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  1. In our modern day society we have the internet. You wanna know something, you can look it up digitally through wikipedia or some other website.

    Before we had the internet, history was found in books. Books, books, and more books! Anything you ever wanted to know about the past has been written down for generations to come.

    Once upon a time, it was really uncommon for a person to know how to read. History of a town, country, and the world was passed down through vocal stories, music, and pictures. Cave paintings. Ballads. Fireside epics.

    Education about history could be shared in schools, in army service, beamed in to your brains, inherited genetically.

    Every culture has a special way they share their history with the younger generations. How does YOUR culture share their history?

    This exercise is to choose a medium of history sharing. You can use traditional methods, or you can get really creative!
  2. Taken from the journal of Mellik, the Historian

    And I came to a place behind the Falls of Ash where the people are most welcoming. With little more than my name they offered me their hospitality and a temporary stay while I rested. Admittedly, after my trek along the Northern Peaks, I welcomed a chance to sleep beside a warm fire. The people called themselves Singers and continuously asked me if I had a Voice.

    Now, I capitalize Voice because it seems to hold such reverence with them. From what I gather, each child born does not cry, but raises their voice in harmony with its family. That sort of thing is called the Joining and a family is called a Harmony. I found their ways fascinating, and their speech more than eloquent. Attention to pronunciation and diction is inherent in each and every one. King Nanifer would be pleased to hear them argue, the melodic ups and downs of their tone.

    Before I left, they asked me to take their history with me. As a historian charged by the King to gather the history of his lands, I was in no position to refuse.

    I must deviate, if for a moment, to remark that of every village I’ve happened on…these simple folk have treated the news of a sovereign the best. They seem to understand the concept of King and ask only that he join his voice with their people. Simple as that. Sing your loyalty…what a novel concept!

    I was led through a network of tunnels to a place they called the Echo. Here I pause again to remark that I don’t quite know how to adequately describe the next part of this tale. The room they let me into was awash, filled with a hundred thousand voices raised in exultant hymns. I was quite startled, and lost consciousness.

    In time, I came to learn the voices and follow their individual song. Such a rich history these people have! War, famine, magic, treasure…they have come to such simple means after the Mountains themselves spit fire and ruined their kingdom…one would think it would make the people bitter, but they thrive regardless. I admit to adding my voice to the choir, singing my own history (Meager as it is) beginning with my earliest boyhood memories on the banks of the Lestartes beside my mother’s mill. When I had emerged they told me I had listened for nearly a week. A week! Certainly it must have been impossible…I had no supplies with me.

    As I left, one elder said that my voice spoke of prophecy, that in its tones, he heard danger. He cautioned me to return to my King rather than push forward into the wilds beyond.

    But I have not come so far to simply turn away now. I thanked him for his time and went on my way. Oh I have so much more to say of them, but I can wait till I make camp beyond the next few rises. How fascinating it is for a man to hold dominion over such places as he’s never been.

    My loyalty is unquestioning, but I wonder at how he will take my news.

    The last I’d want is for these harmonious people to lose their home…
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  3. There are many history books of the history of this world. However after the hell born demons had come and gone the history of the world before it was almost all gone. Yet the slaved the demons had kept passed down the history of the world as it happened and once they were all free they wrote books. Small details sometimes vary but the main story stays the same.

    The world went to hell. Actually,hell came to the world. Let me explain

    About two hundred and fifty eight years ago the world was thriving. All the supernatural species throughout the world were finally getting along with the humans. The main species of the world were the vampires,werewolves,demons,and humans. Though the demons were special demons. They all originated from hell of course but that was generations ago. Demons live for hundreds of years yet none of the demons alive today on earth have ever even BEEN to hell. They were born here. The first demons on earth were kicked out of hell due to over population in the dark ages. More people were dying than hell had room for at the time,of course hell has grown now so demons there never leave. But the demons on earth? They loved it there and were glad their ancestors had been kicked out. Though then something happened. What exactly that something was is a very uncertain topic though a popular theory is a human mage cast a spell on a rogue demon on earth that was going around killing people.

    The spell is said to have sent the demon back to hell but the bad part was...he told every demon there about the riches and wonder of earth. The hell bound demons invaded the planet,their time in hell had hardened them. Making them ruthless and stronger than anything else there on earth so the world was doomed. There were millions of demons invading so the demon on earth had two choices. Either join the demons invading or become slaves like every other race. The earth bound demons ended up joining the hellish ones but they were all very low ranked. Then,the demons got mad. Their new human slaves were constantly trying to escape or poison their masters with the weird plants of the world. So what the demons did was simple,they caused the apocalypse and left most of the humans to die. Only the wealthy and the powerful got to have human slaves and they were all sheltered in hell for fifty years where they were bred and basically trained while the radiation in the above world died down to survivable. Then they went back up and made vast cities in the ashes of the old ones. The world truly looked like hell now. Most of it was burnt and radiated though new plants and mutated animals were rising up from the ashes. But this all happened just as the demons came back up from hell after those fifty years,this would be the first time they were on earth for more than a few months. After just a few years though? All the demons from hell had died. They had not been prepared for the cold weather of winter or the rain that burned their skin. Now,two hundred years after all the hell demons died humans are thriving again,demons are rare after the earth bound ones were killed and hated for betraying their fellow earth races,everyone is free,and a lot of animals through the world are oversized from when their ancestors had to live in a radiated world.

    Some of the giant creatures that now guard this world are the Giant Rat that lives in the forest of the singing trees,the Giant Bear that the guild that calls themselves 'The bears' Worship,The Screeching Watchman who is a giant bat who lives in a giant sea side cave on the side of a cliff under a town on the cliff,a Giant Owl that prowls around the Town of Nightwatch and no one knows where he lives,there is even a giant seasnake that lives in a giant underwater cave under a city in the ocean where all the aquatic sentient species of humanoids live. Though...there used to be another,there used to be a giant tortoise guardian that was the first to rise after the war and the hell born demons killed him to try to hide from the harsh winters to no avail,now there is a city built in the shell so I guess he still is protecting the people of that region. This world is protected and it is said that if there is ever a threat to the whole world again all the guardian animals will rise up and fight it off together. They may act like normal animals but many believe they are the smartest things on this planet.
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  4. I was born in a melting pot, not just a country, but into a melting pot family. I experienced many cultures all at once, and at a young age. Even though we are exposed to the same cultures what we derive from them ourselves, will more often then not, prove to be individually different according to ourselves. I'll stick to just my mother and father, and the cultures they were brought up in.

    My step father's side, In Buddhism, my family taught me the history of their people through Mantras(Om Mani Padme Hum) and Food, Teas and rituals of serving and remembering our elders who did those some things for their elders and so on. I have come to understand that they were story tellers and the culture of my Buddhist family was passed to me by the Mantra's and rituals of food and chatter over meals that I enjoyed eating and listening to so much. Learning that ultimately being kind and serving others brings its own kind of happiness into our lives.

    On my mother's side, In Christianity it was all about that book and the way Famous artists over the course of history brought it to life. "The word of god", This is where I developed a fascination with Leonardo Da Vinci and the founding fathers of the rennisance, while the stories of the bible may or may not be true or proven history...the book and those stories still teach valuable lessons to the open minded and over time have survived through text, Painting, Sculptures and all forms of art. While I am not very religious I appreciate the art and culture both this religion has brought and even more so the rebels revealed, nothing taught me how to question all around me like Christianity did, so I am grateful. It is easy for us to focus on all the bad things in the world, but it take a keen mind and well-rounded experience to know that the good is there too, and takes tenacity to then Find it amongst the bad.

    Text, Art, Storytelling, Music, and culinary ritual was Fijoli's.

    I have a few native American Shamans, Pagans, and Science Fanatics in my family as well that I spent a a lot of time with growing up, thus I have an affinity for Nature and how our genetics speak volumes of history, but then I'll be typing here forever when I have Dishes to do ^_^
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