Written in the Stars (CarionxHollis)

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  1. The Last Night~

    The night was cold, a frigid breeze was all that kissed the bare back of a mountain; or a man. Hands placed on either side of her to hold him up, and the most azure looking of deep blue eyes fell into pools of dreams within her own gaze. Carion looked onto his Goddess with the adoration that came with a thousand years service to a Queen. or one night with the one you love. His lips curved into a smile and slowly he lowered himself upon her, warmth pressed to warmth, his hand cupping her cheek, as he placed the softest embrace against her lips.

    War torn, and broken from years of Service to a Father that longed for the thrill of the fight, Scars remained to tell of his victory within a gladiatorial pit, as well as the field of war. Her hands found those scars as tiny lacerations upon otherwise perfectly flawed flesh. They traveled along him like a trail before winding themselves in the messy crop of hair atop his head, they remained there frozen in time as if no other thing in the world could move beyond their lips.

    "Hollis" He spoke a soft coo. His voice normally deep and strong; with the binding that only a commander could have, it was docile here, changed with passion he felt. Carion was soft in her arms and yet still a precious stone wall that would protect her like a fortress no matter what. Again his lips pressed to hers, though hungrily this time. Seconds could have been hours past between the two but as time caught up to them Carion softly whispered against the ghostly touch of her lips.

    "I love you Hollis."
  2. With a long, drawn out sigh, her body melded against his; smooth flesh fitting snug against the hard rockiness of his own body. His strength was insurmountable in combat, yet she discovered her petite, soft body could demolish all fight in one swift move. A hug, kiss, stroke of the arm. Despite being hardened by years of war, death, and gore, Carion was still a man who yearned for the affection only a woman could give. Luckily for him, Hollis adored him completely – she knew every imperfection he had like it was on her own body. And in this moment, they were one, bound together not only by their lips, but by their souls, burning with a passion for the other.

    Fingers danced upon his skin with the lightest of touches, feathering across every raised scar they could, as if pain still remained even after the years that have passed; up the strong curvature of his back, over the broad shoulders she so loved to lean on, and into his messy, short cropped hair, all the while her body writhed against his as she struggled to regain her breath. She could feel the thin layer of sweat that lay on his back, no doubt having one on her body as well.

    Their lips parted all too soon for her liking, though she definitely needed the air. His voice, although soft, was still strong and commanding – something she admired so much. Though she did not respond, her hazel eyes looked deep within his, hooded with passion. Once more their lips touched, interlocking no longer out of innocence, but out of need. A leg wrapped around his, fingers softly tugging on the strands they were tangled in. The words he spoke next pierced down into her core. It wasn’t as though they had never admitted their love for each other or even shared such a passionate moment, but it felt different this time; morose, desperate even – something Hollis often likened to goodbyes. However it wasn’t goodbye, it couldn’t be, not with the way his body spoke to her.

    "I love you too, Carion." And with one final kiss of their lips Hollis succumbed to instinct, throwing all thought out the window as she lost herself within his body.
  3. Hushed whispers of love and affection swiftly turned to rushed breaths. Carion found that his hand would attempt to grace at least every part of her body and her legs shifted on the side of his own. It was a beautiful moment, a time they had shared before of course, but this was different than perhaps even their first. Carion devoted himself body and soul into every movement, every kiss, every lustrous embrace that he no longer could restrain himself of.

    Their lips were an enclave, a fortress with sealed doors that constantly remained intact. Against weather, storm and a war of emotions, guilt and desire Carion refused to relent with her.

    (It slips into a tasteful Sex scene from here for a few posts All will be in a spoiler as necessary)

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    Carion's hands roamed. grasping her, pleasuring her, as he found her core and pleased her with his embrace alone. He pressed her upward, forcing her to buck further into his body before viciously kissing her, his teeth caught her lip with the slightest tug before releasing and engaging his infinite war of desire with her. A warlord taking everything he could have ever wanted and more in one frozen second in time. His eyes fell upon her own as a soft groan passed between his lips he replaced his hand and found her entirely.

    The sheets held their secrets while Carion showed her the love that only a man, only HE could ever give her. Hollis the love of his life and the brightest star in a sky of brilliance. There were names to describe her, but none compared to the soft lustrous pass of her name between rough and tempered growls against her own whimper of pleasure. Gently at first he raged war with body and soul as he pressed her further against the bed and trailed soft kisses along her throat up to her ear.

    Even now Carion couldn't decide whether this was the greatest gift he could share with her, or the cruelest of tortures... Somewhere along the way he'd stopped being able to decide. All he knew was this night would be theirs, and tomorrow would come, no matter how much he wished it wouldn't.
  4. The second she stopped thinking the atmosphere around them changed. Before they were savoring each other with soft touches that were unsure of what they wanted, but now he was devouring her completely. With every burning touch of his hands and lips her desire for him intensified. He wanted her; she wanted him. It was with a silent agreement that they drifted into each other.

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    Her body tensed as his fingers roamed her, breath catching in her lungs with a slight hitch of her body; however her lips were kept firmly against his – even when sighing in delight as his fingers found the treasured cove they were searching for. Hollis couldn’t help but to utter his name as gentle encouragement, the syllables dripping off her tongue in utmost ecstasy and passing into his own mouth as they continued to kiss.

    Hollis was never one to partake in battle; she avoided conflict at all costs, but she was a fighter in her own right. Endowed with skills that were no longer of use as Carion took her completely. Her body became malleable to his hands, mind clouded with thoughts that could only focus on just how good he was making her feel – how only he could make her feel. A man she’s so much love for.

    Fingers roughly tugged his hair, impatience lacing all of her movements despite knowing it was best to savor ever last bit of the moment. Hazel eyes fluttered open, searching his as he trailed hot kisses to her ear, in turn placing her own lips next to his ear. Hollis bit the lobe gently, a soft, sweet chuckle passing through her lips before purring his name into his ear.

    Carion and Hollis have gone through a lot together. With war previously taking him away for her, Hollis felt like nothing could tear them apart now. After enduring that time away from him, she wasn’t about to let him go any time soon, nor did she feel he’d be willing to leave after the night she was going to give him. That was where he’s supposed to be. Right by her side, though she had no complaints about him being on top of her either.
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    All that mattered was Hollis, her body pressed to his as a perfect puzzle piece only had one position in a masterpiece, the way they were interwoven could only be described as art.His lips pressed to hers and slowly at first he eased himself into her deeped confines, a soft noise passed his lips followed by a haggard and rushed breath against her flesh coaxing goosebumps upon his loves perfect flesh. His body moved on its own, summoned and found in her embrace he pressed harder against her and soon the soft noises that left their lips were a chorus upon the room yet selfish in their desire for only each others to be heard.

    Slowly he eased his body to hers until no slack was left to be found, again his lips were hungrily encompassed in hers, in the passion that they shared while her nails found territory, arms wrapped around him as he lifted her with her legs to will it and his own strength. It was a moment akin to godliness, a holy passion sealed between them through the remainder of the night. time would be lost for them until the end of their unison came; in climax, in passion and desire woven together in that moment a single final kiss turned into the beginning of what could have been round two, but they found their senses and instead folded to one another, holding each other for the remainder of an already passed night.

    In the night the cold consumed them, but the warmth of their bodies were enough a blanket to sustain the flesh. Carion fell asleep that night regretting the responsibility that came with his birth. And when morning came, where those beautiful Hazel eyes found the light, Hollis would find that the unfamiliar touch of a soft wool blanket could do nothing to soothe the ache the came with the vacancy of Carion's Warmth.
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  6. Carion was a man of gallantry. In Hollis’s eyes, he was perfect, which, more often than not, intimidated her. Why would a person – the epitome of perfection – interact, or even love, someone as flawed as she was? It was a question she found herself unable to get out of her head during their times apart. Every day he spent away from her she felt as though he was slipping away. That a gap was forming between their souls. Hollis found it easy to assume that he was moving on; their relationship was still young – a bud that had yet to reach its full bloom. But for some reason unbeknownst to her, he came back. She began to realize that he wasn’t as perfect as she thought. He, too, was stitched together with flaws just like she. And it was those flaws that Hollis adored the most about him.

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    Once again Hollis found herself thinking Carion as perfect. The way he held her, touched her, loved her, could only be described as perfect. It was as if the time they had spent apart had no effect on their relationship – he knew what exactly to do to make her feel… good.

    Hushed whispers left her lips, reaching his ears alone. His name was a song spilling from her lips, her nails feebly grinding against his back as if to etch the very notes into his skin. It continued that way for most of their night – until they could no longer hold themselves together. With a soft sigh and a sweat covered body Hollis found herself dipped into a pool of bliss, Carion right beside her. Many nights had passed with them apart, which could only conjure up an unquenchable desire in the pit of her stomach. Her hands caressed his skin in an attempt to urge him for more, but her heavy eyes and exhausted body spoke otherwise. She curled up against him, chest still heaving for a steady breath which she found in a delightful sigh as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. It wasn’t long until she drifted into a deep slumber, a soft smile on her face as she was consumed with dreams of them in the future. That night and the morning they would spend together is a dream she never wanted to wake up from.
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