WTF, Sears? (Do not click if men in their undies offends you.)

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  1. Why is RORY looking this stuff up, is what I want to know. o_____o
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  2. I don't wanna know.
    I offend myself every morning when I get out of bed.:llama:
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  3. I have friends that post this shit on FB. It's just my job to make the rest of the world cringe.
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  4. T-They're expanding their market? @____@
  5. And that's why you don't buy your bondage accessories at Sears. I mean, it looks like it would fall apart with one tug, and the underwear... He might as well be wearing tighty whities!
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  6. Do they have purple?

    It only counts if they have purple.
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  7. I have no idea why they started but I sincerely hope they don't stop. :D
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  8. The model's face obviously screams out "Seriously. What the hell."

    Sears isn't amusing him.
  9. Those are marketplace items i.e. people who aren't Sears sell their weird shit through the Sears website and Sears gets the blame, usually without Sears' prior knowledge. Sears has always been really bad at QA-ing their marketplace partners, 'cause this has happened before. Multiple times. ._.

    Source: I used to work for the guys, in their online department, in fact. Lulz were had but our bosses were always scrambling to clean up the mess, meaning we had to suffer through the hard work on top of other shit we were doing. ._.
  10. Oh man, is this sexy or what? /sarcasm
    And look, it's even the same model
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  11. ^Proof that spongebob is gay. Look as he motions majestically to the male model

    (I swear this was an accident)
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  12. Oh, just in time. Our anniversary is coming up
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  13. This. Yes. >D