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  1. Wuxia, a world of fantasized martial arts, usually set in an equally fantasized ancient China. Though I don't have a full plot or anything, I've got some ideas floating around and what not.

    Basically, Wuxia tends to revolve around martial arts heroes, following their own code of honor and upholding it where they go, whoever they are against. May that be the government, enemy nations, or corrupt martial artists. Though it usually takes place in ancient China, more modern settings can work as well if that's what everyone wants.

    There'd be fighting, puzzle solving, learning techniques, and of course a goal for our group of heroes, or villains if anyone wants to play as a government official or corrupt martial artist.

    If anyone is interested in this kind of thing gimme a shout.
  2. so it's a vanilla martial art rp~? could be fun ^o^~! (gawd damn it that pokemon will haunt me tonight)
  3. Kinda. I don't think a ton of people are real familiar with real martial arts though and there's only so much one can accomplish with actual martial arts. Ever seen or read something like Legend of the Condor Heroes, Demi-gods and Semi-devils, or anything of that nature? The martial arts are exaggerated but it's not like shooting fire or anything like that lol. Could show you a youtube clip or something if you want.

    And let the Espurr haunt your dreams forever...
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  4. I've pretty much familiar with martial art so it's fine~ yeah
  5. I'd be interested if you start this. Love Wuxia themes. Watched alot of Condor Heroes, it's a good show with a decent story.

    Other more known examples are films like Hero(Jet Li), Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and House of Flying Daggers
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  6. Great! I think with a few more, or just you guys for now if y'all are okay with that, we can get started and I'll throw up an OOC. So would you guys prefer a more realistic approach, or a very high-flying advanced qinggong skills style of RP? Or some mix of both, or something else?
  7. I prefer a mix of both
  8. I prefer the mix of both as well~
  9. Cool deal. I'll work on an OOC soon then.
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