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  1. June 17, 1940.
    French Marshal Heri-Philippe Petain, having replaced ousted Prime Minister Paul Reynaud, asks Germany for Armistice terms.

    June 18, 1940.
    Charles de Gaulle rejects the armistice & makes a public announcement to continue resisting

    June 24, 1940.
    France has formally signs their surrender to Germany. A separation of DeGaulle's Free France & the German-collaborating Vichy French State.

    July 7, 1940.
    With the absence of most of the French Brotherhood lost due to the events in Belgium & the Ardene, leading to a gap to protect against Templars manipulating the new Vichy state for their German counterparts. A general call for assistance has been requested further out from areas not under immediate Templar threat.


    Hello, its been a while since I've done some primarily forum roleplay but I had this idea for a historical thread that I've been really tempted to RP out & figured via forum format would be the best way to do so.

    While this is still Assassin's Creed, no one's going to have Eagle Vision or be as 'Jack-of-all-trades' as the video games. Characters will be allowed to pick from an unspecified list of specializations such as chemistry, demolitions, etc. & select a few things from a list of gear they are trained to use. This is to help make everyone a bit different. So far I've progressed with working on a list of specializations & equipment as options but I wanted to check how many people would enjoy a thread based alongside history & if there was interest in Templar/German characters as well. If enough people are interested I'll get a thread up for CSs.


    This thread would take place Start July 7th & would be following Assassin's & the French Resistance throughout WWII in France, while this won't be the only place, it will primarily be the central one. Generally a person can make any sort of character they want, from French Brotherhood, an outside Assassin, French Resistance, or something else reasonable.

    During the opening days of the war, the French Brotherhood attempted to lift the 'Glass of Eden' out of Belgium, but Templar influence within the Wehrmacht prevented their successful escape & culled many of the brotherhood during the onslaught of war, leading the current brotherhood to lose the location of the glass of Eden & the majority of their operatives. With an increasing migration of Templars to the German-Occupied Northern France & Vichy run French South, they're still initiating the early stage of establishing a long term presence under the leadership of Adrien Dimont, aide to President Albert Lebrun of the third French Republic & Templar Grand Master. It was due to Dimont's work that Philippe Petain was able to attain the office Premiere of France which led to the current state of affairs.

    Adrien Dimont has not been quiet during the establishment of the state, while many laws have been passed purely to appease the Reich, he has also been reverting most of France's progressive laws & attempting to secure peace & safety for the people under the premise that the promise of a single state will one day lead to mankind's salvation, his role in France is but a single state to the unification of mankind. To him, the suffering of the few justifies the salvation of the masses & Democracy is a relic that merely glosses over the fact the masses are truly powerless. With friends extending to both the native French government, & the wermacht to the north, he has proved unattainable as a target with information on his current goals even more difficult to find with the ruthlessness of his agents attempting to crush any trace of assassins present. It is unknown if he currently knows where the Glass of Eden is located or even if it is still in Europe, however, assassins are being informed this information is vital even beyond his life if it were to come down to it.

    The characters will begin in Paris with the story carrying out towards southern France, the primary plot of the story will follow them attempting to thwart machinations of their Templar counterparts along with attempting to locate & rescue the Glass of Eden along with the removal of personal that harm or otherwise damage the peoples' freedom & well-being. The French Resistance is still in its early stages & requires further support in order to stave off further control, which the characters come in. To stop the flow of Templar influence, outside specialists from other branches of the Brotherhood have been called for to control the outcome of the war, give more power to strike at Nazi & Vichy targets, & help save those who are being persecuted by the state.

    Looking at about 3-5 posts a day, at least 300-500 word posts. If there's enough interest, then Templar/Vichy France/German characters will also be allowed.
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  2. Still searching for anyone interested.
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