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  1. you know, I hate what Abyss has become honestly. I like that he has teamed up with Crazzy Steve and the Clown Chick. I would've preferred it if he was the un-talking monster heel back in his hey day.
  2. Just to be that guy for a few seconds, WWE isn't buying TNA. It's their tape library they are after and it seems Dixie Carter found a third party to get funding from. Either this means TNA is still on sale but WWE won't really care if they can't buy the library or TNA is in the process of being sold.

    TNA would never get brought back as a video game and they would use current versions but unlike WWE, TNA's roster is part time ones and it would mean having to sort out the rights for each wrestler. E.g. Broken Matt isn't owned by TNA but by Broken Matt.

    2k barely is able to keep up with the WWE roster. Trying to do TNA's as well would be even more work for them and it's Wrestlemania that they have a cut off date.
  3. This. WWE would if anything buy TNA's tape library