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So, inspired by watching the Howling Commandos in Captain America and playing more Battlefield Heroes, I want to do something with an elite commando squad in the middle of WWII. The kind who gets the impossible jobs. Who specialize in the ridiculous. Who get dropped behind enemy lines over and over and always get back home. Also, this is going to be fun. We're talking the anti-Saving Private Ryan in terms of tone. Character ideas can be any race and either gender, assume that your character is good enough and the team leader has enough clout to get you on board without trouble.

Everyone on the team has a specific, defining role for their character. The Leader, the Big Guy, et cetera. I've got five main roles already and then four minor ones that could be separate characters or combined with a main role. So, including me, this RP would have 5-9 players. I'm planning to have a more episodic structure, with missions beginning and ending... well, like episodes.

Here's what I'm looking for: Chisel-jawed heroes, plucky heroines, guns a-blazing, Nazis vit ridiculously tick aczents, heroics and badassery all around.

tl;dr: A team of badasses reminiscent of these guys with the spirit of these guys who have the attitude of these guys and a specific role based system like these guys. They fight Nazis.

Any interest?