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    The Phantome Sisters
    Valentina and Aphrodesana
    These two are inseparable sisters. Even though they have very different likes and personalities, they very much love each other. Even if boy's came into the mix, that wouldn't break them apart. They're bond is so strong that even lover's might be jealous.

    Valentina, first born of the Phantome family, stands at 5 foot 6, and loves to care for her sister. When she was born, she was the one that looked like her mother. Loved on and doted on by both parents and even when Aphrodesana was born, she still got just as much love.

    Aphrodesana, second born to the Phantome family, stands at exactly 5 foot, and is a bit introverted. She was a celebrated child, for her mother was thought to be unable to bare anymore children after Valentina was born. Aphrodesana got plenty of love and care from her parents as well. But unfortunately, when Aphrodesanna was 10 years old, they lost their parents in a freak accident.

    It took a while for them to get used to things, but they were living a decent enough life. But when they were offered a chance to help change the world at a later date, they jumped at the opportunity together.

    When put into Cryo-sleep, Valentine was 23, and was put in with Aprhodesana in the same chamber (it was their only condition, that they wake up right next to eachother), who was 18 at the time. They were some of the first few to be put into Cryo.


    Valentina Marie Phantome
    Also known as Lenti, Tina, or Val.


    -Her name is pronounced, Val-ehn-tea-na Mah-Ree Fan-tome.

    -She is, of course, a female.

    -This wonderful lady is a Tengu in the Rift. Her wings like those of a bat's, which is a little strange for a Tengu since they tend to be ravens or crows, but sometimes they can range into other birds and animals of wings.

    -Valentina is a Builder class! She loves to work with her hands and create things.

    -Valentina is super over protective of her little sister, wanting nothing more than to dote and love on her, and protect her from any jack-wad that might decide to be mean to her adorable little sister. And she's got a mean creative streak that comes out in simple art as well as larger things, though she has yet to actually experiment in making some of the larger things she's thought up.



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