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  1. World War 2. Jerry holds Paris, our capital. Recently, a covert group was formed, with the intent of distrupting Nazi communications and general activity in France. Their HQ is based in Paris, where most of the operations go down. They-we, are the French Résistance. You are a newcomer, a young recruit who wants freedom for France. You are a Nazi, a Gestapo agent hunting down the Résistance. You are a nervous, kind German soldier with a big heart. You will probably be dead by end of the war.

    Hello! And welcome to Paris! Are you a Nazi? A conscripted German soldier? A rebel?


    Rebels: You are a new recruit, gathering with your fellow freedom fighters in a cramped room, waiting for the leader of the Rèsistance to give you an idea of whats going on.

    Gestapo Agent: You have recently been promoted to KriminalKommissar, and given your own office, from which to run anti-resistance operations. You are currently sitting in your new office, when a junior officer knocks on your door.

    German Soldier: You are patrolling the city streets, daydreaming of your family back home, when a small girl runs up behind some Gestapo officers and plucks an apple from a small grocery stand. She looks starved, her face hollow and her eyes sunken. She goes to dash away, but spots you looking at her. She freezes, and looks at the Gestapo Officers busily talking. She shakes her head at you, while a tear runs down her face. (If there are multiple soldiers, just make up a scenario that questions your duty and compassion.

    Please don't all be Gestapo agents and German soldiers, this RP should have a majority of rebels!

    Iwaku Rules
    Romance, kissing, groping, allowed, just keep it PG for the little ones. (I am 17 anyway XD)
    No godmodding, Gary or Mary Sueing.
    If you are a gestapo agent, dont burst into the rebel HQ and arrest everyone! You must be one step behind the rebels, until I give...THE WORD.
    You can't be based outside of Paris or be part of any other roles other than what I have listed.
    At the end of your first post, put 'Vive La France' to prove that you have read the rules.
    If you know German or French, great! But don't confuse everyone else by having dialogue completely German or French. Maybe say a few words, then repeat them in english.

    OOC Thread: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/ww2-paris-ooc-and-chat.107032/
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