WW2 soldier Jac Mol


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Modern, Romance, Yaoi
I’m looking to do a WW2 RP with him. It’s almost 75 years since the big war ended, it’s a big deal in my country, so that’s why I wanted to do a WW2 theme.

I have a few plots in mind, so let me know if you’re interested.


Name: Jac William Mol
Age: 23
Nationality: Dutch
Occupation: Fighter Pilot

Short Bio:
Jac was born a little after the first Great War. He is the second oldest and second son to the family. His parents are middle class workers. His mother is a teacher and his father works in a factory.

While the Netherlands had tried to remain neutral during the second war like the had the first, this didn’t happen and were soon bombed by the Germans. Wanting to protect his country, Jac decided to join and became a fighter pilot. He wanted to be able to take down those who damaged his beautiful country.

(More information will be released on him as the story starts)