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  1. Sergeant Edmund Williams (34) - http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-dE3Y1z1Y9...AZuc/cN-wNbcOfMo/s1600/Notebook_168Pyxurz.jpg
    Elaine Cunningham (21) - http://www.pinterest.com/pin/401453754254907873/

    A young woman meets and falls in love with a rich handsome southern officer who is soon deployed overseas and she can’t stop thinking about him.

    Just having met this beautiful southern belle he is swept away by her charms and stubbornness that he writes to her every day of how he feels about her while he’s out fighting overseas for his country.

    But that soon will all change, Sergeant Edmund Williams wakes up one day in a hospital and he can’t remember anything. The only thing he clearly remembers is a girl back at home, but he can’t remember who she is or what she looks like.

    Elaine Cunningham hears the news of Edmund’s amnesia and offers to help him, but he doesn’t seemed to be interested in her even though it’s the same girl he fell in love with before he left. But sadly, he meets an entirely different woman whom he’s about to marry.

    Can Elaine safe her one true love from an unhappy marriage with a woman who doesn’t even love him and only wants him for his money and is willing to go as far as to commit murder?
    Hello, for this idea I'm looking for someone to play Edmund for me. It doesn't matter how you portray him just as long as he's a nice southern gentleman who is head-over-heels with my character Elaine. Please feel free to PM me or post below! Thanks! :)
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  2. Just a heads up, I prefer to role-play over forum threads, but if you're more comfortable roleplaying over PMs then that's fine with me. Also, I never role-play over any e-mail messengers, so please don't ask me.
Thread Status:
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