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  1. So you have to write your own obituary. If you don't know what that is, it's basically a little blurb that you'd find in your local newspaper about recent deaths. It also lists their accomplishments in life, how old they were and how they died. For this exercise you could have died today, a year from now, or 50 years from now. The point of this exercise is to blend your creativity with a sprinkle of reality. You get to tell us how you died, and what were your accomplishments, if any. ​
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    Kelly Tatem

    • Kelly R. Tatem Johnson Márquez Fields Bishop Rogers Romero Burke, other wise known as Ms. Wrong
    • Died at age 56
    • Died April 26th 2050
    • Kansas in a grassy field
    • Fell to her death after a fall from a hot air balloon

    • Born 1994, November 8th
    • Born in Salisbury Maryland
    • Parents were Jennifer and Kevin Tatem
    • Had a weird childhood
    • Married 7 times before killing her 7th spouse and running back to her 5th spouse
    • Completed up to high school, Art school graduated
    • Known for her revolutionary clothing line
    • Fashion, Interior, Advertising, Web, and Magazine Designer
    • Places of residence are Africa, America, UK, Japan, Hawaii, Canada, and several countries is Europe
    • Loved cuisine art, and to create
    • Gave to every known charity except to ones for cats
    • Known for charges of Murder and assault

    • Last married Spouse was Ellery Rogers
    • Kids, Janelle and Ellery Rogers Jr.
    • 4 grand kids Marie Katie Kelley and Thomas
    • Great-grandchildren- unknown
    • Great-great-grandchildren- unknown
    • 3 younger siblings, Ondre, Izayah, Sarah
    • 1000 Friends
    • 2 dogs, Latrice a Poodle and Duke a Husky

    • Memorial funds established
    • Thank you to people, groups, or institutions
    • Quote "DAMN!"
    • Crazy Lovely Damn
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    Died at the age of 53 on November 13, 2046. Killed providing medical assistance to a clinic in an underprivileged country, as part of her services with Médecins Sans Frontières.

    Caitlin is survived by her husband of thirty years and two children, preceded in death by her parent, Cheryl.

    Hard-working, task-oriented and efficient, she dedicated her life to protecting those important to her and believed in a simple human equality, that all people deserve to be treated with human decency. She worked first as a molecular biologist while raising her own family and in her later years, traveled the world to help administer vital medical care. Her first love was learning, obtaining new knowledge for the sake of knowing and she adored both reading and writing in equal measure.
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