Wushu One-Shot: High Action but with Plot

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  1. I'm a bit sleepy, so you may critique me if coherence is lacking.

    It's been ages--centuries in Iwaku-member time--but I'll try again. Especially since I can't play Overwatch for a while.

    I've got an action problem. I get bored with fight heavy games for the same reasons many do. It's just no good when there doesn't seem to be any plot or intended direction for the plot, but I also find most games with decent-to-excellent plots to be too low on fighty high-flying action to my taste. Even for those exceptions, then we get into a lot of restrictions. No autohitting, no classes I arbitrarily dislike. Blah, blah.

    Well in my game, you can though with some stipulations.

    And as counter-productive as it might seem at surface glance, we'll be using

    Dan Bayn's Wushu

    ...to do it.

    At a single page, it's the shortest version of the ground rules.

    "But I don't know the setting!" or "I don't want to have to learn a new setting" you say?

    It's not that kind of game. I'll be making up a simple modern yet pulpy setting with rule of cool supernatural elements.

    It's hard to find people to play it with. Rightfully so. It's so simple and freeform that people who like the uncertainty and limitations of most dice-heavy games find it almost extraneous. Freeform players tend to be best for it, but the presence of dice usually causes most of us to view it the wrong way.

    I've played it before, and feel it actual allows for more freedom. Instead of a vague, "no godmodding" or overly prohibitive "no autohitting," I've found that it can let you get away with more than you'd probably attempt in a well GMed freeform game while avoiding some of the pitfalls that make people worry in the first place.

    A good game will demonstrate this better than my rambling can. So I want a group of 4-7 players.

    This is to be a game in which we all entertain each other by hamming it up with our favorite action cliches done well(hopefully).

    The key thing to remember about Wushu is that style is substance.

    The mood and tone will be generally light but melodramatic at points. "Schlocky fun" is the goal.

    Lots of games say "don't be a Gary/Mary Sue" which means a lot of different things. In my game just don't be boring. A character that sits back observing everything without interacting is equally bad to me as the character who never struggles. I want everyone to write moments for their character that they personally find cool. If it's within the established tone and rules, try not to hold back.

    But it should also make sense within it's own logic. Don't post too slapdash. Don't join just to kill time. Join because you've probably been itching to participate in something like this, but the opportunities are few.

    We'll be going with Hong Kong action movie physics at the minimum. Possibly a little bit more fantastical depending on feedback.

    Although I'm encouraging broad archetypes for your PCs, you won't be punished for sneaking at least little semblances of depth. In fact I recommend it as an overly shallow action romp has no substance and you'll probably bore yourself out of playing. Be careful.

    Okay, so about the game in particular?

    Likely either

    A) Rescue the Boss' Daughter: A prominent mob boss' daughter is targeted by an enemy with a vendetta. Your characters are primarily his most effective associates who have decided to help get her back, though you may just be personally invested in her safety or out for a reward. The physics and realism would probably be 90s Hong Kong action-influenced but that doesn't mean the setting would necessarily be. People can backhand each other across rooms, run on walls, and leap flat footed from second-floor balconies if they're tough enough. Could be fun to gradually escalate the fantastical elements a la Metal Gear Solid or Big Trouble in Little China

    Probable character types: Feisty reporters with a mean right hook. Ex-cops who can't sit idle. Hitmen with codes of honor and calling card gimmicks. High school gadgeteer geniuses. Knife throwing femme fatales. Con men who aren't good in a fight but manage to somehow stumble too safety with only a few bruises(maybe through luck, fast talking, or both). Former caretaker of the boss' daughter who is genuinely angry at the kidnappers or trying to escape punishment for surviving the attack that took her away. Hackers, bratty tagalong kids and foolishly brave civilians with frying pans and a good swing(for those who want in but aren't as comfortable writing fight scenes; or maybe).

    B) Devil May Cry/Devil May Cry-Inspired(Not DMC): I'm leaning more heavily towards this as a simple scenario for players to get a feel for Wushu. Logic will probably be a bit less important. The PCs would be the ragtag members of a new demon-slaying group. We would probably start playing out a simple "first trial" scene in which a mysterious visitor to the PCs' shop tests out what you're capable of followed by a first job. I'd expect a lot less realism and even more creativity in narrating your characters doing off-the-wall stunts that characters in the series tend to do. Also corny humor and narrated visual flourishes.

    Probable characters would be abnormally tough humans, magically augmented humans, or assorted supernatural entities.

    This link also goes a bit more into depth about Wushu RPG and the reasoning behind the simplistic take.

    Any questions? Interest? Votes for scenarios or suggested tweaks?
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  2. If you run a 90s Hong Kong wuxia rpg, I won't be able to resist joining. As of now though, I'll hang back and popcorn it out.
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  3. Both scenarios are quite good.
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  4. I've been seeing that wushu system around and always wanted to try it, but is it open to those who have no clue how to use it? I would love to join something like this since I LOVE wushu, but I know I will need lots of help with the wushu rpg system.

    Is the rp newbie friendly to that system?
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  5. Understood. I have a history of lurking. Thanks for the feedback.

    Thanks. If all goes well I might just try both... just not at the same time. :/

    Yeah, this will be newb friendly. I'll be more surprised if I get players who've already used it before. This is going to be a test run of sorts Prototypes or prologues for possibly larger games later. I'll try to give a few short hypothetical examples and ideas later of things to expect in play later.

    Thank you all for your feedback.

    I'll get some sleep and wait for a few more replies before we start hammering out more details.
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