WTP: Religion (Compiling)

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The Worldbuilding Templates Project is back, and it needs your help!

WTP is a project to compiles awesome templates/profiles for worldbuilders to fill out, which help expand and add detail to their worldbuilding, much like the character bios over in the Roleplay Institute!

It works like this:

A worldbuilding subject is given
You ask questions about it
The questions are sorted and compiled by yours truly into three formats (mini, medium, and ultra) and posted over in Worldbuilding Expansions for everyone to use!

Today we're compiling for a template/profile for Religions! So ask lots of questions on that subject to make an awesome template! Here's some example questions to start us off

Religion name:
Clergy name:
Are there temples/place of worship?
Does this religion require sacrifice?
What kinds of sacrifices?
Are there any holy texts?
Is there a deity?
Is the deity real or fictional?
How is the deity worshiped?
Is it an evangelical religion?
How does a person convert to this religion?

Remember that the focus of this template is on RELIGION, we'll have a separate template for deities later
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Does the religion have a "spread the word" philosophy?
Is this religion a majority or a minority?
Is it practiced in secret? If so, why (it has to be? the practitioners prefer it that way?)?
Does the religion require tolerance or persecution of other religions?
Are there sacred symbols to the religion?
Does the religion impose restrictions on food, clothing, actions, etc?
Are there special clothes worn?
Are the clothes just for worship or in general?
What is the "Golden Rule" of the religion? (does it have a silver/bronze rule?)
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What holidays does the religion observe?
Who can serve in the clergy?
What are the requirements for priesthood?
Are there any sacred animals/plants/minerals/things?
Approximately how many people world-wide follow the tenets of the religion?
Describe a typical funeral for followers of the religion. Are followers typically buried/cremated/mummified/something else?
How do followers of the religion typically view marriage? Describe a typical wedding if the religion observes them.
What other ceremonies do priests perform?
Does the religion canonize/beatify notable followers, either in life or death? Describe the process of becoming a "Saint".
What titles are bestowed upon high-ranking priests? Is there a ranking of authority within the clergy?
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What are the origins of this religion?
Is it a prophetic religion?
Is it monotheistic?
Is it polytheistic?
Is it animistic?
Is it shamanistic?
Does it revolve around ancestor-worship?
What, if any, geological features are important to this religion? i.e. mountains, rivers, valleys, et cetera.
How do outsiders view this religion?
Was the name of the religion given to it by outsiders?
How often is worship prescribed?
Are there any auspicious dates in the religion's history?
Are there any feasts celebrated annually?
Does there exist a clerical hierarchy?
Is the head of the church infallible, or mortal man?
Is the church a theocratic one? i.e. Is the head of the church also the head of the state?

In relation to religious diversity:
How diverse is this religion?
How many sects are there?
Is there a predominant sect?
How many sects are sanctioned by the predominant sect?
What is the relationship between different sects?

In relation to the afterlife:
What is the philosophy of the religion in reference to the afterlife?
Does there exist a bliss-state in the religion's afterlife?
Does there exist eternal punishment in the religion's afterlife?
Does there exist a limbo-state in the religion's afterlife?
What determines the destination of a "soul" after death?
Are life and death considered cyclical?
Does there exist a cycle of life, death, and rebirth?
How are material possessions dealt with in the afterlife, if it exists?
Does the afterlife involve meeting the god/s of the religion?

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Are there any Sins?
What are those Sins?
How likely are followers to commit these Sins?
Did it Originate from another Religion?
Do followers tend to recognize this fact?
Are there different branches?
Do these branches get along?
Does your biological sex influence your position within the church?
Does your race influence your position within the church?
In what geographic areas is this Religion usually Practiced?
Does this religion work with or clash with the Scientific Community?
Does this religion have any legal power/authority?
If not, do they at least have any legal exemptions? (Ex: Don't get taxed).


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Mix of Fantasy or Magical. Or even just a grand open world with a mix of odd styles.
(if more fantasy based)
Does your religious followers have specific or special powers?
how are these powers passed on?
Does their deities directly or indirectly interfere on behalf of their believers?
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