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  1. My answer is yes…. As in “What the fuck” as in “Why the fuck did American pie decide to fuck with ban? Now everytime someone goes to start a fucking story that says ‘one time in band camp’ everyone laughs.” I HAVE A FUCKIGN STORY FOR YOU. “One time in band camp (( if you are laughing right now you are GOING TO HELL)) We played a piece by John Williams. Who is John willams? YOU GOT O HELL!!!!

    That’s who the fuck john Williams is. HE”S THE MAN DAMN IT….. And much better than putting a flute up your pussy.
  2. I don't find that phrase amusing WHAT. SO. EVERRRRRRRRR~.
  4. ​wait. whut.
  5. the answer is yes
  6. [video=youtube;j7jHTIWhdVs][/video]

    What the FUCK indeed~
  7. no, no , no Just STOP posting your videos cease and desist with htis butchery right htis instant.
  8. I'll do it until they yell "AGH MY SHOULDER"

  9. your icion reminds me of beddy boo
  10. I'm an Iwaku n00b & what is this. . .
  11. I can think of a better place to shove that flute.....
  12. i'm glad you can... because it's a saxophone
  13. Even better,more stretching involved
  14. annnd brass poisoning don't forget that...
  15. The list of Zorilla's fetishes now includes:

    Anal saxophones.

    Brass poisoning.

    That is all.

    Move along.
  16. A flute up someone's vagina is far better than those dipshits singing, really.
  17. I luled so hard.
  18. You like it rough, I see.