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  1. What I want this to be is an alternate universe RP with Werewolves and Vampires. The setting is going to be in an alternate universe where the Nazi's won WWII and took over most of Europe. Canada, the US, Mexico, and South America joined forces to create the UA (United Americas). Russia has survived also. The Nazi's gave China to Japan and they have taken over all of Europe and annexed Italy.

    While taking over Hitler unveiled a secret project that not only won the war for them, but introduced Vampires to the rest of the world. Vampires had only been speculation until Hitler used them to finally finish off Britain. Naturally the Werewolves had risen up to combat them. After a couple years people started to socialize the Vampires with the Nazi's regardless of which side they were on. Werewolves were very common and treated very well within the UA and Russia. The plot will be that some chosen individuals of both the Russian Army and the UA Army will come together on the Russian front to take back Europe and push back the Nazi's.

    I was also torn about using Steampunk in this but I guess if this does well I'll see what you guys think!
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  2. If this stays period specific, technology wise, I'd be in. It's also a time period I've studied heavily, so there are quite a few things I think I could contribute, plot wise.
  3. Its supposed to. I am very set on WWII gear and weaponry
  4. Awesome. Then I have another question. Assuming most British figures are dead, prominant Americans during the war, Patton, Bradley, Eisenhower and the like. Would they be still around or relevant as characters?

    Then also, did any of the other German Wunderwaffe projects come to fruition in this?
  5. This is going to be set a few years 5-10 after the end of the war. So that means the president is a live but many of the famous generals are dead with a few still leading.

    About the projects most of them were made but we're not widely used. The A bomb was created but not used by the Germans
  6. I was going to have either Truman/Patton or Truman/Eisenhower
  7. For President/Vice President?

    Asking because, if able, I'd like to play Patton, as he's my favorite figure from the war. But my main will likely be affiliated with Donovan's OSS.
  8. No I mean for who survives. And about playing as patton maybe. He would be an npc though
  9. All good, just would like the opportunity if it's open.
  10. I haven't fully established who is going to be played and such other than OC'S as this is just to see if anyone is interested. I have some of this planned out but I haven't finished it
  11. inb4 Aryan RP takeover
  12. This seems cool, the premise kind of reminds me of Operation Darkness, if any of ya'll remember that. Sign me up, though.
  13. Love the collaboration ! Sign me up c:
  14. Sweet! Thanks guys!
  15. Now that some interest has been taken. What would you most likely prefer your characters race to be. You are going to be either from the UA or Russia and can be human, werewolf, or vampire.
  16. I'd prefer a UA human, with ties to the OSS.
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  17. I would be very interested in this myself. I love the WWII era.
  18. Werewolf , of course . ^^
  19. Of course I'm welcoming everyone.
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