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  1. The Worldbuilding Templates Project is back, and it needs your help!

    WTP is a project to compiles awesome templates/profiles for worldbuilders to fill out, which help expand and add detail to their worldbuilding, much like the character bios over in the Roleplay Institute!

    It works like this:

    A worldbuilding subject is given
    You ask questions about it
    The questions are sorted and compiled by yours truly into three formats (mini, medium, and ultra) and posted over in Worldbuilding Expansions for everyone to use!

    Today we're compiling to make awesome profiles of towns and cities! So ask all the questions you can think of and let's make an awesome template!

    City name:
    Tourist hotspots:
    Language(s) spoken:
    Main industry:
    Municipal government?
    What country does it belong to?
    What resources does it produce for itself?
    What resources does it import?
    What trade agreements does it have with other communities?
    Is this city famous for anything?
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  2. Are there any famous buildings or landmarks in the city?
    What is/are the major religion(s)?
    Describe the geography of the city and the surrounding area.
    Describe the architecture style(s) of the buildings.
    What are the major suburbs/precincts/districts?
    How big of an area does the city occupy?
    What forms of transport are the most popular for getting around in the city?
    Where are the poor/middle class/wealthy areas of the city?
    What are the names of the popular sports teams?
    Who are the notable famous people who call the city home?
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  3. How old is it?
    What is the oldest area?
    What is the newest area?
    Is there a noticeable difference between the older and newer areas?
    What services/help are there for the municipality's homeless/sub-poverty line population?
    What are the "posh" areas?
    Are there any slums?
    Is there a "ghetto"?
    Are there gang territories? Where?
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    1. All cities have their secrets- hidden locations, forgotten history, and so on. What are your city's secrets?
    2. Cities never start as bustling metropolises. What was your city originally?
    3. Cities can gain their names from their founders, events that shaped its future, or sometimes even as a practical joke. What is your city's name, and how did it acquire said name?
    4. What makes your city stand out from all the others we've read about?
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  4. • To what degree or to what extent does technology define the city?

    • What types of infrastructure does the City have? Sewer? Running water?What is the age and condition of the infrastructure?

    • How is the City laid out spatially? Formal (rectilinear or grid)? Organic (medieval)? Do these spatial types occur in specific areas?

    • Is nature present in the City? Does the City absorb or banish evidence of nature and/or natural systems?

    • Are there rituals performed by the inhabitants (such as annual festivals)? How has the City adapted to these rituals?

    • Describe whether people define the construction of their personal spaces, or whether the City's construction defines the people.

    • Does the architecture transition to show changes in class? How does the architecture change .. materials, style, ornamentation?

    I may think of more later ...
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  5. *Puts thinking helmet on*

    - What's the majority of ages living in your city?
    - What kind of occupations does the city have for it's citizens?
    - Are your citizens educated?
    - How are they educated?
    - What are the "social norms" for your city?
    - Are certain inhabitants of your city subjects to prejudice?
    - Does the city provide entertainment for it's citizens? [Parks, Arcades, Cinemas, etc]
    - What is the most notable area of your city? Why?
    - What is the least notable area of your city? Why?
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