WTF Fanfiction quotes.

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  1. Sometimes on Iwaku I find some great posts. Sometimes on the internet there is good fanfiction.



    (Fandom is Harry potter and x-men…)

    Please go here and enjoy more madness.

    Post your favorite quotes and why in this thread.

    Or just use them in your RP posts and see if anyone notices. lulz
  2. ... Whut.

    I laughed.
  3. ​whaa.... whaaaaa?!?!
  4. [​IMG]

    I think I have a new catchphrase!
  5. I was gonna link to wtffanfiction until I saw that this was about that. To name a few:



  6. Oh god. Thanks Kitti. The ideas... THE IDEAS!!!

    Also; thanks Onion, for all of this lulz.
  7. I swear one day Rory will pay for that nickname. -_-;;
  8. [​IMG]



    And I thought Repercussions of Evil was hilarious.

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  9. Personal favorites time~!




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    If you guys like these enough, I'm considering doing a dramatic reading and record all the entries in this thread & then posting it as a video.
  10. [video=youtube;6TUACMFNo3E][/video]

    This is for all of you who posted in here.
  11. Aw man, now I remember that Bon Jovi song, gonna go back to hearing it.