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  1. I haven't done a WWII rp in a long long time and I kind of mis the action, gore, and tramatizing events. Anybody want to do this with me?

  2. Greetings, fellow World-Kerfuffle-Two enthusiast.
    I've already started an interest check for something along these lines that I think you might like since its a WWII-era military-oriented RP but with an interesting twist. You might want to check it out. Here's the link. :bsmile:
  3. Oh I saw. I don't tend to take my WWII rps to the sea though. I prefer to base mine on our ground troops.
  4. I also tend to do PM RPs.
  5. Ohh well, that's alright. Good luck with your RP. :bsmile:
  6. Weeeelllll....... I guess I can try your rp. Can I be a pilot?
  7. I'm interested.
  8. ??????
  9. Really?
  10. Ya.
  11. I'll either make a thread or pm you. Still debating on rather to make it a pm rp or not. If more people decide to join in I'll be making it into a thread. Alright?
  12. Alright then.
  13. I'm a complete nerd on WW2. Joining :D
  14. I am aswell. Hold on, I'll make the thread. That's if Dakota is still in.

    @Dakota K5
  15. Oh I am still in.
  16. I'm also interested.
  17. Some background/story would be nice. Not really sure what I am making a character for.
  18. we're more than likely doing more than one battle. More than likely we'll be doing Kiev, Normandy, Omaha, Paris, Stalingrad, Berlin, etc.
  19. What about Kursk?
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