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So as you probably don't know, I'm the Art/Writing moderator. I was looking at that section the other day, and I noticed how very little posting goes on there. So I decided that I would bring up the possibility of creating some fun projects and contests for members to do, to help them develop their plots, characters, and general writing skills. Some ideas I have thus far:

Developing a Setting: You're told to describe a location in a certain genre, and it's your job to make a descriptive paragraph that goes into detail about the setting.

Crafting a Fighting Style/Weapon: Make up a cool weapon or fighting style, go into detail on its history and possible significance to a storyline, and describe the feats that you can accomplish with that weapon/style.

A Character's Cadre: Give your NPC hanger-ons a third dimension by describing their backstory and plot motivations. Why do they follow your character around? What do they want to accomplish in their life?

If you have any other idea for fun writing projects (or just want to tell me that my ideas are lame), please let me know. I'm open for critiques and suggestions.
Genre game?

Start a story in one genre, then the next writer has to change it to another genre and continue the story.
I volunteer Writing Challenges. >:D Giving people a "starting sentence" and then having to write a quick story from it. Bonus points if they use some provided vocabulary words or themes.

Edit: I just remembered "Story Chains" where everyone adds on to a story. Those are fun too!
Alright...so now that we established there is interest in it...shall we work out the details?

I know what attracted me to this game last time we had it...

The mods of the game would send a postcard or something to the winner.


I demand prizes!
There should be a poetry contest in addition to fiction.

That is all.
Good suggestions, guys. I could totally send out a postcard to people who win those contests, and poetry contests aren't too bad an idea either. But you know what, I think that prizes ought to be more substantial than just a simple postcard. Maybe the winner could have his post approved or something. Thoughts? Suggestions for other prizes?
Giver of the contest could offer themselves as an active member of the winner's RP, or an RP of the winner's choosing.

Then again, that could lead to issues, and probably wouldn't be helpful for anyone but me. So eh.
That sounds cool... :D
As for prizes...

You could give them those reputation points, or have some >insert their favourite member here< make an article/video/audio in their honor or something for them. xD

I dunno. I keep thinking of the Paorou-as-slave-for-a-day prize from back when. That was awesome xD

On the one hand, writing challenges sound...well, like a challenge, and I mean that in a good way. But on the other, I do enough writing in my free time in a little binder. I can't have too many stories in my head! I've already got, like, six or seven! My brain will explode! That and I have a brittle ego, so I'm not sure how I'd feel being judged by more experienced member who, well, intimidate me.
...I'm sorry, is this the sort of business I should be sticking my nose in?
Don't forget Newsletter has an eye in that forum as well...we have eyes everywhere.
Alright, sorry for forgetting this project idea. I'm probably going to make the first one next week, so stay tuned.
*Totally stays tuned and starts writing haikus*