WWIII Romance Tragedy

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  1. I am looking for a possibly long term rp partner to rp on Skype. I have various ideas for rp and other OCs, but for now I am looking for someone to rp as a sniper/specialist soldier, the character would be strong willed, skilled, but kind, despite his former profession. I want him to be dominant, but not sexist.

    In this world there arent really any more sides, soldiers are on their own without a cause, and survival has become the number one priority of most. Much of the world is so contaminated with radioactive fallout, that gas masks are a must, except for a few places which have been successfully decontaminated by group efforts. Many former soldiers that survived the war, prefer not to mingle with the groups of survivors, due to the fact they would run into former enemy soldiers, and many still blame the other side for the state of the world. For most, it has become a lonely world, the inability to trust anyone you meet leaving only the option of traveling alone and treating anyone you come across as a threat.

    However in some parts of the world, groups of the previous armies still clung to the war, and despite the destruction, still waged it. This had become a tempting life for the displaced soldiers, to seek out these growing armies and rejoin the fighting, it was a better, more exciting life, and was all many of the soldiers knew. It wasn't even so much that groups were fighting for power anymore, they just don't want any other kind of life.

    My character will be a female soldier on the other side of this war, that will meet your character. They will be enemies at first, but I wish for a romance to blossom between them, and eventually tragic death. I wish for this rp to take place mostly amongst the fighting armies, as well as the outskirts. We can discuss more finer details of the setting and plot if you are interested. Gas masks all vary as people found what they could, so some have older gas masks, some newer.

    Your character will look like this:

    The one on the left, as for what he looks like under the mask I will leave up to you. The gas mask is a PMK 2.

    My character will look like this:
    Her gas mask is what you see in my icon (Avon FM12)


    This rp will have adult themes (ERP, death, abuse, possibly rape). We will both also be playing minor characters as they become necessary throughout the plot. I want this rp to have the feels! Drama, pain, angst, etc. I prefer this rp to last a while, but not go on indefinitely.

    If you are interested please respond to this post, or send me a PM with your skype name :)
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  2. I would totally do this, but is skype the only option here?
  3. Skype is what I prefer, but I could try forum rp if thats what you had in mind. :)
  4. Forum rp is significantly easier for me, if that's cool with you. Other than that, I'm definitely interested.
  5. Alright, cool. I'll get something up soon.
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