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  1. So the other day I was at a party, and someone said this:

    "Hey look at that, It's sunny and raining. Devil must be beating his wife."

    Naturally I looked at this woman as if she had just dawned a potato strainer for a hat with intention to storm the kitchen in a war like fashion.

    "What? What the.... What does that even mean?!" I asked her with a great amount of confusion.

    Apparently, the woman had no earthly idea. The saying was something her grandmother used to say years ago, and she just sort of picked up. Being the terribly curious person I am I proceeded to look it up:

    Still makes absolutely no sense, but it did shed some light on the situation.

    How about you Iwaku? You know any weird ass sayings that make you stop and think what folks were smoking way back when?

  2. I still want to know why you'd want to shake a stick at things in general, so when someone says "More than I can shake a stick at", I always ask why they're shaking a stick at it. And when I say it, I note I don't know why I'm shaking one. It just doesn't make sense in my head. :/ But yours makes even less sense. o.o;
  3. "You're cute as a button."

    What, exactly, makes buttons cute? I don't know if I want to be compared to an object that's responsible for keeping pants and shirts put together. >__>
  4. And where I'm from we call rain and sunshine together a "Monkey's Wedding".
  5. Now just wait one cotton pickin' minute. I wanna Google this, but I think it's one of those 'makes you hate yourself for being white' traps.

    Now then. How is this statement even grammatically, chronologically, philosophically, spiritually, aesthetically, religiously, or even theoretically possible?
  6. When did "game" become an elemental substance that one could possess? I always thought that "game" as a noun denoted a sequence of competitive sporting actions. But now it's suddenly an innate quality of human character.

    "He's got game."


    Should we be applying this elsewhere? Should I boasting that I have "tournament?"? That I possess "orgy"? That I am in ownership of "debate"?

    Hey, that guy there has got lunchbreak!

    Also, "BAM". Why does "Bam!" suddenly mean that the discussion is ended and that all truth is self-evident? Is "Bam!" now a substitute for the empirical process of proving one's argument?
  7. I'm sure I'm not alone in having heard someone referred to as being "full of piss and vinegar". I'm fairly certain this is just supposed to be a way of saying someone is feisty or cantankerous, but to me it has always sounded like it has to do with some kind of bladder/urethral infection.
  8. "Cute as a bug's ear!" Heard this one a lot growing up in the hillcountry. Also "Since I/he/she was knee-high to a grasshopper." is another one. One that I ABSOLUTELY cannot even THINK to try to explain is this one: "Looks like hogs a-runnin' 'round with sticks in their mouths" to mean it looks like it's going to be a cold winter. Any takers?
  9. That's certifiably wrong.
  10. In times like this George, IO say "yes' and move on.

    Since you don't want to do that however. I suggest asking the OLDEST most southern person you know.
  11. My room mate says "colder than a witch's titty" to express cold weather outside. It's sounds really crude. It doesn't really make sense either, since a witch is a mammal, and a living mammal is warm.

    I mean I guess I get it, it's just stupid.
  12. What the fuck is with the saying 'the dogs bollocks'? I fail to see the correlation between animal testicles and a good thing.

    Fucking cockneys.

    Also, anything an Aberdonian says. Ever. Those motherfuckers might as well be speaking a different language, because it sure as shit isn't English.

  13. I've heard "Cat's ass" being used that same way, actually. Like, "I just won the lotto!? CAT'S ASS!". Like. What does that mean? How is a cat's rear end ever good?
  14. "You're so cute, I can eat you all up!

    I honestly don't know if I should be flattered or afraid? Why would you want to eat cute things? I DON'T GETS.
  15. I never did get the saying 'Break a Leg' I know it is common practise to tell someone to 'break a leg' before an important speech or performance, every time someone says this to me, I have to remind myself to do the opposite and only makes me more aware of how likely I am to trip and fall before the crowd. I have a habit of turning around and saying 'I shall not' everytime someone says that now.