WWE makes a bid on buying TNA.

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    What do you guys think about WWE making a bid for TNA.

    I think it would be awesome!!
  2. I think them buying up all of their viable competition is bad. Really cuts into creativity, which is already nonexistent in the WWE. To expound on that, they've been using the same tired story lines since the end of the Attitude Era, and I'm kind of thinking that by them attempting a merger with TNA it's them attempting to 1) Monopolize professional wrestling, and 2) bring back the Attitude Era.

    It's bad and they should feel bad.
  3. It isn't a Monopoly cause WWE doesn't have ROH or GFW. lol
  4. I said "viable" competition. And how long until McMahon decides he needs them, too?
  5. Eh I agree with Fel, I personally stopped watching WWE for the reasons its getting old as hell with the same shit they do every week. It got too predictable, that and Im personally against the PG era. Sure I get making it tamer for children to watch, but do you know how many of them swear now these days? Watching children is more pg13 than wrestling is. One of the reasons I liked TNA was cause they didn't follow that trend, then they went bonkers. Yet anyway I'm personally against WWE trying to buy every wrestling company.
  6. They haven't buy ROH or GFW. LOL.
  7. Meltzer(who is a very trustworthy source in the wrestling industry or seems to be, never really read his stuff) has confirmed it's just TNA's tape library that they are after.

    WWE can outbid anyone but if Dixie Carter still has the majority share and controls most of the company, it would never happen. She refuses to give up power and has cost TNA a lot of deals because of her. WWE would do what they did to WCW and shut it down, granted, they did try to make it a third brand but failed but TNA is not even WCW's level during their prime.

    They've gone from being an altnernative to WWE to trying to be WCW then WWE lite and now are slowly becoming their own thing again. They don't have much value and no real incentive for WWE to keep them running.

    But it would be awful for a lot of stars in TNA and for Wrestling in general for WWE to purchase it. They have the market cornered and there is no real alternative to WWE other then TNA that is on TV. I can see TNA leasing the library out to WWE and would be smart as it gets them much needed exposure along with much needed funds but WWE ignores them. They pretend TNA doesn't exist.

    GFW is still young and is said to have already failed. ROH is online only(i think), the rest is indies or small time.

    TNA is full of ex-wwe superstars and well, i doubt WWE would want them. Lashley walked away over an incident, Mizdow got sacked, ECIII was released in NXT(apparently, and this was before NXT was a third show) and so on and so on.

    TNA has more freedom for their stars and actually have women wrestling be women wrestling. Hardcore matches(street fights etc..) happens. They are treated as actual wrestlers.

    WWE is only starting to claw their way back after the LOLZ, CENA WINZ and LOLZ, ROMAN WINZ, era along with a "Divas revolution." and well, just being meh. TNA is recovering from the Bischoff and Hogan's WCW 2 years(Basically, Hogan and Bischoff were hired, brought in their pals and shat on the younger talent.) and 2016 seems to be their come back.

    Hoping that if WWE gets TNA's library, it'll be the death of TNA as a brand but not the company as i could see them rebooting themselves to try to get back the lost fans or new fans. but it could result in TNA fading away to classify themselves as OBSELETE!
  8. Okay? Not really a point driver there.
  9. This. So much this. ROH and GFW don't have the draw to be competition to the WWE.
  10. Pretty much the consensus is what I agree with: it's a bad idea if they do want to buy the company itself. But as it turns Dovah already beat me to the punch about exactly what it is.

    I personally preferred WWE over TNA, but I ain't gonna lie, TNA has some great talent, Like James Storm. Also I don't think the PG era is AS bad as people make out, sure, it has a lot of shitty and terrible storylines and treatment of superstars. And as of the Brand Split 2.0? WWE's quality has shot up in my books.
  11. The PG era is partly because of sponsers and partly because mister meekmahon wanting to support Linda's run for congress thus going PG to try to help her.

    TNA is worth checking out nowadays. Broken Hardyz is very interesting. I mean, it's cheesy but awesome. They pretty much became TNA's Sharknado. (Apparently, that is what the best thing to compare them to). Final Deletion was excellent and Delete or Decay was excellent(FD was better imo). WWE wouldn't have allowed it because they are in 100% control of everything mode and must script everything. Oh and "LIKE ROMAN DAMMNIT!" mode. TNA under Billy Corgan is good for the business and TNA no longer pretends they can take on WWE. Granted, they need to stop or ban digs at WWE as it makes them seem petty and well, it just sends the wrong message.

    Hopefully, we won't lose TNA(it's the only form of wrestling i can watch for free over here as it's broadcast on freeview) as it is it's own thing now. If Billy does buy it and there are reports he is willing to invest in it. He has managed other wrestling things before, it should help it maintain it's comeback. Even Josh Matthews is slightly improving. Well, i say that, more like he is using his "I'm a big boy." voice that is just annoying less and less.

    WWE? They'll shut it down. In their eyes, TNA is not worth operating beyond a potential invasion angle and we all know how WWE handles that. *stares at WCWECWAlliancethatturnedintoameekmahonfrenzy with disappointment* Would be both surprising and unexpected if they did what they did to ECW in the 90s. WWE provided funding to ECW in return for use of their talent back then. Mainly because it meant WCW had two other rivals instead of one but kept it afloat for longer. TNA being funded and having either talent exchange or rights to the tape library would be similar to it.

    I could see a Fall and Fall of TNA dvd happening if WWE purchased it. :-/ Mainly because Vince flat out hates Jeff Jarret and would view TNA as the bastard child of JJ thus must be rendered OBSELETE. Sorry, I just can't help myself. Blame Matt Hardy for creating such a memorable thing. :P
  12. I heard some where that James Storm doesn't like in TNA anymore.

    Anyway: The true reason I want WWE to buy TNA is cause I want Sting mode with the full of his career.

    The other reasons why cause of the WWE Video Games:

    New Ring type in WWE Video Game after WWE Buys TNA!

    TNA Entrances in the WWE 2K Games. After WWE buys TNA!

    TNA Match types I want in the WWE Games after WWE Buys TNA.

    TNA Wrestlers/TNA Knockouts in WWE 2K Video Games After

    WWE 2K Games Microphones after WWE Buys TNA.

    Commentary Teams & Referees
  13. Apparently, WWE still has a chance to purchase TNA. They would end it. I mean, TNA is damaged goods. Granted, they are repairing themselves this year and Brother Nero has helped it's return to the 7 deities thanks to Broken Matt Hardy. Oh and Lashley not being a boring undefeated monster helps to build up talent and is usually entertaining along with a lot of close calls has helped. In fact, TNA is doing what WWE should have done with Brock Lesnar. Lashley doesn't wrestle every week but he is present every week.

    I could sadly see Dixie Carter sell TNA to Vince Meekmahan to spite Corgan if she dislikes him and there are rumours she is slowly being forced out of the company. Her selling it to WWE just to spite everyone would seem like something she does. I mean, she is the CEO(not chairman. Heck, she comes off as trying to be late 90s-mid 00s vince) that hired reality tv stars and paid them more then her own talents. I mean, their champion was reported to have to take up a second job. Their freaking champion! And a reality tv star comes in, gets 100K . That's WCW levels of dodgy.

    HOAK HOGAN and Eric Bischoff pretty much caused massive amount of damage 4-5 years ago with them being hired to book the show. Naturally, HOAK HOGAN buried the younger talent, got revenge on matches that he lost(Probably. I mean, he pulled that crap in WCW with THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR) and pretty much turned it from what i've heard was something that was just as good as WWE or even better(due to WWE being a bit naff back then) to HOAK HOGAN'S WCW 2.0. Pretty much caused 80% of the fanbase to abandon it.

    Corgan pretty much wants to reboot it. He would change the name from TNA(given to it by Vince Russo. Oh yeah, Dixie also hired him and did so when the network flat out told her that if she did, they would drop TNA faster then Shawn Michaels dropping the European belt to Triple H in the biggest mockery of a match. Twas funny. Ah, classic DX. And he actually seems to care for TNA as a brand instead of using it as a playground.

    He also seems to be going for the hands off approach on screen and only getting involved when he has to. Usually to suspend or announce stuff instead of Vince Meekmahon 2.30201239049203 clone.
  14. It's looking like that WWE is getting ready to buy TNA.
  15. I personally wouldn't like a focused Sting only Showcase mode. I want a WCW Showcase first. You could add so many awesome guys, AS WELL AS THE GREAT MUTA! Also, I would love it if they took some stables and made a showcase of them, honestly.

    The fact there's not an Undertaker Showcase really baffles me. Probably when he officially retires?

    But yeah, seems like it's coming around that time we will find out if TNA is bought by the Big Dick McMahon.
  16. I think it is a mixture of getting rights to some of the wrestlers the Undertaker has faced, finding a good time to do an Undertaker based showcase and deciding what to feature. Stone Cold's Showcase was probably a challenge for them due to the feuds he has been in and trying to avoid it being a meekmanfest thus including some lesser known feuds and some random matches. Undertaker would be very hard to cover without at least, 100 matches and would be best to feature the feuds entirely via videos and matches. E.g. Randy Orton and Undertaker's feuds would need proper coverage. That and I want to see the mindgames again.

    Sting probably will get featured in the future but if they continue to do Showcases. I can see them scrapping it for future titles and replacing it with something like Story Mode.

    Back to TNA. Apparently, Dixie has already entered talks with Mister Meekman and TNA is going to die. Dixie seems the type to have a "If I couldn't make it a success, no-one else can." attitude and is petty. She fancies herself as a Miss Meekman character and is a crap businesswoman who is the main cause of TNA's problems. Talent not being paid on time, ring crews being replaced if they dare to ask about their payments, HOAK HOGAN and pals being hired because she heard of them etc..

    It is worth keeping in mind that TNA has massive amount of debts and whoever buys them has to cover it. Billy Corgan may have the cash to do so but it is a massive risk on his part and I really want to see TNA fight their way back as they have been doing so this year. WWE? Just another WCW for them. Purchase, buy out some contracts, settle the debts and own the tape library. :-/

    Corgan really wants to turn it around. WWE would shut it down, take what they want and cast it away or do what they did with WCW. Have one crappy match, blame it on WCW and refuse to make it into another brand because of one awful match. That and they made a mistake of not getting WCW's biggest names. Sting, Goldberg would have been a fantastic addition to WWE. Granted, Goldberg is a bit crap but a massive name.

    Sadly, it will be WWE that gets TNA. Corgan has limited funds and WWE does not. The Network, the merch, they can afford to outbid anyone or steal it out from under COrgan.

    However, it would be nice if WWE did purchase them and acted as a parent company. Hands off on everything, provides the funding and uses it to target the audiences that dislike WWE's PG rating. It is unlikely though.

    TNA talent will be buried. Meekman hates having talent he hasn't had a hand in and usually goes out of his way to prove that WWE is better. Look at Sting vs Triple H. No reason for DX and the NWO(which is stupid as Sting was fighting NWO towards the end of WCW) and DX is obselete. I mean, Triple H became the thing they mocked.

    EDIT: UPDATE: There's reports that Dixie is causing a lot of issues with the sale and WWE is flipflopping on whether it's worth buying TNA or not. Flights and Tapings have been cancelled, Talent is nervous. Corgan has offered what Dixie has asked for($4million) but she seems to either be out of her depth or she is being petty and dragging it out in the hopes WWE outbids him. She will be out of power either way. Corgan wants her gone as she done more harm then good to TNA. WWE won't care about her and just use the Tape Library. However, if WWE does buy it, there is only one and i mean one good outcome. Josh Matthews and Pope are gone! They are medicore at best. Josh Matthews tries to come off as "i'm a big boy today." and Pope's voice is well, too deep. It sounds like either his mike is set on the lowest pitch or he just doesn't have the voice for commentating. Wrestling, interviews? He would have a better chance at being good at. That and both are not really good. Even Micheal Cole and JBL are better. They both suck nowadays.

    TNA really needs this sale by the end of tomorrow or the company will literally cease to exist. Apparently, they are out of funding, Corgan has threatened to not fund Bound for Glory and i don't blame him. He has funded 3 tapings so far and Bound for Glory is TNA's Wrestlemania. No incentive for him to put his cash into it if Dixie is going to be spiteful and sell it to WWE. WWE probably would allow BFG to run as a farewell. They did a final show with WCW despite both hating each other and WCW well, WCWing against them. THey had Goldberg, HOAK HOGAN, Sting and a lot of talent. They fecked all of that up. If they used all of them well, WWE may not be around nowadays. TNA? Kinda a smaller, even more incomptent(thanks to Dixie) version of WCW for a few years. If your champion can't afford to live well, you suck. Not the Kurt Angle you suck. The You really do suck, suck.

    TNA as a brand is dead. Corgan probably will either run Bound for Glory, make an announcement about the future, TNA ceases to exist and new reboot is announced or announce that TNA is no longer in operation but it's successor will launch. TNA is tainted beyond repair. Granted, It is doing well to fix itself but TNA is well, it's name is slang for something else, HOAK HOGAN and pals destroyed it, bad decisions, Jeff Hardy coming out high against Sting and bare in mind, Sting gave up the chance to wrestle the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27(i think). These are just a few exampls of TNA's bad history.

    I hope Corgan gets it or WWE and Corgan go behind Dixie's back, make a deal. (E.g. The tape library of TNA is purchased but all the debt is taken on by WWE and Corgan retains all the talent, ring and WWE is invited to invest in it. Not involved in it but something like ECW getting funded behind the scenes.)

    Also, TNA gave up the chance to have Paul Freaking Heyman! Yes, teh dude is crap at running a business but he is excellent at coming up with ideas, pushing and finding talent etc.. He gave Steve Austin a chance to rant and that caused WWF to pick him up. Two matches in ECW, WWF and the Texas Rattlesnake was born.

    Or in an unexpected swerve, Randy Orton RKOs Corgan, Dixie, half of the WWE representatives, all of the TNA roster, the TNA audience, the TNA ring itself and announces himself as the new owner as TNA. :P

    Joking aside, it is said there is a mystery third bidder. If it's HOAK HOGAN, TNA is dead. Deader then the Deadman. Deader then WCW. Deader then, you get the drift.
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  17. We may find out the fate of TNA in the next 2-3 days. Either it'll be a repeat of WCW's Final Nitro at Bound for Glory if WWE purchased it and decides to do that or an announcement is made tonight. But I think they will elect to wait until after BFG to ensure that if it is their last PPV, it goes out with a bang and they are having an internal meeting tomorrow according to Meltzer.

    Either way, TNA as we know it is dead. TNA under Corgan will exist or be DELETED by Father Meekmahan! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!

    But yeah, it will sucking suck if WWE has purchased it. No more TNA, no free wrestling for me(can't afford WWE Network due no jerb and no proper net.) Lots of folks will lose their jobs. WWE has burnt bridges with some. Cody Rhodes will hold the record for the shortest debut if WWE owns it. He debuts, TNA dies. :( If TNA does belong to Corgan, I hope we see Ryback in the Impact Zone. Him going against Lashley would be interesting. Would love to see Good Ol' JR in the Impact Zone. It would also help TNA by having a legendary figure in the industry involved.

    *looks at HOAK HOGAN*

    NOT HIM! Unlike HOAK HOGAN, JR wouldn't bury talent to make himself look good.
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