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    "When the fabric of dimensions rips apart,
    Only the ones with the divine heart,
    May wield the power to build a new,
    An expanse for them and their people too."

    The earth you now live on is very different from centuries ago…
    ….practically a barren waste land, the only thing that keeps the people going is an ancient prophecy that was unearthed nary a decade prior. It speaks of a rip in the very fabric of their dimension, something that will bring the remaining people of this Terra to a new life. Only the ones who carry a divine heart are told to be able to travel within this rip and build a new world in the pocket dimension. With any luck these divine ones will come forth any day now. Resources are becoming dangerously low, and the people of this earth don't have any chance to survive without them. The pocket dimension ripples uncertainly in the remains of a once bustling New York City. It is guarded day and night, few have tried to enter, and all have failed thus far. It shouldn't be long now….right?

    You are a divine one, a being that holds the key to create a new universe for your ravaged people to live again. Many centuries of pollution and bad habits have caused this Earth to become putrid and practically unlivable. With the prophecy guiding your decisions, you set out to the rumored location of the dimension rift in hopes to prove to your people that you are what they need to survive. As the story progresses you will be faced with many challenges in building a new world, unsure of what or who is in this dimension, surprises will be faced around every corner.

    Game Candies:

    • Character Driven Story - This role-play game relies heavily on the character's decisions, and when something is collectively agreed upon, it will be made so in the setting/story.
    • Leveling System - Once you have entered the pocket dimension you will begin at level 1 and have a variety of ways to level up your character. Experience is in the form of Crystal Mushrooms. To gain each level, you will have to multiple your level by 10, and that will be the amount of mushrooms you will need to collect to level up.
    • Class/Rank System - There will be a class system in place for each character. Each class grants you certain abilities in the pocket dimension. Starting at level 35 you will be able to achieve multiple class ranks in various special quests.
    • Knowledge/Skill Trees - With each level you gain a certain number of points to spend on different knowledge and skill trees. At level 1 you start out with ten points to spend on the available trees. You have the ability to unlock new trees throughout the game.
    • Inventory Slots - Within each IC post there will be a variety of collectibles you can find in the pocket dimension, each item has it's own stats. We will be using a random number generator to determine if you pick up an item. If the number generator lands on an even number you the item will appear in your "inventory" in your CS. If you roll an odd number than you will be unsuccessful in picking up your item.
    • World-building - As divine ones you have the power to create/conjure anything you need/want to make your pocket dimension a place that is livable. Each Character/player will have to all decide on what will be created in the pocket dimension before it gets added to the map.
  2. Count me in.
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  3. Sounds great, I'd like a little more detail on some bits but of course that will probably all come later right? ^_^
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  4. Of course! When I make the OOC I will explain EVERYTHING!
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  5. Sounds awesome. :D
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  6. I'm rooting for this
  7. Sounds neato.
  8. Is this thing real???
  9. Yes, the OOC is in my signature!
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