms.]
    Weapon(s):Arm-mounted blades. Can be summoned at will.
    Personality: Sinister and ever-hungry for strength. Will join forces with others when it suites him. Though if he remains with them long enough he can develop slight attachments to them. Though even then it is unlikely he will develop true emotional attachments.
    Bio/History: There were many reported deaths during sleep, most of these deaths occurred due to robbers and thieves in the night. However, there would be times when people would simply never wake up. Their mind lost to some unknown force. This force was Nocturne. Then, one day, a powerful mage was sleeping and in his sleep, his colleagues reported he was making a large racket, screaming and howling in his sleep. When they arrived in his room, Nocturne was seen hovering over the mage's corpse and quickly disappeared into the night. No one knows how he came to the physical realm, but what matters is that he is here now, and his motives are unknown.
    Looks: Profile Picture
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  10. Name: Melody
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Race: CLAIMS to be (and she thinks that she is) Human...

    • Has the ability to manipulate what seems like crystals in a dark fading purple-ish color.Her power somewhat resembles ice manipulation,since the crystals are very cold when someone touches them,but even she cannot explain what kind of power she has.
    • Her singing also extracts some kind of power depending on her emotions(she assumes),like being able to heal or completely destroy something.When she uses her singing to fight,she becomes surrounded by metallic silver-colored chord/rings and they move depending on how she wants them to.
    Weapon(s): A long sword she rarely draws out/summons unless she feels like it's completely necessary (Her weapon serves as her last resort for battling and so far,it has never failed to protect her)

    Melody seems to be rather emotionless in a way,or maybe it just seems like it because of her quiet and reserved nature.She is seen to be mysterious,since she doesn't talk much about who(what..?) she is nor where she came from.She shows seriousness when she battles and even though her face often does not express much emotion for others,it can be felt through her actions,and also sometimes when one looks deep into her eyes.For sure though she tries to express herself to people she trusts and cares for bit by bit.

    As much as she tries to remember,Melody's memories about her past lie in a blur somewhere in her mind,which explains the small amount of information she shares with people.But bit by bit,small particles of her memory flashes in her dreams,and sometimes just randomly when she sees/does something.So far,her dreams have hinted that she once woke up with mos of her face being covered by the same crystals she can draw out with her abilities,and her surroundings were in a bright crimson flame color...

    Extra Info:
    Although she says and feels that she's human,somewhere deep inside her she feels like something's up with herself that's definitely not something a normal human would have/feel
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  11. All of you are accepted.

    Oh but Haruka, your second picture isn't working.
  12. Oh really? Uh...changed it to a link instead :v
  13. Okay, that's better.
  14. Everyone has such awesome characters! :0
  15. Ikr? Can't wait to start and know more about dem charries (uh,a-and of course,the RPers themselves :p) x3
  16. Character development is a wonderful thing.
  17. This is going to be a fun rp, plus I love the idea of Melody's magic/ability.
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  18. This whole RP has so many expextions from me, can't wait. Btw I think me charrie is rather simple compared to the rest of them.
  19. ^I would have to disagree, I think your character fits in quite nicely. Her history is very interesting so I'm looking forward to possibly seeing more of that and unlike the others, I believe she'll be more cunning and persuasive seeing how she'll have to use her wits instead of brawn.
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  20. I'll be posting up the IC thread as soon as I can.
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