Wuinderre-Expanse World Building RPG

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  1. If you are looking for a long term group role play that is all about fantasy, than Wuinderre-Expanse is just for you.

    Deep beneath the grounds of a ravaged futuristic Earth lies a secret laboratory. A scientist named Xristofer Jurgatt has crafted several genetically modified humans he likes to call "Divine Ones". It had been years since the prophecy had first been uttered in the safe havens;

    "When the fabric of dimensions rips apart,
    Only the ones with the divine heart,
    May wield the power to build a new,
    An expanse for them and their people too."

    The well renowned scientist had a stroke of genius before disappearing into the confines of the underground before the nuclear war decimated earth. You are these modified humans called "Divine Ones". Your lives before this laboratory can be entirely up to you, which means you can choose whatever country they were previously from and so on. Your abilities include immortality among many other things. You and the others awaken in the lab to find your senses x10 stronger than what you had when you fell asleep. All you remember is that once you awaken you must find Dr. Jurgatt. That is your first quest. From there, once you find him, he will explain everything to you and your second quest will begin.

    There is a rip in the ruins of Central park. This rip is a portal for those "divine of heart" to find a new world for the remaining Earth citizens to use as Earth is in utter fallout.

    There are plenty of roleplay perks that are in this game such as a Leveling System, Classes, World building, and much more!

    If you want to make a character or learn more information about this roleplay you can go here
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.