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  1. This character profile is from the world-building group role-play Wuinderre-Expanse


    Full Name: Arianna Alexandria Estrus

    Nickname(s): N/A

    Pronunciation: Are-e-on-uh Al-ex-and-ree-a S-ter-us

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human-Gorgon

    Class: Tamer

    Personality: Arianna is a very reserved individual. But do not let her seemingly shy outside fool you, her true nature is that of a predator. Arianna sees everything very...objectively. No cost is too great, no blood too precious. She seeks for the constant advancement of all things, and those deemed unworthy of continuing are coldly shut out, or even cut down. She acts kindly towards those she sees as friends, but enemies are nothing more than obstacles on the path to perfection. This pride in her own strength, and that of her creations, may one day cause her downfall; but until then, it is rather well-placed pride. She has no fear of what is normally considered "Gross" and openly embraces the unknown.

    As a human, Arianna was a brown haired woman with pale white skin. She stood at 6', rather tall for a woman. She was often seen wearing a darkly colored dress and a necklace with a single emerald in it. Her eyes were as green as the emerald in her necklace, shining a brilliant green.
    Extra Information:
    • May choose when to turn enemies to stone, but may only do so up to 3 times a week.​
    • Wields a whip​
    • If whip is ineffective, often resorts to her claws​


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