EXERCISE Writing Prompt: "What if we were friends?"

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  1. Name a fictional character or monster you would love to have as a friend. Why do you think they would be a good friend to you? Do they have qualities that would make them a good friend? What would the both of you do? Write a short paragraph detailing a moment with this new friend!
  2. The sparks caught my eye, when I went outside to let the cats in. For one thing, they seemed scared, my cats' furs standing on end. It's probably the fox, I thought to myself as I headed down the steps of the gazebo. That's when I saw them, the sparks as something darted away from the me who was checking to see what was going on. I was curious so I decided to find out what caused those sparks in the first place.

    My eyes widened and I gaped at the creature before me. It was yellow and brown, with black eyes and a lightning shaped tail. A Pikachu, just like the one from Pokemon. My first instinct was to scream. I mean, come on, when do fictional characters come to life? But I knew that screaming and running towards it would cause me to be electrocuted. Thinking that maybe the Pikachu was hungry, I went back inside to get the cat treats. It's a good thing that it was late, my parents and my little brother would be asleep at this time.

    The sparks led me back to the creature that had come out from a game. Taking a handful of treats, I threw it a bit aways at the Pikachu. It stood there, nose twitching, before slowly coming over to the treats. It took one in its paw and began to nibble on it. I smiled as it started eating the rest of the treats I handed out. It was a shame my house didn't have rubber gloves, otherwise I wouldn't be shocked. But that was fine, as long as I stayed at a good distance away from it's electricity, I would be fine.

    My smile grew wider as it came a bit closer, giving it cat treats. At least the poor thing was eating, but what was it doing here? Shaking my head, I dumped a load of treats onto the ground in front of me. "I gotta go now, but I'll bring you some food tomorrow, if you're still here," I whispered, tiptoeing back and back up the gazebo. The smile didn't wipe off my face even as I tried to sleep, too excited to actually sleep.