Written Within the Stars [Rebel & Iris]

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  1. The sun had just passed over the horizon, it was a new day, which meant a new adventure awaited them. The Time Lord stood outside on the balcony, his deep chocolate brown eyes peering out to London below. A gentle morning breeze blew, brushing through his brown tousled locks as he reached down, picking up his cup of tea he raised the rim to his lips and took a slow drink. It wasn't soon after when he heard a shuffle of footsteps "Good Morning, Jackie" he spoke to the woman, not needing to look behind him to know who it was. He'd been around the Tyler household enough to memorize everyone's step patterns.

    "Are you two leavin today?" questioned the woman with her own cuppa tea as she sat down in a seat beside the man.

    "Yes, after Rose is all packed. The TARDIS is ready." he finally brought his gaze down to the woman with a kind smile spreading across his lips. But it faded when he saw the stern look she was giving him. "Sorry, did I -" but was cut off as the woman was on her feet staring at the man.

    "You're always up and leaving, she's barely ever home" the woman's words were true, but the tone of voice that carried them was stern with a hint of hurt. "She has a home here, Doctor" there was a hint of pain lingering in her words.

    The Doctor could see the sorrow in the woman's eyes "Jackie…" the man set his cup down and took a step near her, his arms sliding around her as he gave her a reassuring hug. "I know.." he pat her back lightly "But you know how she feels, she's said it before" he received a nod from her as she pulled away from him.

    "Just treat her right, Doctor, because mark my words if you hurt her, if you leave her behind again. that will the last thing you ever do" her words were stern, but she wasn't angry, she wanted to get her point across.

    The Time Lord slowly gave a nod "I understand, but you know as well as I do, I love your daughter with both my hearts. I'd rather die than hurt her" his words held such sincerity, Jackie could hear it, she could see it. Having nothing more to say she turned and walked back inside. The Doctor took in a deep dragged breath, exhaling slowly before glancing down to the TARDIS as it sat below, the usual parking spot when in London. "My Rose…" his voice in a whisper as he turned and slowly headed into the apartment and down to the first level of the establishment.

    Lifting his gaze to the TARDIS as it came into view, he then brought his gaze to the sky and from the angle of the sun he calculated rather quickly and got the time of day. "Almost nine thirty, we've got loads of time" he whispered to himself and headed toward the big blue box. Walking up to it the man gave a snap of his fingers, the door opening, heading on in, the Doctor headed to the control panel and began to set the proper coordinates for Barcelona, he figured after their adventure and stressful situation of their last trip that they deserved a bit of a break, so why not relax and have some fun in Barcelona, he hadn't taken her there and figured 'why not?'.

    There wasn't much left for the man to do now except wait for his dear Rose Tyler, heading out of the TARDIS he moved to the side of the police box and leaned against it, his legs crossing at the ankles, his arms crossing over his chest as he rested his head back against the wooden panel, his body taking in the warmth of the sun as he stood there enjoying the sight of the sky's beauty.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.